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Chapter 320: Like A Moth To The Flame

Fallen City's Guard, was a force consisted of 100 fully armed ex-soldiers. Compared with the gathered guards and their vehicles, Jiang Liushi's minibus looked too weak. Everyone believed that the people in the minibus would run for their lives once they saw the blocked road. Unfortunately, escaping was impossible as high walls surrounded Fallen City.

Seeing the blocked road, even Ling was second-guessing their chances to rush out. Moreover, a lot of guns were pointing at the minibus.

Jiang Liushi, in the gunner room, was looking at the guards and their off-road vehicles equipped with weapons. They sure had invested in rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns. What's more, in the back, there was a tank! 

"Everyone in the minibus, listen carefully! Surrender immediately!" A man shouted through a megaphone.

In the tank, a slightly obese middle-aged man, holding a night vision telescope looked at the minibus through the gap between the vehicles.

"Comrade Zhang was a real fool! He couldn't even stop such a shabby minibus?" The middle-aged man said coldly while looking through the telescope.

Comrade Zhang was the Captain in charge of the villa area. Although Zhang was responsible for such a small area, Hong Υue was really fond of him. As a result, the middle-aged man, Diao, was not happy with him. He suspected that Zhang had died, as they heard a crashing sound previously, amongst the gunshots.

Diao's speculation, made him feel exhilarated.

"Thankfully, he was in charge of that area, or else I'd be the one dying under the minibus," Diao thought.

He put down the telescope, revealing a whimsical look because he found the minibus was bulletproof! It was the first time he saw a bulletproof minibus. It was amazing. Although he despised Captain Zhang, he also knew that the minibus was not ordinary.

"There's definitely a mighty paranormal in the minibus, but I'm prepared..." Diao sneered. He intended to s.n.a.t.c.h the minibus and use it, but it was way too difficult.

"Well, how about Sister Yue?" Diao asked.

"We have yet to find her…" A guard answered.

"What? How is it possible?" Diao felt it was strange. He knew that Hong Yue had gone to the arena, which was not far from them.

"Is it related to this minibus and the people inside?" Diao guessed again.

At this moment, Jiang Liushi made a decision, "Rush over."


His minibus rushed out immediately as fast as an arrow!

Ling grabbed the handlebar armrest to steady her body.

"What did they do?"

"Aren't they going to surrender?"

The surrounding survivors whispered.

"That minibus is super fast!" Someone said.

To them, it looked like a shabby minibus, but its speed was…too fast. The survivors couldn't even react when it accelerated.

The minibus' engine released a beast-like roaring sound! At the same time, it suddenly flames burst of it!


In such a dark environment, n.o.body could clearly see due to the lack of electricity. Some people couldn't even see the minibus' extent. If the guards wanted to shoot precisely, the minibus shout come near to the range of their vehicles' headlights. In other words, they had to shoot blindly right now, coupled with the handicap of a few kilometers separating them. n.o.body knew where the bullets would land!

However, as the guards were pondering how to shoot from such a distance, a deafening sound came from the minibus and then a vehicle exploded!

Jiang Liushi, holding the sniper rifle, pulled the trigger again!

"Shoot! Shoot!" The guards also responded promptly to the sudden explosion. However, in the night's dark embrace, it was too difficult to shoot the minibus.

"I'll f*ck you!" That middle-aged man was annoyed by the scene. He had already paid a lot of attention to this minibus, but he didn't expect that a sharpshooter was in it.

Their plan backfired! The gathered vehicles, blocking the road, had become the enemy's practice targets! 

"Machine guns, ready!" Diao roared.

The area where the tank was stationed was quite different from the villa area. Although some people stayed there, they were all bottom feeders and slaves! As a result, he didn't care, and it didn't matter if they died in the process.

At that moment, he just wanted to bombard the minibus and turn into sc.r.a.p metals!

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