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A series of terrible explosion sounds reverberated through Fallen City!

Even the zombies outside of the wall were attracted to the sounds.

The survivors present had all witnessed what happened! When the two sides were about to collide, the minibus released a formless airwave which struck the guards and their vehicles directly! It left everything in ruins.

Diao was almost shocked to death! He too had witnessed the whole process, but he was unwilling to face the cold truth. Moreover, the formless wave, which had yet to dissipate, was currently moving toward him! 

"What is this ghost...!?" Diao was stunned. He had taken plenty precautionary measures, but the outcome…

Then, he noticed a black muzzle out of the minibus… Why!? Why did the minibus posses such a weapon!? No wonder the vehicles could not withstand the air wave's impact at all.

Diao had just gotten up, but in the blink of an eye, he immediately fell to the ground again. But even when he fell to the ground, the shrapnel still hit him and pierced through his skin.

However, compared to the unlucky guards on the ground, who looked like pulverized bags of blood, he was much luckier.

Seeing the scene, the survivors were totally shocked. They didn't know what happened, but they knew that Fallen City would be ruined. Even though the guards had many weapons, vehicles, and a tank, they were all useless. They were no different than sc.r.a.ps of iron!

The survivors' attention was concentrated entirely on the minibus. They wondered who its owner was.


The minibus had already broken through their defenses and was rushing out of the district. Diao looked up the moment he heard the engine's sound getting closed and was stunned. The minibus' driver was a beautiful woman! And on the UFO-shaped room on top of the minibus' room was a young man, holding a sniper rifle, who was looking at him indifferently.

Diao shouted, and then rolled to the side. After that, he jumped and rushed directly to a shop along the road. He believed that as long as he fled into the store, he could escape from the back door. But at that moment, a dazzling lightning fell from the sky!


The lightning wrapped around him, and it made his whole body stiffen from shock. The electrocuted man let out a mournful scream. Then, he noticed that the lightning that trapped him was actually a chain, from which an electrical current was pa.s.sing through, and on the chain's end was a longsword that was nailed to the wall.

He was unable to struggle at all because the chain was wrapped around him tightly. "Ah ah ah!" His whole body was trembling. Even his eyes eyebrows were burned! Fortunately, or not, he was not an ordinary man, or else the strong electrical shock would have already killed him.

Diao had eaten plenty of mutant meats, so he was powerful.

Jiang Zhuying was clutching the other side of the chain, with a sneer. As a matter of fact, Diao had been scared by the minibus, and he ignored the paranormals in it.

At that moment, he noticed a silver current flickering around Jiang Zhuying's body. Her eyes were indifferent, while she was grinning like a mischievous child. So young and beautiful girl, but she…

"Is your electricity leaking?" Jiang Liushi said something.


"Speed up, we have to leave," Jiang Liushi said.

Their present performance had deterred many people, even the warlords would not dare to do something anymore. However, if the warlords felt that their own interests were threatened, they'd act.

"I know!" Jiang Zhuying jolted the chain to get her longsword back, unwrapping Diao in the process, but when it came back to her hand, she threw it to Diao again! The longsword pierced the man's throat, and his body fell heavily on the ground…


Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed out of the area at once.

The guards did not dare to stop Jiang Liushi, so when they saw the minibus approaching them, they quickly opened the city gate and fled at once!

Jiang Liushi's minibus pa.s.sed through Fallen City's gate! They were finally out of it, and then Fallen City fell into a deathly silence!

The bottom feeders and slaves living in the surrounding buildings finally felt safe and got out. They were totally shocked by the aftermath.

At that time, they saw Diao's body.

"Ha! He deserved it!"

"Brother, if we obliterated such a disgusting city, we'd do humanity a favor." Jiang Zhuying turned around and looked at Fallen City

"Fallen City's surviving residents and warlords would just migrate and create another city like this," Jiang Liushi said.

He also turned to look at Fallen City. The aftermath's flames made it look brighter. Perhaps, it was the brightest moment Fallen City ever had after doomsday…

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