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The gunshots continued for a while, and then the town slowly regained its tranquility.

"We survived...!" The crowd felt as if they had overcome a disaster while looking at the zombies' corpses on the ground. They had the same feeling after the virus' outburst.

Unfortunately, before they could heave a sigh of relief, Boss Zhong appeared and turned them into his slaves. However, now, not only Boss Zhong was no longer with them, they even survived against the zombie wave relying on their strengths. They were very excited.

"Listen up! We should deal with the bodies as fast as possible!" Shao Feng shouted.

Suddenly, the survivors came back to reality when Shao Feng, a professional soldier, shouted. They indeed had to get rid of the bodies, or else, they would attract mutant zombies or beasts.

The survivors started moving immediately. They dumped the corpses on two large trucks, parked in the factory, as they didn't want to abandon the factory, which they had poured tears and sweat to transform. Although the factory's gate was destroyed, they could repair it and use it again.

At that moment, the minibus, dyed with blood, returned. Everyone stopped and looked at the minibus. As for the pickup truck, it had disappeared. It was not hard to imagine Boss Zhong's sad ending. In their eyes, Jiang Liushi's team was amazingly powerful.

"Captain Jiang!" Shao Feng was excited after seeing the minibus, and he walked toward it immediately.

The soldiers were filled with admiration when they saw Jiang Liushi and his team. As soldiers, they naturally felt shocked with Shi Ying Squad's combat efficiency. Jiang Liushi's team played a vital role in the battle.

"F*ck, the plasma should be a foot thick!" Zhang Hai approached the minibus, and he cursed while looking at it. "Brother, I'll wash it for you."

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi smiled and then he looked at Shao Feng and asked, "What's the current situation?"

"Our team has no casualties! It's all thanks to Captain Jiang's team. You decreased the zombies' pressure on us so we could deal with them easier. We've also dragged the fallen survivors' bodies over there," Shao Feng said.

Those survivors were mainly ordinary people, who lacked combat experience, so casualties were unavoidable. Even if they did not die in this battle, sooner or later, they would die one after the other under Boss Zhong's long-term torture.

Shao Feng prioritized the survivors' safety, so he had ordered for the suppressive fire to cover the survivors when they were in danger. As a soldier, he thought he had done what he should do. After all, those survivors had helped Boss Zhong…

Jiang Liushi was aware of Shao Feng's ideals, so he didn't say anything in fear of influencing the latter's decision.

"Captain Jiang, our soldiers, have procured all the resources that Boss Zhang had collected," Shao Feng said.

Boss Zhong had acc.u.mulated a lot of food and various weapons.

Jiang Liushi followed Shao Feng to an isolated room inside the factory, which was Boss Zhong's bedroom as well as the place where he stored everything.

At that moment, the survivors also looked inside, and they felt frightened. The resources in that room were basically all of the town's wealth.

"It smells awful!" Jiang Zhuying said and covered her mouth as soon as she went in.

Although the room was filled with exquisite furniture, the strange smell had seeped into them.

Jiang Liushi looked at the resources, such as rice, flour, dried food and something that looked like bacon. Bacon could sustain ordinary people, but it was of no use to paranormals.

However, Shao Feng was touched, and he said excitedly, "I didn't expect that he had collected so many things…"

"Ah?" Jiang Liushi saw a wooden box.

He kicked it open, and he saw a few shining weapons and ammunition in it.

"This knife is not bad." Ling came from the side and pulled out a knife from the box. The knife's blade was dark, and its edge was extremely sharp. It seemed very dangerous, but Ling was playing with it in her hands casually.

"What is this knife?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"It's an F-S fighting knife 1 , and it was designed to kill people. It's completely different from the other multi-functional knives you can find." Ling threw the knife in the air and caught it with her tender fingers. Then, she continued, "As you can see, both of its sides are thin, but it's thick in the middle, which makes it very suitable for stabbing. Moreover, its handle grants precise grip, which can ensure that when you stab someone, it won't slip from your hand." 

"Its blade is also very sharp, double-edged on both sides, and makes it flexible in between cutting the target or making a wound worse."

Jiang Liushi looked at Ling with a surprised expression, and then he asked, "How do you know all these?"

"Before doomsday, my hobby was learning about knives such as this one," Ling explained.

The girl with the baby face had peculiar hobbies…

It was rare finding someone like that. Ling's eyes even shined brightly while she was describing the knife.

"If you like it, then it's yours."

Ling's performance was exceptional during the battle, so no matter how good the knife was, not to mention that Jiang Liushi did not know how to use it, he would naturally reward her.

Jiang Liushi rechecked the box, and he said, "I need some bullets for my pistol and rifle bullets. I'll also take one gun so you can choose anything you want…"

As for the other materials, Jiang Liushi was not interested in them. The current hard currency was based on weapons, ammunition, mutant meat and mutant nuclei…

"Where should he have them?" Jiang Liushi thought.

He pitched his chin while looking around the room…

The Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife is a double-edged fighting knife resembling a dagger or poignard with a foil grip developed by William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes in Shanghai based on concepts which the two men initiated before World War II while serving on the Shanghai Munic.i.p.al Police in China.
( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairbairn-Sykes_fighting_knife )

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