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Jiang Liushi originally thought they were just two ordinary scientists, but he didn't expect that they would be a young lady and her little daughter, who was about 8-year-old.

"I am sorry. My daughter was feeling a bit uncomfortable. If it's difficult to accommodate us both, could you please just let my daughter ride with you? Thank you very much." That young lady said.

At the same time, that little girl with soft long hair and a round face, carrying a pink backpack, hid behind the young woman. She was secretly watching Jiang Liushi with her big black grape-like eyes.

"I know them," said Li Yuxin softly. "The young woman is a botanist, but the little girl is also famous at the Research Inst.i.tute. She is a young prodigy." Li Yuxin said.

Somewhat surprised Jiang Liushi glanced at the little girl. Although the little girl looked very timid, she was a little genius…

Jiang Liushi thought that it was not very convenient for a young mother with her little daughter to ride on military vehicles. "There's no problem. Welcome to our minibus," Jiang Liushi said.

"Thank you." That young lady answered.

Seeing them getting on the minibus, Zhang Hai said happily, "Uh, it's awesome owning such a luxurious car..."

"...you're vulgar…." Sun Kun was speechless.

Jiang Liushi went to meet two other scientists. They had to escort three scientists in total, two of whom brought their relatives and one of them was also young.

The convoy was ready to leave. The gate slowly opened and the outside world's scenes reflected in everyone's eyes. Ordinary people braced themselves and moved to the side at once. The walls were the only thing separating them from the h.e.l.l outside.

They did not know what the team was going to do. Looking at the team move out of the gate, those ordinary people looked a bit dazed with empty eyes. After the team left, the door was closed immediately. And then those ordinary people were suddenly relieved.

In the minibus, Jiang Liushi summoned the Sta.r.s.eed's panel out immediately. He wanted to upgrade his gunner room as soon as possible.

[Mutant nuclei have been detected…Upgrading the gunner room requires two level-1 mutant nuclei. After upgrading, the gunner room will be expanded, and two people will be able to use the 360-degree port at the same time. Do you want to proceed with the upgrade, or not?]

Jiang Liushi felt a sharp pain in his heart. However, he had to upgrade it, so he said, [Upgrade!]

Next, it was the time to increase the weapons for his minibus.

[The weapon option, Fuel-based flamethrower has been selected. Fuel-based flamethrower: it needs to consume large amounts of gasoline to initiate it, and pure oxygen combustion can produce a high temperature of 2000 °C. It requires a level-1 mutant nucleus. Do you want to proceed with the weapon's addition, or not?]

[Yes!] Jiang LIushi answered at once. And then Jiang Liushi improved the armor's strength…In the blink of an eye, just a few mutant nuclei were left. It was just like eating jelly beans!

[Gunner room upgrade. Current progress: 1%...]

[Fuel-based flamethrower construction... Current progress: 1%...]

The young female scientist and her daughter sat on the couch. And the female scientist put on her gla.s.ses while holding a thick notebook and studying something.

The little girl was staring at Jiang Liushi with her big eyes. At first, Jiang Liushi didn't pay any attention to her, but later he noticed her gaze and looked at her.

The little girl suddenly whispered, "Are all of these sisters your wives?"

Hearing her question, Jiang Liushi was totally shocked. And Jiang Zhuying laughed out loud.

"No," Jiang Liushi said.

The little girl nodded. "Oh..."

Jiang Liushi noticed that her tone carried a little disappointment.

"Where are you from?" The little girl asked again.

"Jiangbei." Jiang Liushi answered.

The girl suddenly smiled and pulled her mother's sleeves. "Mom, my guess was right. I said that this brother was from Jiangbei."

"You can stop being mischievous now." The female scientist apologized to Jiang Liushi with a smile. "I'm sorry. Xiaonan is a mischievous child…" No wonder she was staring at Jiang Liushi, she had made a bet with her mother…

"We're going to cross Jiangbei this time," The little girl said again.

Jiang Liushi was surprised because he hadn't thought of that. Actually, after doomsday, it was quite reasonable for them to take detours.

[Jiangbei…] After doomsday's outbreak, Jiang Liushi had no idea about Jiangbei's situation. Zombies swallowed up the world. Except for a handful of cities, which lit up at night, most of the areas were plunged into deep darkness.

The team continued to move forward. As the number of zombies increased, the minibus started to accelerate. The female scientist kept looking outside, while the little girl was obediently sitting on the couch. The little girl didn't take the initiative to speak with Jiang Liushi again as she had won the bet with her mother.

In the evening, the team entered a small city.

"Captain Jiang, it's already getting late. It is dangerous to move at night, and the other city is a half hour's drive away from us. We will stay here for tonight." Zhu Changqing's voice came through the walkie-talkie.

"Well then, let's find a suitable place to camp." Jiang Liushi agreed.

The next city was Jiangbei, and Jiang Liushi wanted to see it.

At that moment, the young lady came and said, "Captain Jiang, there are a lot of farmlands here. Would it be acceptable if I were to go out and collect a few samples? You can stop on the side of the road; it shouldn't be dangerous."

"Yes." Jiang Liushi said.

While the convoy was stationed, several pairs of eyes were looking out at the vehicles from a high-rise building in the city. The green military cars seemed very strange!

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