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Chapter 342: Hang On To Your Hat

After witnessing the whole scene, Boss Zhong's previous smile was nowhere to be found. He swallowed hard and felt that his hands were trembling.

The minibus had actually escaped from the perilous situation! It was unbelievable!

He could still not believe it, even though he had witnessed the whole thing. Every time he thought that his plans were about to succeed, the minibus would ruthlessly shatter them to pieces.

At that moment, he sensed that a gun was aiming at the abandoned car that was hiding him. Moreover, the minibus could rush at him any time. In other words, even if he had wings, he could hardly fly away.

"Ah!" Boss Zhong burst out without a second thought and activated his special ability to the extreme. The instantaneous speed he showed was beyond his usual limits. He darted directly to the nearest store to him.

The moment Boss Zhong acted, Jiang Liushi activated the brain domain and raised the muzzle slightly. Next, Boss Zhong's actions slowed down in his eyes, and the former suddenly got an ominous feeling related to his life and death. Unfortunately, he could not dodge…


Boss Zhong fiercely fell into the store. However, when he tried to

get up, an overwhelming sense of pain rocked him.

"Ah !!!"

One of his legs had turned into b.l.o.o.d.y paste! Only a string of flesh was holding together the upper half of his leg and the b.l.o.o.d.y paste mixed with broken bones. The intense pain brought by that an injury felt worse than death.

He crawled on trembling hands in an effort to retrieve his gun, which was not far away. Although the distance was less than a meter, he felt like he was climbing a mountain.

Suddenly, Boss Zhong heard footsteps, and he looked desperately toward the door. His eyes landed on Jiang Liushi who was looking at him coldly.

"I found a car outside that is still usable. Can I drag him back?" Ling went in and asked.

She then looked at Boss Zhong and sneered. "Since he dared to attract so many zombies, we shouldn't let him off just like that!"

Boss Zhong knew that he was about to suffer, so he forced a few words through his trembling teeth, "Kill me! Kill me!"

"Stop crying! You should save your energy," Ling shouted and lifted Boss Zhong.

Although she looked pet.i.te, her strength was not inferior to a man's. Boss Zhong weighted about 150kg, but Ling effortlessly dragged him from his shirt's collar to a small pickup truck.

A few zombies appeared. Obviously, the gunshots and the explosion had attracted them.

Ling threw Boss Zhong at the trailer, and very soon the blood he lost formed a pool of blood. The zombies' bloodshot eyes seemed excited after seeing him, and then the zombies rushed toward him.

Boss Zhong noticed that and started struggling. He didn't want to become the zombies' food.

The moment the minibus started moving again, Ling started the car and followed behind.


The zombies did not lag behind at all, and only 20 meters separated them from the pickup truck. Boss Zhong could see the grimaces on their distorted faces as well as their sharp nails which wanted nothing more than ripping apart his flesh. They could not wait to tear apart the fat lamb in front of them.

Jiang Liushi's minibus and the small pickup truck returned to

returned to the factory, but they stopped a few meters away from it.

Shao Feng's squad and the survivors were still resisting against the zombies. Fortunately, with Jiang Liushi's help earlier, the survivors felt there was still hope. Furthermore, the minibus' horn and the terrible explosion from the SUV gave them more time to resist. When they heard the explosion, most of them were worried, but seeing the minibus' return, they all felt relieved.

Some people with sharp eyes noticed Boss Zhong in the pickup truck's trailer. They felt elated with his b.l.o.o.d.y appearance! What surprised them was that a large number of zombies were chasing after them!

Although Boss Zhong had one leg less, he was a paranormal so he could endure more than ordinary wounded survivors. It may seem like a blessing, but to Boss Zhong, it was the worst form of torture.

"Kill me! Kill me!" Boss Zhong cursed constantly.

The survivors were dumbfounded! How much time had pa.s.sed? Retribution was imminent!

At that moment, a horn sound came from the minibus!

Boss Zhong's fresh blood, as well as the sound of the horn, attracted all the zombies in the vicinity!

"Come here!" Jiang Liushi ordered Ying to use the speaker continuously.

Boss Zhong fell into despair when he saw every zombie coming his way! On the other hand, Jiang Liushi was looking at him calmly. He only gave the order to leave before the zombies almost surrounded his minibus.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed forward, and the pickup truck followed behind.

Ling sped up and took a glance from the rear-view mirror and said, "You'd better sit tight."


Jiang Liushi's minibus and the small pickup truck, with a large group of zombies on their tail, rushed back to the streets.

The survivors, who had yet to recover from their previous shock, stunned again. That minibus was simply a diamond chariot!

Boss Zhong had probably never imagined that a day like that would come!

It was retribution!

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