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Chapter 224
Chapter 224: Driving into the Distance

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave


Another b.l.o.o.d.y flower burst in the zombies' group.

"w.a.n.g Jianlang is worthy of his nickname, 'Eagle.' His sniping ability is excellent…" Lin Yaoshan said proudly. And then he looked at Jiang Liushi, who had yet to take action.

"Captain Jiang, Captain Jiang, please shoot down the mutant zombies as soon as possible." Lin Yaoshan said through the walkie-talkie again.

But this time, Jiang Liushi answered quickly, "Okay."

Lin Yaoshan was perplexed once again because he didn't know what Jiang Liushi was going to do. At the same time, Lin Yaoshan also had a headache because although w.a.n.g Jianlang's eyesight was powerful, he couldn't distinguish between an ordinary and mutant zombie; he was just aiming at the zombies holding steel bars.

His eyesight was exceptional, but the zombies were countless. In fact, the human brain was the human body's most mysterious and complex organ. As a result, the consumption of mental power was faster than the consumption of physical energy.

w.a.n.g Jianlang doubted whether Jiang Liushi could find mutant zombies faster than his eyesight.

At that time, Jiang Liushi was observing the situation, while Ran Xiyu was sitting on the sofa and her grey eyes were exuding a silver l.u.s.ter as she was using her ability to search for mutant zombies. She had opened her spiritual domain, and the white circle continued to expand. In Ran Xiyu's domain, many flickering flames appeared, as well as dense white lights. The shinier white lights represented mutant zombies. But it was difficult to find them in that densely packed group. It was like searching for a slightly bigger sesame seed from a large tray with sesame seeds, while those seeds were in a constantly agitated state. 

None of the paranormals with psychic powers could accomplish that as they weren't powerful, but Ran Xiyu could notice them like they were under her eyes.

 Ran Xiyu was rapidly searching. The battle was fiercely escalating, so she needed to speed up as soon as possible.

"Did you find the mutant zombies?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"I'm searching…yes, I found them!" Ran Xiyu answered happily.

Jiang Liushi nodded, but Ran Xiyu said, "Wait a minute." She slightly frowned, "A mutant zombie is moving toward w.a.n.g Jianlang!" It was evident that w.a.n.g Jianlang's continuous shooting caught the attention of mutant zombies.

"Brother Jiang!" Ran Xiyu suddenly exclaimed, "There is one behind."


"There is another mutant zombie behind, and it is easier to distinguish than the other one. Actually, they were stacked together, and I just discovered it. It's coming from the right side of w.a.n.g Jianlang's rear." Ran Xiyu said quickly.

Jiang Liushi was shocked because the two directions intersected with his blind spots. However, as long as w.a.n.g Jianlang accelerated to rush forward, he could shoot them! This matter should not be delayed, so Jiang Liushi picked up the walkie-talkie, and said immediately, "Eagle, please accelerate because two mutant zombies are coming your way…"

Just at that moment, that mutant zombie jumped out from zombies' group, rushing toward to w.a.n.g Jianlang.

"Mutant zombie!" w.a.n.g Jianlang wasn't panicked at all, instead, a sharp glint flashed through his eyes.

"Accelerate! Quickly! Another mutant zombie is coming from behind." Jiang Liushi almost shouted.

w.a.n.g Jianlang heard Jiang Liushi's voice, but he didn't want to follow his orders. He didn't want to lose this r

are opportunity. He believed Jiang Liushi was a greenhorn when it came to shooting.

In order to maintain the precision of shooting in that extremely short period of time, they even had been trained to control their own heartbeats by breathing, and the firing time was between the two breaths. If they accelerated at that moment, it would interrupt w.a.n.g Jianlang's rhythm. At least, he found one mutant zombie...

w.a.n.g Jianlang decided to kill it! As a result, he ignored Jiang Liushi's warning. Seeing the rushing mutant zombie, w.a.n.g Jianlang suddenly pulled the trigger. A trace of a confident smile flashed on his face, but then he suddenly felt an intense pain coming from his hand. The mutant zombie from behind hit him with a long iron bar.

That little zombie moved extremely fast! When it appeared, all of w.a.n.g Jianlang's attention was concentrated on the other mutant zombie. But when he pulled the trigger, the little zombie suddenly lifted its iron bar.

"Bang!" At that moment, Jiang Liushi shot!

Jiang Liushi could just shoot the former one, so the little zombie's vision was blocked by the former's blood, and then the iron bar's trajectory changed. After that, the little zombie jumped back to the zombies' group.

"Ah!" w.a.n.g Jianlang felt a sharp pain after the b.l.o.o.d.y iron bar hit his arm. He screamed, and his sniper gun suddenly fell. A large chunk of meat on his arm was gone like that.

 Jiang Liushi frowned, and then he pointed the muzzle at the zombies' group. He understood that the former zombie was just a bait and its jump was just a fake act. But when Jiang Liushi quickly turned the muzzle, it had disappeared entirely. 

"Ah ah ah!" w.a.n.g Jianlang continued screaming, "My arm! My arm!" He was hurt because he didn't listen to Jiang Liushi's warning.

Before seeing the mutant zombies' actions, Jiang Liushi couldn't have expected it at all. So he didn't have any method to make w.a.n.g Jianlang believe him.

At that time, w.a.n.g Jianlang was dragged back to his car by his subordinates. And then they picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "Where is the medical team? Our Captain is wounded! Immediately get ready! It's an emergency!"

In the ambulance, the excited w.a.n.g Shiqi was stunned after hearing the sudden broadcast. "Who is wounded? Who? Is it my brother?"

Then the driver picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "The medical team received. The medical team received."

"Hurry up! He's losing a lot of blood!" An anxious voice came from the walkie-talkie amid w.a.n.g Jianlang's screams.

w.a.n.g Shiqi was worried about her wounded brother. "What can we do, Yu Xin? What should I do?" w.a.n.g Shiqi began to cry. She felt as if her world was being torn apart.

At the same time, the ambulance quickly moved toward the sniper squad.

Lin Yaoshan picked up the intercom. He was prepared to order the vehicles around to be on high alert, but he was shocked by Jiang Liushi action.

What did he do?

Jiang Liushi's minibus left the convoy and accelerated toward the zombies' group!

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