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When she got on the minibus, Jiang Zhuying offered her a plate of stewed meat to eat, but Ling didn't think it was prepared on the minibus.

Ling followed Li Yuxin into the kitchen, which was small. It could accommodate up to two people. The chopping board, as well as the cupboards, were filled with all kinds of food. In addition to fresh mutant meat, there was rice, fresh vegetables, spices, and condiments.

"Really rich, they even have a refrigerator..." Ling said to herself.

After doomsday, what people lacked most was food. Many survivors would kill others for a slice of bread. Seeing that many rich ingredients in front her, Ling couldn't hide her greed.

"The ingredients are all these here. You are responsible for the stew," Li Yuxin smilingly said, and then she started washing the rice.

"Stew?" Ling looked at the 30 kg of mutant meat and then she asked stupidly, "Stewed all of those pieces?"

"Yes," Li Yuxin said and then she took out some more mutant meat. She was ready to fry some meat.

Seeing that scene, Ling's eyelids jumped. For just a meal, Jiang Liushi's team would consume a few pounds of mutant meat each. Moreover, they ate a lot of white rice and fresh vegetables.

Ling had noticed that the resources taken from Hong Yue's warehouse were gone. But she thought it was quite reasonable for a motorhome to have many folding storage s.p.a.ces.

Ling was shocked when she saw them eating so much.

Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying, and Ran Xiyu ate a lot more than the others because they consumed a lot of energy. Ling only ate until she was full, and then she volunteered to keep watch at night. Although she would be their guide, she still felt it couldn't be regarded as an equal transaction.

"That's fine," Jiang Liushi did not refuse. In fact, he had Sta.r.s.eed, so he didn't need anyone to keep watch at night, but Ling was quite determined.

At night, Ling, holding a gun, was sitting on the roof. Her body was powerful, so she was not afraid of the night's chilliness. There were no lights on the horizon, only boundless darkness…

The next morning...

After waking up and finishing their breakfast, they started off. The minibus was moving smoothly and unhindered on the road. They just encountered some small-scale zombie' groups here and there, but they couldn't threaten them at all. Soon they arrived at Star City Base.

At that time, five vehicles were parked before them. As a result, Jiang Liushi intended to close his eyes and rest. But then he heard the sound of footsteps coming from far away. At the same time, someone knocked the window. "Is Mr. Jiang here?"

Jiang Liushi nodded, but then Jiang Zhuying jumped up.

Behind the window, a face covered in scars appeared. The scar-faced man was about years old and looked very stupid. He was wearing a military uniform with two bars on both sides of his shoulder.

Jiang Zhuying scrutinized him. She didn't like officers at all. "What's the matter?" Jiang Zhuying asked rudely.

The officer's brow leaped a bit. "h.e.l.lo, I am Li Li. General Xia commanded me to wait here and invite Mr. Jiang…" The officer's att.i.tude was quite good.

"General Xia?" Jiang Liushi remembered that female officer, who picked up the scientists, was called Xia Xun. And her grandfather was one of Star City Base' influential figures…

Previously, Xia Xun came looking for him to cooperate with each other, but he refused. Jiang Liushi estimated it was also related to this matter.

"General Xia said that he was sorry that his granddaughter offended Mr. Jiang, and he hopes you can accept his invitation to go and have a drink with him. Moreover, Mr. Jiang's two friends also live lived in the villa area."

The officer hurried to explain as soon as he saw Jiang Liushi frowning, "Please, doesn't misunderstand. They live in the villa area for paranormals, not the one in the military headquarters."

Jiang Liushi looked toward Ran Xiyu, and then Ran Xiyu nodded. It appeared that General Xia Yongfeng was sincere. As an old saying goes, "Raise hands but do not hit the smiling face."

Drinking tea with the General wouldn't take too much of Jiang Liushi's time, so he nodded affirmatively, "All right."

"Mr. Jiang, do you want to return to your accommodation first?" The scar-faced officer asked.

"No. You can lead the way," Jiang Liushi answered.

Ling was curious about their conversation. Did Jiang Liushi have some kind of relationship with Star City Base's military?

Star City Base was small, but the road was not good. After driving for about half an hour, they arrived. There were many heavily armed soldiers, giving a sense of security.

Jiang Liushi's minibus followed the scar-faced officer's car, and then they reached a courtyard which was hidden by some tall buildings. It was the Xia Residence.

"Mr. Jiang, we are here. This is General Xia's private house. General Xia is very old, so he usually deals with all his military affairs in his house," said the scar-faced officer.

"Mr. Jiang, please wait in the reception room," the scar-faced officer said.

Jiang Liushi walked in the hall and smiled. "General Zhang and General Xia's hobbies are quite similar…"

At that time, the sound of footsteps came. 

"Pretty fast." Jiang Liushi turned around and looked out of the door.

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