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A+ A- Chapter 298: Lei She (1)

"Commander He, do you want to know about the matches' odds?" Fatty Ma took out a form, which listed a series of numbers. Placing bets was a significant source of income for the arena, and in order to attract wealthy warlords to bet, they needed someone like fatty Ma.

Commander He took the form casually, gave it a few glances, and then he said, "Lei She, what's your opinion? Help me bet."

[Lei She? Is he 'the' Lei She?] Fatty Ma subconsciously retreated two steps. Lei She was a powerful and terrifying person. He would always kill without blinking. It was reported that he once faced groups of zombies for a long time, all alone, and killed them all. 

"The list is meaningless," Lei Shen said coldly. "Commander He, if you want to place a bet, then bet on me, and I'll win!" Although Lei She's words were arrogant, n.o.body thought he was wrong.

Fatty Ma said with a wry smile, "Boss Lei, you must be jesting. If you partic.i.p.ate, who'd dare to bet against you? We'll lose big time!" The rate of injuries in the arena has sky-high! In a battle, an injury or even death wasn't uncommon. However, the warlords valued their members, so they weren't dumb enough to let them fight against Lei Shen.

"Ha ha ha!" He Tianhu laughed, as he appreciated Lei She's confidence. At that moment, a young man approached He Tianhu and whispered something in his ear.

"Oh? The kid is in Fallen City?" He Tianhu felt excited after hearing the news.

He Tianhu wasn't the forgiving type. No matter who annoyed him, he'd take revenge on them in the worst possible way. With that method, others would have to think carefully if they wanted to make him their enemy.

Jiang Liushi made him lose face, so he wanted to Jiang Liushi and then hung his body on the city's gate.

"Is that him?" He Tianhu threw the list and suddenly stood up.

Ma Hao was shocked as he was in the dark with what happened.

"Yes, that's him! Commander He, what do you

you intend to do?"

"What to do? Kill him! But not a fast death, I want to torture him first!" He Tianhu sneered.

The strong preyed on the weak in Fallen City; they were the ones deciding one's fate.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi also stood up. He had come to find the special source of energy, but he could no longer detect it. Moreover, he didn't expect to meet He Tianhu there. It was a great opportunity! After all, Jiang Liushi was a man who could discern between good and evil.


Jiang Zhuying unsheathed her longsword at once!

"There's a fight!?"

"Haha! It's going to be interesting!"

Seeing that scene, many people became excited.

They all felt exhilarated to see powerful people clashing against each other. Of course, this premise was that both sides should be powerful.

Most of the spectators knew who He Tianhu was, but they didn't have the slightest clue about the other group.

"Who are they?"

"They seem like students."

"A man with four fairies?"

The spectators tried hard to guess their ident.i.ties.

At the same time, Ma Hao was stupidly standing still. He was worried about the situation, but he was even more concerned about the debt. Moreover, he debt. Moreover, he wanted the four pretty girls! Ma Hao felt like his heart was bleeding.

"Commander He, I want to fight against that man. As for the girls, let Zhang deal with them!" Lei She said. In his eyes, Jiang Liushi didn't amount to much.

"Haha, Brother Lei, please, don't look down on me," the person called 'Zhang' said. He was a baldie and felt honored to deal with those beauties.

"I can't wait!" He licked his lips, and then he pounced and tried to get a hold of Ying's chest.

However, the moment his salty pig-sized fingers were to succeed, he saw a blue light flashing before his eyes!

A gorgeous blue net-like current immediately covered Zhang! His body trembled violently, and he let out an anguished scream!

Zhang's scream didn't even last a second, as a black tri-edge bayonet struck his throat! 

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