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"I want to buy the other Type 95 guns, a submachine gun and grenades." Yuan disappointedly said. He was ready to voice a price, but in the end that machine gun was robbed by white boss. Yuan boss had no other ways, so he had to take the second best, Type 95 guns. The change in his behavior was pretty obvious, there was an immeasurably vast difference. Overnight millionaire versus a miser. Everyone, clearly, understood the value of the things that Jiang Liushi had brought.

"I would like to buy that exchanged Type 81 gun, a Type 56 semi-automatic gun, two Type 54 pistols, 300 rounds of ammunition and three grenades." That bald middle-aged man as well as a thin man, offered one mutant nucleus together. There were remaining shares of nucleus, so other guys immediately joined them. They rushed like a swarm of hornets. Jiang Liushis’s goods wouldn’t last forever.

A submachine gun, three pistols and two grenades were left. But Jiang Liushi got four mutant nuclei in total! Four! They were equal to all the nuclei he had before. After using those mutant nuclei, regardless of Jiang Liushi’s personal strength or the car's, their combat effectiveness would have a qualitative leap. Moreover, all the metals needed for upgrading were ready. In the MCV’s storage s.p.a.ce, a hundred tons of metals were stored. Everything had been arranged.

"Little brother, you are really formidable! I admire your fortune." That thirty year old beautiful young woman said in a coaxing voice.

Jiang Liushi looked at the young woman, she was naturally interacting with people. However, Jiang Liushi was not well disposed towards her. But he still smiled and said, "I got enough mutant nuclei. So the last guns and grenades can be exchanged with mutant meat. For the submachine gun the price will be a ton of mutant meat, and the remaining three pistols cost 500 kg of mutant meat." In that black market, only a few people would buy pistols because a police station was near them. Especially the Type 64, n.o.body would like to buy it as its power was too weak. On the contrary, Type 54 pistols had the market. Usually, 500 kg mutant meat for one. As for the submachine gun, its power was still worse than a musket, so it could only be used to kill zombies.

That beautiful young woman tenderly smiled, "This sister is poor. I don’t have enough mutant meat at this time. I’d like to buy an Type 81 gun and some bullets from white boss. And I also want to buy all your leftover weapons."

Most of Jiang’s weapons had been sold out, but the trade fair would continue, others still had something to sell or buy.

Jiang Liushi was no exception, because he also had something to buy. It was related to the evolution of his MCV, but Jiang Liushi believed that he couldn’t buy it on that trade fair. There were lots of things to be sold but Jiang Liushi looked down on most of them. The bosses in the middle table were stronger, but the teams on the other four small tables were common. As for sabers, body armor and military gadgets, they were left without anybody to care for. Jiang Liushi saw two triangular-military-thorns, and he bought them without hesitation. One for himself, the other for Ying. As for his sister Jiang Zhuying, her special longsword was enough and excellent. Jiang Liushi appreciated his new weapon—the triangular-military-thorns. He was so delighted with it that he could hardly bear to put it down.

At that time, Jiang Liushi noticed that in the room almost every team had taken out their goods to be traded except from that beautiful young woman. Seeing someone looking at her, the beautiful young woman smiled and said, "Hey, I am in lack of money, so I have to sell my goods." While talking, she clapped her hands, then, the door of the trading room opened. Two men pushing a car came, as for the car it was covered with a cloth.

"What’s that?" Someone asked.

The two men removed the cloth. It was a half-man high iron cage with a girl imprisoned. She was wearing a white dress, looking weak with a pair of slender eyes, but her pupils were not pure black, but gray, which was very special.

"This girl, she is beautiful, but… do you intended to sell her?" The bald man said in surprise. The others were all unable to make head or tail of what was happening. After doomsday, beauty was worthless…

Before doomsday, many beautiful women were very lofty. However, after doomsday, power had become the only law of the world! As long as a man had power, he could get any woman! Most of men were lecher. But after doomsday, a bag of bread could be exchanged for a beauty’s one night service, why would they use mutant meat to buy a woman? That's not worth it. However, there was some guys who were interested in that girl, such as Yuan boss...

Yuan boss was especially fond of weak girls. He had a maggot in his head, but he was unwilling to become the person deceived on account of his generosity. So he was looking forward more and more eagerly for the price.

Some of the exquisite paranormals, including Jiang Zhuying as well as Jiang Liushi, they could feel a very weak energy fluctuations from the poor girl. Was she a paranormal!?

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