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Back to the armored car, Chu Chongming's smile suddenly disappeared, and a trace of glum flashed into his eyes. Jiang Liushi was audacious in the extreme! How could he dare to do so? Although there was no evidence, Chu Chongming firmly believed that this incident must be related to Shi Ying Squad. Initially, Chu Chongming decided to deliberately make things difficult for Shi Ying Squad after they returned. But he never expected that Jiang Liushi would handle his affairs in such a decisive manner.

"We've lost a survivor squad, but we should continue with the mission. We should pay more attention and be careful." Zhang Jing said suddenly.

Chu Chongming cursed in his heart. He knew clearly that Zhang Jing also took a skeptical att.i.tude toward that accident. But Zhang Jing was circ.u.mspect and farsighted. He didn't even ask for details.

"That man, Chu Chongming." Ran Xiyu suddenly said, but then she hesitated, "I felt he was in a panicked state."

"What? Panic? But why?" Jiang Liushi was confused.

"I didn't notice him before that. But I observed just then when he smiled at you, he felt uneasy." Ran Xiyu explained.

Jiang Liushi glanced at Ran Xiyu, and he suddenly felt that paranormals with psychic abilities were terrible. Although Ran Xiyu wasn't a combatant, the smallest emotional changes around people could not escape her eyes.

"Why are you staring at me?" Ran Xiyu felt confused and asked. In the beginning, she also stared at Jiang Liushi but then she turned her head quickly.

"You're very energetic. I don't know what you are thinking…" Ran Xiyu touched her long hair and said.

"Well, I do not mean that..." Jiang Liushi did not know what to say, though he indeed didn't have such thoughts…

Jiang Liushi turned around to look at that armored infantry vehicles. He didn't expect that the mission would be that complicated. He realized that he should pay more attention to Chu Chongming. Of course, human beings were not as dangerous as zombies and mutant beasts, but their complexity far outweighed them.

The military wanted to counterattack and take back the city, and during the whole process, n.o.body knew how much resistance they would encounter. Currently, many teams were opening up roads and examining the situation. The army's counterattack was underway. Of course, Jiang Liushi wasn't interested in such things. He came to the first district of Shenhai Island to search for resources.

At the same time, he wanted to take good advantage of that period of time to upgrade his minibus. The mining truck's form seemed very simple without any surprising impact, so he decided to upgrade many of its aspects. No matter that mutant zombie or the mutant water monster, they all brought a strong sense of crisis to Jiang Liushi.

Compared to those monsters, Jiang Liushi believed that the Fierce Wind Squad was way more dangerous. They could attack him at any time, so he had to take the initiative and strike first.

At night, they slept in their cars respectively. Actually, the town was not calm at night. A large number of zombies had swarmed the supermarket's vicinity. After eating the corpses, they were wandering along the road. From time to time, they could hear the sound of a roar. However, Jiang Liushi felt that the roar was different from a normal one. So he came to the conclusion that among those zombies, there were some in the process of evolving.

As for Tongnan City, Jiang Liushi had visited it in the past with his parents when he was very young. But now, it had changed into a different scene with many villas in the suburbs. Along the way, Jiang Liushi saw many luxury cars. And it was estimated that they were all abandoned at the moment of escaping. n.o.body could know what happened.

"There are several high-tech factories in Tongnan City. And they were relatively close to Shenhai area. All the factories are among the first list, but this time we'll scout at the edge of the urban area to get a clear picture of the situation." Zhang Jing said.

The troops were stationed at a gas station, and some soldiers quickly went to search for strategic locations under the leadership of officers.

"We would like to go the villa area and search." Long Yue Squad's Captain said.

Zhang Jing clearly knew w.a.n.g Chuanfu's intentions. He thought for a moment and then agreed, "You can go, but be careful."

"How about you?" w.a.n.g Chuanfu asked Jiang Liushi.

"We have accepted Shen Tao's invitation." Jiang Liushi answered.

"Well, if we find some good wine, we can drink together when we return. I'm sure that the rich families must have left many good things behind." w.a.n.g Chuanfu said happily. However, it would indeed be a good deal.

Before doomsday, ordinary people had no chance to acquire many luxurious goods. But after doomsday, as long as some people were fully prepared, they could find many luxurious goods. In fact, many ordinary people would never be bored with it.

"Good." Jiang Liushi also smiled. He felt w.a.n.g Chuanfu was deliberately acting kindly. He knew that many people doubt him. However, n.o.body dared to bother him without any evidence. They all respected Jiang Liushi's power.

Jiang Liushi followed Shen Tao to scout their surroundings They reached a high-tech factory, and they mainly want to check the extent of its damage. After the virus outbreak, many people fainted at their factory posts. There were numerous places where explosions and fires occurred. Otherwise, they would still have electricity.

"I remember being here before, but it did not have so many plants in the past, and if I'm not mistaken, it was rural area before." Jiang Zhuying said looking out the window.

"How old are you then?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Anyway, I've been here before." Jiang Zhuying pouted. The dreary scenery reminded Jiang Zhuying of her hometown.

At night, when lying on the carpet, listening to Ran Xiyu's breath, Jiang Liushi was sleepless. He felt anxiety, but he didn't know why. However, Ran Xiyu hadn't found anything strange, so Jiang Liushi didn't think of it…

Four days later, they had almost finished with their investigation. Several soldiers standing on top of a building were ready to evacuate, but one of the soldiers holding binoculars, suddenly shouted, "What's that?"

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