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Suddenly, Ran Xiyu felt as if someone was holding a needle and stabbing her. However, that feeling wasn't something one could discern easily. If she weren't using her domain, she wouldn't even have noticed that at all. Ran Xiyu was surprised, and the monster came in her mind immediately. She expanded her domain's range, searching nervously within a radius of one to two kilometers. But she only found a few obscure grey groups, which were wandering zombies.

"I may have sensed the monster's power, so we should be careful." Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

"What?" Jiang Liushi was shocked by her words, so he immediately reported it to Lin Yaoshan. At the same time, he returned to his MCV and raised his gun. Lin Yaoshan ordered to strengthen their defenses at once.

People felt a little nervous, especially the ones trapped there. In order to bring along the survivors, the armored vehicles had surrounded the residential buildings in a semi-circular shape. Except for the critical combatants, the rest of the soldiers were paying all their attention to fend off the zombies. Shi Ying Squad's members were all gathered in Jiang Liushi's MCV. It was a critical period, so everyone had to do everything in their power to protect themselves and increase their combat effectiveness.

The atmosphere was really tense...

Actually, it was a helpless military order. All soldiers could understand it. n.o.body knew whether Ran Xiyu could save them or not. Suddenly, it was like all sounds had stopped. And that silence lasted for a long time.

Li Yuxin originally wanted to take care of her mother and grandfather, but she was worried that she could interrupt Jiang Liushi.

As time went by, a full quarter of an hour pa.s.sed, but nothing happened.

[Could she have made a mistake?] A lot of people began to think so. But Lin Yaoshan didn't give any orders, so n.o.body dared to relax.

Half an hour had pa.s.sed, and more and more people were starting to have doubts. It would be quite reasonable for a paranormal with psychic abilities to get too nervous and make a mistake.

Finally, Lin Yaoshan frowned and picked up the walkie-talkie. "Headquarters speaking. Headquarters speaking. All departments pay attention. Do not relax, and we should continue with the evacuation plan."

"Nothing happened…" In the minibus, many people were rubbing their cold sweat, but Jiang Liushi did not leave the gunner room at all. He still kept a close watch on their surroundings.

Ran Xiyu also closed her eyes. In fact, the continuous use of her power took a toll on her brain and exhausted her.

"Fortunately, it was just a false alarm. I was totally scared." Song Qianwen said. She felt very uncomfortable, so she pulled her protective clothes.

"I hope so. We are trapped here, but the research on the variation of zombies and mutant beasts under nuclear radiation has finally yielded some results. After we go back to the laboratory, maybe we can find more things. We have to return to our home," Professor Su said.

Song Qianwen nodded, but suddenly-

"She jumped on Ran Xiyu like a female leopard. She raised her hand, revealing a ray of cold light. It was a…needle, which was targeting Ran Xiyu's throat!

At that moment, Ying was driving, and Jiang Liushi was in the gunner room. Jiang Zhuying was in the rear of the minibus. n.o.body expected such a catastrophe to befall the minibus. Moreover, the target was…Ran Xiyu!

Jiang Liushi was extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment, but it was too late for him to prevent Song Qianwen. Although Ran Xiyu was a psychic paranormal, she had an ordinary physique. She couldn't stop her opponent.

[Song Qianwen is controlled by that terrible monster?] Ran Xiyu was suddenly aware of that. She knew that the monster was intelligent, but she didn't expect it to be so clever. It could judge who'd threaten it most! It was unbelievable!. As long as it controlled Ran Xiyu, it would gain everything. Even Jiang Liushi would be unable to anything.

Ran Xiyu was in danger so any action she took would determine life or death. She tried her best to struggle. She seized Song Qianwen's hand. However, a more horrible scene took place. Song Qianwen's original face suddenly distorted. Her mouth split from both sides, and her tongue was replaced by a sharp red mouthpiece! That mouthpiece left her mouth, directly aiming at Ran Xiyu's eyebrows!

At that point, Ran Xiyu was still on the sofa and simply couldn't stand at all. It was impossible to avoid! In fact, that sharp mouthpiece was the real deadly weapon. No one knew what would happen next. Once Ran Xiyu died, then all the teams would suffer heavy losses.

Presently, it was like time had frozen. Ying stopped the car and rushed to Song Qianwen. Jiang Liushi jumped from the gunner room, with a Type 54 pistol. And Jiang Zhuying also rushed from the rear, while a blue current was dancing around her palm. But it was too late!

However, at the crucial moment, a soft body suddenly crashed between Ran Xiyu and Song Qianwen.

It was Li Yuxin! She used her body to protect Ran Xiyu.

"Poof!" That sharp mouthpiece plunged directly into Li Yuxin's back. Her flesh was penetrated like a hot knife cutting through b.u.t.ter. Li Yuxin felt dizzy from the intense pain.

Fortunately, just then, Jiang Zhuying's powerful electric attack landed on Song Qianwen, and she on the floor. Ying's military tri-edge bayonet also plunged into Song Qianwen's body. But that sharp mouthpiece was immersed entirely in Li Yuxin's body.

Blood overflowed from Song Qianwen's mouth, but there was a strange smile on her face.

The unfortunate Li Yuxin fell in Ran Xiyu's arms. And her protective clothes were stained with blood...

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