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Before all his comrades as well as a lower officer, the Captain was fooled by Jiang Liushi. In other words, he made a fool of himself. Actually, he wanted to bury himself. He clearly knew that this thing would spread very quickly. He also had many enemies in the army. So if that thing spread, they may nickname him "Drumstick Captain." After thinking of that, the Captain wanted to jump out from the window at once.

At that moment, Sun Kun and Zhang Hai reacted, and they staggered back and forward.

"F*ck, don't point that thing at us! We're scared to death!"

"A drumstick gun! Did you buy it from McDonald's?"

"You're wrong. I remember him buying it from KFC."

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun argued with each other happily. Jiang Zhuying directly pulled another chicken leg and bit it at once. Initially, it was a bit rude to eat in that manner, but because of Jiang Zhuying's cherry mouth, it was a beautiful contrasting scene.

Jiang Zhuying swallowed and then said, "He probably bought it from Dicos. It's deep fried with too much oil."

"Haha, only we are good at cooking it." Sun Kun and Zhang Hai began devouring the roasted chicken.

The pickets' Captain felt that he was a fool. They were in charge of dispatching contingents of armed men and mobilizing the citizens, but Shi Ying Squad was unrestrained and carefree. In their eyes, the pickets' members amounted to nothing.

The Captain wanted to shoot Jiang Liushi, but he didn't have his gun. His subordinates were afraid of Jiang Liushi, who was still leisurely playing with his gun. Even though he seemed harmless, the Captain could feel from Jiang Liushi's eyes that he was dealing with a cold-blooded killer. The Captain's hair stood on end as Jiang Liushi was staring at him. He was sure that once they fought with each other, his own team would be completely wiped out.

"Give my gun back!" The Captain demanded.

However, Jiang Liushi asked with surprise in his voice, "What did you say? Aren't you holding your gun?"

"You!" The Captain's eyes were bloodshot. He wanted to act in an overbearing manner, but Jiang Liushi ruined everything with his stunt. Unknowingly, he was still holding the chicken leg. When he realized it, he immediately threw it.

To make things worse, the guns the soldiers carried were numbered. Although, after doomsday, it wasn't a big deal if a soldier lost their gun, they still needed to file a report. Everyone would laugh at him with the way he lost his gun.

"I know you replaced my gun, so give it to me! And that sniper rifle too!" Military orders were like a mountain! Even at that moment, the Captain tried his best to follow his superior's orders. Since Chu Songming was dead, if he couldn't finish this task, he would no longer be a Captain.

"In case you didn't understand let me repeat myself. I have nothing to do with your gun. As far as that sniper rifle is concerned, I'm sorry, but I lost it while fighting against zombies. You can search it along the way. If you're lucky, you may find it. Good luck." Jiang Liushi calmly said.

The Captain was about to spit blood, but he didn't have the guts to search the house. Even if he rushed in, he wouldn't find it.

"Let's go!" The Captain shouted and then they retreated silently.

What's the matter? Even military soldiers were afraid of the pickets, but Shi Ying Squad played them like it was nothing. They didn't finish the task; moreover, they lost another gun. As an old saying goes, "Go for wool and come home shorn."

"They are all gone." Jiang Zhuying said pulling out a clean chicken bone from her mouth, and with her tongue licked her lips before saying, "We totally offended Chu."

Jiang Liushi said casually, "Take it easy. It's really no big deal."

"Well, brother Jiang…" Shen Tao hesitated to speak. He was totally shocked by Jiang Liushi's special ability, until now, it still confused him.

He had said that his special ability was related to mechanical transformation, but at the same time, his sharpshooting skills were excellent, and his hands' speed was unfathomable! 

"You should be cautious of Chu Chongshan. After all, he's one of Shenhai Island's top authoritative figures…" Shen Tao could only warn him. After all, he was a soldier in the military.

Jiang Liushi nodded and said, "Yes, I got it. Captain Shen, please don't forget to help me find bullets and other materials." Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Shen Tao didn't know what to say anymore.

"Although all the materials are rigorously controlled, after doomsday, the number of bullets isn't recorded. Some soldiers hold some bullets in secret so we can exchange food for them." Shen Tao said in a very low voice, as it was a military secret.

After that Shen Tao left. Jiang Liushi had a clear idea of his priorities, and then he threw that Captain's gun to Sun Kun, "You can use it as a toy."

But Sun Kun just answered worriedly, "Will everything really be okay? Although the gun is useless to us, we still humiliated them."

"Take it easy." Jiang Liushi answered, "But during these days, we should be careful." Shen Tao had informed Jiang Liushi that although Chu Chongshan was one of the members of the Military Commission, there were many other members, including the Vice Chairman and Chairman.

Besides, because of Shenhai Island's special situation, many survivors' squads were stronger than the military. It was true that one member could pester them, but the relationship between the influential figures was complex.

Many others could stand against Chu Chongshan.

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