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After ditching the tide of zombies, they found that everything was going smoothly. The mining truck's fuel consumption was terrifying. Moreover, its cab was not wide. And there were no bathroom and kitchen in it. Thus, when darkness had fallen, Jiang Liushi transformed his MCV back to the first form—minibus. At the same time, that damaged tire had also been repaired.

When the first district of Shenhai Island came into their field of vision, Jiang Zhuying leaning on the sofa and playing with a dagger in her hand, asked suddenly, "Brother, do we still need to return to the first district of Shenhai Island?" Jiang Zhuying sat up on the sofa.

"Of course, no matter what happened, at least we should get our materials. Although we killed Chu Songming, he deliberately provoked us first. Don't worry. They won't dare to fight against us in the first district of Shenhai Island." Shi Ying Squad was an excellent and unusual team. After all, they were reasonable during the whole thing.

"We will observe any sudden changes. If we feel that something is amiss, we will leave immediately." Jiang Liushi said indifferently. As long as he had his powerful minibus, he wouldn't fear anything. Jiang Liushi was an aggressive young man.

"Brother Jiang, no matter where you go, we want to follow!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun said happily. Ran Xiyu also nodded. In fact, she had developed a deep sense of belonging.

While they were talking, they had reached the first district of Shenhai Island's area. However, the scenery greatly shocked them. What happened? Why was there a row of Type 99 battle tanks? The dark green camo paint, the black barrels, and full-fledged tank armor were all neatly arranged, giving a strong impression.

Before doomsday's sudden escalation, the military had limited time to react. n.o.body could expect that the virus outbreak would be so brutal and cause such a pandemonium. As a result, they just made inadequate preparations. For example, they brought several similar powerful tanks to Shenhai Island, but most of them were left in the military base. Moreover, fuel and ammunition reserves were significant problems. It seemed that something terrible would happen…

[Could it be the tide of zombies?] Jiang Liushi was struck by that idea.

After seeing that, they drove into the first district of Shenhai Island after an extensive examination. Inside the wall, Jiang Liushi saw many more exaggerated weapons; two rocket launchers, camouflaged eight-wheeled trucks, and rows of bazookas had been strategically placed at proper angles, facing the wall outside.

As a matter of fact, for the first district of Shenhai Island, it was quite difficult to attack all the surrounding cities and eliminate all zombies and mutant monsters unless military production was resumed. It was especially challenging to kill mutant zombies, which could fight against them by cooperating with each other. They could definitely cause ma.s.sive damage to the whole military.

"I heard that all these heavy weapons were arranged here because the UAVs detected countless zombies and mutant beasts gathering in the surrounding area of the first district of Shenhai Island." Jiang Liushi overheard a conversation between some soldiers.

A veteran wearing military boots took a drag on a cigarette, and then he threw the b.u.t.t of the cigarette to the ground and fiercely stepped on it before saying, "Take it easy. As long as we use those heavy weapons, those terrible monsters are doomed to die." Hearing the veteran's words, the soldiers' expressions drastically changed. Those heavy cold weapons indeed brought a sense of security to humans.

[If it were the real tide of zombies…it seemed that the scope and numbers of those zombies are quite large…but why…] Jiang Liushi remained puzzled after pondering for some time.

Ordinary zombies shouldn't be intelligent, and it was unlikely they could detect the situation of the first district of Shenhai Island. In other words, there should be some powerful zombies leading them. But how many were they? It was horrifying...

Jiang Liushi remembered that huge monster in Jinling Port. In the midst of that, Jiang Liushi's eyelids jumped, and he felt a deep sense of crisis. It was evident that doomsday's true ugly face was even worse than they could have imagined. Jiang Liushi realized that he had underestimated the dreadful doomsday, and he had to improve his ability as soon as possible.

In this world, not only paranormals could evolve, but also zombies and mutant beasts could experience the same evolution.

[I should get more mutant nuclei and then refit my MCV.] Jiang Liushi thought. After all, his minibus' tires were too weak against machine guns…

When Jiang Liushi was driving to the trading hall, in one of Shenhai Island's single-family villas, one man in his fifties, dressed in a loose robe, was writing before a bookcase. He wrote with a long brush, dipped in ink, and each stroke was strong and powerful.

After doomsday, ink and wash paper were also rare things. Although that man occupied a prominent position, he rarely wrote because the price was too high. Finishing his last stroke, a word was visible. Black characters in white wash paper formed a sharp contrast with each other. He wrote on the paper '杀', which meant 'Kill'. 

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