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Chapter 204
Chapter 204: Struck by Zombies

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave


"Get ready to withdraw. You have worked very hard the past few days." Zhang Jing's mood was excellent because the mission was completed successfully. And they only needed half of the initially scheduled time. The information they had collected was a.s.sembled into a memo. It was a thick one with every factory and main roads in the city. As long as all the observers returned, they could leave.

Just then, a military vehicle suddenly appeared like a drunkard rushing toward them madly. In the beginning, Zhang Jing didn’t seem aware that something was wrong. But soon, he shouted with a pale face, "Be vigilant!"

Jiang Liushi was looking at that car. And far away from that, he had seen it was filled with blood. It was evident that everyone noticed that detail. As a result, they quickly jumped in their cars pulling out their guns and aiming at that military vehicle.

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu said, "There is a person in that car."

"Om!" That military vehicle was stopped not far from them, issuing a sharp shrill. And then, a soldier filled with blood was thrown out of the car. At Zhang Jing’s command, several soldiers with guns immediately moved toward him.

"We’ve successfully captured him." A soldier checked his body and answered.

"Help him up." Zhang Jing lowered his gun and approached him. The soldier was supported by sitting on the tire. Seeing Zhang Jing approaching, he said urgently, "Come...come…"

"What came? What about the others?" Zhang Jing looked at the soldier, and he noticed that his arm was almost abruptly torn apart. He survived just because he needed to tell them what happened.

"They…all…dead." He answered and coughed a lot of blood as soon as he spoke. And then he grabbed Zhang Jing's sleeve, and squeezed out a few words, "Withdraw! Fast!" Later, he looked at his waist with pleading eyes.

Zhang Jing was stunned for a moment, then he lowered his head, taking a pistol out from the soldier’s waist. However, just at this moment, the soldier’s bloodshot eyes widened. "Gun…give me…" He stretched out his hands to Zhang Jing. Everyone was shocked by the scene. Because it was their first time witnessing someone mutating into a zombie. It was apparent that the soldier wanted to commit suicide before suffering the mutation.

"Bang!" A shot suddenly came. A b.l.o.o.d.y hole suddenly appeared on the soldier’s forehead. Everyone looked at the person who fired; it was Chu Songming.

"He was still rational! Why didn’t you let him commit suicide?" That soldier, who was responsible for checking, shouted and asked. Although he would die in the end, at least he could keep his dignity by committing suicide.

Chu Songming sighed and said, "How can you be sure that he’d be able to retain his rationality before committing suicide? It was too dangerous."

"You should understand what he desperately brought back, so he did not die in vain." Chu Songming explained.

"Bury him." Zhang Jing frowned and interrupted Chu Songming, ordering soldiers.

"They must have encountered a zombie group. Who came?" The captain of Long Yue squad asked.

"Get ready to fight. It seems that the threat is not small." Zhang Jing said, and he walked to the armored infantry vehicle.

Jiang Liushi turned around and suddenly saw that Ran Xiyu's face was a bit pale. As if she had seen some terrible scenes. "What happened?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Ran Xiyu just opened her mouth, but she didn’t say a

nything. And then she shouted, "A lot of zombies!"

Jiang Liushi suddenly had a terrible feeling. "How many?"

"I couldn’t count them…countless…" Ran Xiyu answered. As if she couldn’t stand up anymore, she caught Jiang Liushi

s arm. "A lot, a lot of dense packs, and they are coming here!"

Jiang Liushi suddenly glanced at Tongnan City’s direction. However, he couldn’t see anything except that military car and the broad road.

"Captain Zhang, we should leave here as soon as possible." Jiang Liushi said to Zhang Jing, who was still confused.

But another officer said, "At least we should observe." After all, their mission was to learn everything they could about Tongnan City’s situation. 

"If we don’t escape at once, I'm afraid that we will be besieged by lots of zombies. Ran Xiyu is a paranormal with a strong psychic ability, and she noticed that countless zombies were rushing toward us quickly."

"How many? Hundreds of thousands…" That soldier would like to say more.

"Believe me. Those zombies are countless." Jiang Liushi answered coldly.

"You mean there will be lots of zombies?" Zhang Jing asked.

"Yes, but I don’t know their number. You can decide for yourself. I trust my comrades!" Jiang Liushi answered, and then he pulled Ran Xiyu and Jiang Zhuying back to his minibus.

As they approached the minibus, its door was suddenly opened, and immediately they got on. "Ying, let’s go."

Hearing the engine’s roar issued by Jiang’s minibus, Zhang Hai, and Sun Kun also jumped into the freezer car.

w.a.n.g Chuanfu hesitated for a moment, but also followed Jiang Liushi. No matter what the situation was, in any case, he felt it was more appropriate to support Jiang Liushi’s actions.

Zhang Jing’s eyes flashed with a strange glint, and then he said, "Get ready to evacuate, and if the situation is not serious, we'll return to see what’s going on." Zhang Jing also followed.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt-like sound came from the distance. That sound seemed like 10,000 galloping steeds. And then a zombie appeared on the road. When it saw people, its crazy red eyes suddenly glinted, and on its face a frenzied expression was visible. Next, a dark shadow, as if it was a black line, was rushing toward them quickly! That juncture was like a d.a.m.ned dam and zombies moving like a flood.

Thousands? Hundreds of Thousands? Or more? In the rear, more and more zombies kept appearing. Those zombies seemed to smell the most delicious food.

Everyone was greatly frantic! 

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