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"The MCV has been repaired," Sta.r.s.eed transmitted.

The almost-devastated windshield returned to its smooth state, and other destroyed places turned back to their original states too. Although it seemed like a typical minibus, Jiang Liushi could feel the energy coming from it.


An off-road vehicle rushed out from the backyard, parking next to the minibus.

"Brother Jiang, look at our car!" Zhang Hai came out from the car and said excitedly.

Jiang Liushi opened the window and glanced at that car, "A good car!"

"The military car we had was too big, and we couldn't drive it well. We used some mutant beast meat to buy this Hummer H2. Before doomsday, we'd need about 1,000,000 Yuan to buy it. It can cross a 50 centimeters deep river, as well as, 40 cm high steps or rocky terrain…" Zhang Hai said excitedly.

"After we purchased the car, we paid close attention to refitting it. We equipped it with steel on some important parts too. As you can see, we also welded iron bars on the windows," Sun Kun said. It was an easy matter for them to repair and modify cars.

"Someone was willing to sell this kind of car?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Haha, Jiang brother, not all cars are like your minibus. Cars, in general, can be easily damaged, and the same goes for this Hummer. Once we meet a mutant beast, a car like this can be flattened! Since we were willing to pay well enough, we naturally bought it without a problem," Zhang Hai explained.

Jiang Liushi just nodded. Zhang Hai's words ignited Jiang Liushi's spark into looking forward to refitting the minibus once again. Of course, that day may be still relatively far away.

"Maybe the shape of the minibus will change." Jiang Liushi suddenly said.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were stunned for a moment, but they didn't know the reason.

Actually, Zhang and Sun Kun felt it would be a pity to modify this minibus. But Jiang Liushi didn't give explain what he was thinking.

It was just an idea in its initial stages, and he wouldn't totally refit it. But he thought since he'd refit it, why not change its appearance.

Two military SUVs had long been waiting at the gate. That officer stood by the car and looked at the road behind the gate. Behind him were a dozen heavily-armed soldiers.

Star City's Reconnaissance Team's missions were mostly around the City or the suburban area. It would be the first time, they'd travel that far.


A roaring engine sound came, and the officer immediately looked at its direction.

First, a modified Hummer H2 appeared in the field of vision. The car's engine sound attracted a lot of survivor's attention, and they naturally looked at it. They were all shocked!

"Which team?"

"This car is excellent!"

Enjoying the people's attention and praises, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt proud.

Just then, from the road, came a more astonishing engine sound!

"What car can make that sound?"

"Sports car? Turbo engine?"

"Who'd be foolish enough to drive such a car in this world?"

"Certainly not a sports car."

In the end what kind of car was it?

Zhang Hai looked back excitedly, and he waited to see how the group of people would react…

'Woo -!'

After the raging engine sound, a minibus appeared in the vision of the crowd. Seeing the minibus, many people were stunned for a moment.

As the minibus quickly approached, they also wanted to look behind it. However, behind the minibus, other than the tire marks left by the minibus, they could see no other car!

"Where is the car!?" Everyone pondered.


The minibus accelerated and then stopped in front of the two military vehicles. The whole process of speeding up to stopping was really smooth.

Finally, the crowd recovered.


"What's this car?"

"It's amazing!"

The minibus had broken common sense!

Seeing the minibus parked in front of them, and the wind brought by its momentum, the soldiers, were annoyed. Unfortunately, the soldiers didn't know about Shi Ying Squad and its feats, and naturally, they doubted the minibus' usefulness.

In this world, it was difficult to get news, and the military also restricted vital information. That was to keep everyone vigilant and make them take the opportunity to fight and train themselves.

Although the soldiers felt indignant to cooperate with the so-called Shi Ying Squad, which appeared after the blue, soon, very soldier broke in cold sweat after realizing what took place. The minibus was too fast! They couldn't even react when it

"Captain Jiang!" The officer stepped forward, with a military salute, and he said, "My name is Shao Feng. General Xia has informed me about the task and given me orders. We are to cooperate with your team and follow your commands! Other than that, we have to gather information about the situation on the road and other areas. This is our bounden duty. We'll be in your care," Shao Feng said.

"I got it. Let's set off then," Jiang Liushi said.

The sun had just risen and an abandoned city, with tall buildings and abandoned cars along the road, was sprinkled with golden sunshine. At the same time, zombies' roars echoed all over the place... 

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