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"Hahaha! I'm sorry for the sudden invitation. Please, don't mind," an old man dressed in military uniform appeared from the doom and let out hearty laughter. This old man was Xia Yongfeng.

Before doomsday, he was one of the most influential military chiefs in the world. After doomsday, he became one of Star City Base's leaders. General Xia was old, but his voice was still loud. The old General entered the reception room, and then went straight to Jiang Liushi and said, "Mr. Jiang, nice to meet you. I am Xia Yongfeng. Sir Jiang is young, but you've established such an excellent and powerful team. I really admire you."

"Why are we still standing around? Come and sit down to talk," Xia Yongfeng said.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi glanced at Xia Xun behind her grandfather, together with Zhang Hongyue as well as that scar-faced officer. It was obvious that scar-faced officer was Xia Yongfeng's guard. Letting his own guard to wait at the city's entrance, showed how his sincere the General was.

"I'm aware of what happened. It was Xia Xun's fault. Please forgive her," Xia Yongfeng sat down and said.

"Grandpa!" Xia Xun suddenly revealed a look of discontent, whispering sadly.

She glanced at Jiang Liushi angrily. However, Jiang Liushi's facial expressions didn't have any change. Xia Yongfeng said so in order to ease the tension between the two sides.

"General Xia, you've invited me to discuss about He Tianhu, right?" Jiang Liushi asked directly.

Hearing his question, Xia Yongfeng smiled. "Mr. Jiang, I like your straightforwardness. In this case, I'll be direct with you. He Tianhu has been targeting us for our resources a long time now. If you can help us get rid of his minions, we'd appreciate it a lot… Mr. Jiang, you only need to provide us with information about their whereabouts, and we'll handle everything else. I hold a great responsibility for the escalation of this situation."

And then Xia Yongfeng sighed. "Presently, the most affected are ordinary people from the chaotic situation… Our military is their last hope, but we're unreliable, so where else can they rely on to survive? I am an old bag of bones, like a flickering candle that's going to extinguish at any moment… so Mr. Jiang…" Xia Yongfeng coughed twice.

"Grandpa, don't say such things!" Xia Xun quickly went to pat her grandfather's back.

"To tell you the truth, all this is not necessary," Jiang Liushi answered.

"Ah?" Xia Yongfeng slightly frowned, because he could not understand what that meant.

"Jiang Liushi, what's with your att.i.tude!?" Zhang Hongyue said dissatisfied.

Xia Xun was also annoyed by Jiang Liushi's answer. She thought her grandfather had been very sincere…

Jiang Liushi did not look at her and Zhang Hongyue at all and then said, "He Tianhu is dead."

"Already dead?" Xia Yongfeng was stunned for a moment.

"Yes, I killed him in Fallen City. As for his body, the zombies must have already digested it. The same goes for Lei She. They're no longer with us," Jiang Liushi said softly.

"This...!" Xia Yongfeng was stunned. Actually, he attempted many times to kill He Tianhu, but he never expected this outcome.

Xia Xun also felt it was incredible.

"Are you sure? I clearly know about Lei She's strength…how could you kill them in Fallen City?" Zhang Hongyue could not help but ask. He apparently did not believe Jiang Liushi's words.

Xia Yongfeng felt Jiang Liushi was serious, so he said, " Zhang Hongyue!"

Zhang Hongyue was unwilling to shut up.

Xia Yongfeng looked at Jiang Liushi and said, "Mr. Jiang, I'd like to express my grat.i.tude for killing He Tianhu. Star City is really fortunate…"

"In the future, we will also eradicate more traitors step by step so that people in Star City can lead a better life," Xia Yongfeng said excitedly. But then he coughed much more violently than earlier, and soon his face became red.

Xia Xun gently patted Xia Yongfeng's back, and she looked very anxious, but she could not do anything.

"It's okay. Nothing to worry about." Xia Yongfeng waved his hand to comfort his granddaughter, and then said to Jiang Liushi, "I'm sorry."

"Grandpa, do not always say that it'll bring bad luck. We've found another doctor so he may be able to cure your disease..." Xia Xun said with reddened eyes.

She had lost her relatives, and now her grandfather was her only living family member…

"This is an old problem left over from the war. Although the previous medical conditions were excellent, it did not completely get cured, so what should we do …" Xia Yongfeng waved his hand.

In fact, Xia Yongfeng partic.i.p.ated in many wars and the old wounds he had acc.u.mulated could no longer be cured.

At that moment, a gentle female voice came from the side, "General Xia, when you were young, were you hit by a sh.e.l.l? There's still shrapnel in your lung, totally surrounded by your alveolus."

Xia Yongfeng was surprised for a moment, and then he looked at that girl. She looked beautiful with an elegant temperament. How could she see it?

Xia Xun also suddenly showed a surprised look. There was no X-ray of her grandfather's wound, how could it be true?

"That's right," Xia Yongfeng answered.

Li Yuxin looked at Jiang Liushi, and after seeing Jiang Liushi nod his head, she said again, "My special ability has to do with healing so I can sense what's wrong with your body."

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