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Li Yuxin brought with her first-aid supplies and protective suits and then got on Jiang Liushi's MCV, along with another experienced female doctor. Li Yuxin sat on the soft sofa but felt uneasy.

They were all set to move toward Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, but Li Yuxin was very worried about her mother and grandfather's situation. She was eager to see them, but also afraid to encounter a terrible situation.

"Do not worry." A gentle and cold voice suddenly said. Li Yuxin suddenly recovered, and then she looked at that girl with long hair sitting quietly opposite her. That's Ran Xiyu. She would be the mission's key player. Before eating together, Li Yuxin was really curious about her. How could Jiang Liushi and such a beautiful girl have encountered each other?

Li Yuxin did not realize that her uneasiness was written all over her face, and she nodded. "Thank you."

Ran Xiyu looked at Li Yuxin, and she knew the latter was still confused. In fact, Ran Xiyu was also a little curious about Li Yuxin. She remembered that Li Yuxin introduced herself before dinner, saying that she and Jiang Liushi were desk-mates. Ran Xiyu wondered what Jiang Liushi was like before doomsday.

"h.e.l.lo, nice to meet you all. My name is Song Qianwen, and I'm a doctor specialized in emergency situations. I'd like to thank for letting me follow Li Yuxin and board your vehicle." Song Qianwen said.

On the way, there may be wounded people in need of first aid. Song Qianwen was about 28 years old, and she was wearing a white coat on top of her military uniform. Although she seemed tired, she still looked good. She was an army surgeon before doomsday. Li Yuxin was genuinely moved as Song Qianwen took the initiative to help her.

Song Qianwen deliberately gave her hand to Jiang Liushi and said, "Thank you, Mr. Jiang. I've wanting to thank you personally for saving us yesterday."

"It was a team effort. I couldn't have done it alone. You're welcome." Jiang Liushi responded and shook hands with her politely. Her hand was quite cold. It was evident that she was nervous, but it was natural. Everyone was nervous, even Jiang Liushi felt like that.

w.a.n.g Jianlang's shoulder was wrapped in thick gauze. He was sitting in a car, looking at those vehicles. If he weren't injured, he'd be one of the key players in the critical rescue mission. Chu Chongshan had picked him for that mission personally, but he was utterly useless.

w.a.n.g Jianlang took a deep breath, and then he decided to leave behind the power struggles. It was more important to him to improve his sniper ability. In that post-apocalyptic world, personal strength was the most important factor!

"Brother, I have to go and help the other wounded soldiers." w.a.n.g Shiqi said. She stayed behind to take care of the wounded soldiers. Although she did not sleep well last night, she had no other choice.

[Oh…] w.a.n.g Shiqi thought about Jiang Liushi's car again. Actually, last night she really dreamed it...

Soon, the combatants had left the camp, and they were about to enter the radiation zone. From that point, everyone was already wearing hazmat suits. Otherwise, it would cause acute radiation sickness.

According to the current medical conditions, once a person had radiation sickness, it was equivalent to death. So even if wearing protective clothes was quite inconvenient, all people had to wear them, including Jiang Liushi's team members.

Putting on the hazmat suits, the air permeability immediately became worse. Jiang Liushi took a Type 81 gun, and a sniper rifle to the gunner room and Jiang Zhuying also sat, holding her longsword in her hand. Li Yuxin and Song Qianwen immediately felt a tense atmosphere, like a fight, was going to take place at any moment.

The team moved forward steadily, while zombies' groups constantly kept emerging in front of them. However, those zombies were not a threat to them as they were exposed to radiation for a long time without any protection at all. As a result, their skin had turned red, and they were not that aggressive.


A zombie hit on Jiang Liushi's car.

Jiang Liushi frowned. This sound was louder than others. In the radiation zone, zombies did not kill each other, but they could be killed just by the radiation.

If all the zombies had been radiated, it would become a forbidden human zone.

Fortunately, they had not yet reached that point. Otherwise, they should pay a high price.

"Everybody, we are getting closer to Qinshan Nuclear Power Station." Lin Yaoshan's voice came over the intercom.

Jiang Liushi looked toward Ran Xiyu, and Ran Xiyu immediately nodded. She was ready to fight against that monster.

As the team gradually approached the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, the number of zombies in front of the group also increased significantly.

"That is…"

On the roof of Qinshan nuclear power plant's residential area…

People were surveilling 24 hours a day. In order to be prepared for the monster's mental attack, they were two groups monitoring at the same time. Fortunately, that monster's psychic power was limited.

At that point, one of the soldiers holding a pair of binoculars suddenly saw a dark ma.s.s appearing at the end of the road.

"It's our people! The rescue team is here!" The soldier was excited.

During those days, they had become more and more desperate.

At that time, the rescue team arrived! The soldier looked both nervously and excitedly through his binoculars. He hoped everything would be okay.

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