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Chapter 117: Bargaining
Mutant nuclei were indeed the most suitable hard currency after doomsday. Mutant meat was too large to be carried around. However, everything has its drawback; a mutant nucleus was worth a couple of towns together but couldn’t be divided, so it’s inconvenient for bargaining.

Lots of teams had to cooperate with each other in order to a kill mutant beast or search for weapons. As a result, it was as difficult as climbing up to heaven for them to get one complete mutant nucleus. It was too hard! For example, now, that room had more than a dozen teams, but most of them had just brought a couple of tons of mutant meat. Only some bosses and the paranormals sitting in the middle table had brought one nucleus or two. Even the beautiful young woman sitting beside Jiang Liushi, didn’t have a mutant nucleus.

Hearing Jiang Liushi’s quoted price, they felt as if a knife was being twisted in their hearts. A light machine gun could be exchanged with five tons of mutant meat and once it was bought back to a base, it would be worshipped as an ancestor. Most people's goal in that black market bargain was to buy an automatic rifle.

"My friend, do you have mutant crystal nucleus? I only have mutant meat. So we can buy two automatic rifles together, and one for each other." Actually, that was indeed the most sensible choice. Seeing others taking action, Yuan’s fat face was twitching. He had a complete mutant nucleus, but before he had ranted and raved against Jiang Liushi. So it was degrading for him to buy guns from Jiang Liushi.

Although he could find no place to hide himself from shame, he ate the humble pie and asked, "How much does a machine gun cost?" He would like to buy the Type 95 machine gun, which could help his team when they were hunting. While they were hunting for mutant beast, danger was lurking all around.

"Five tons! I will give you two spare drums, as for bullets you’ll have to buy them." Jiang Liushi stretched out five fingers. Five tons! Yuan felt pain in his heart. It was better if the Type 95 machine gun could be used with a Type 95 automatic rifle. At the same time, he had to buy a lot of bullets. The meat and crystal nucleus he had brought were not enough to buy empty guns. If he successfully made a hard bargain, he would still have no money to buy bullets. However, Yuan was an ambitious person. What he could do was to make himself look fat by slapping his own face! He wanted to develop his team, and it really could not be accomplished without a machine gun. Yuan picked up the cigar from the table, and he was about to talk, but at that instant, the white boss took out two mutant nuclei.

"I have two mutant nuclei here, which are equal to eight tons of mutant meat. I’d like to buy a Type 95 automatic rifle and a Type 95 machine gun. For the remaining one ton mutant meat, I want to buy grenades and bullets. But I have a condition; I would like to use my Type 81 gun and exchange a Type 95 automatic rifle with you."

Wearing the large fur coat, the white boss stood up. He was reluctant to make this exchange. Even being the black market’s boss, it was still difficult to take out such big wealth...

Jiang Liushi stared at the white boss, who looked a bit emaciated. He was wrapped in fur, wearing military boots, holding the chain of his beautiful ‘pet’. He was definitely a person with a black heart, especially after doomsday, so he was hard to deal with.

He was wrapped in fur, wearing a military boots, holding the beauty-dog. He was definitely a black heart boss. Such a person, even in the doomsday, was also a troubled guy!

Jiang Liushi was clear that taking out so many guns was bound to cause some trouble for them. A tall tree catches the wind—a person in a high position is liable to be attacked. But Jiang Liushi was not worried at all because of his MCV. In good times, provision should be made for bad times. So Jiang Liushi decided to take measures according to the actual situation.

"Good! We have a deal!" Jiang Liushi agreed and pushed out the Type 95 automatic rifle and light machine gun. Two magazines filled with bullets, two grenades and a box of bullets.

The transaction had been completed and Jiang Liushi received the two mutant nuclei. The mutant nuclei’s surface was hard and reflected a fantastic colorful light. They were the world’s most perfect ‘gems’. Not one, but two! It was first time for Jiang Liushi acquiring two so easily. Everything was going according to plan; it was excellent!

Jiang Liushi felt very excited while his right hand was pinching the nucleus, feeling how amazing it was holding the crystal nucleus in his palm. But on the surface, his excitement couldn’t be found at all. He always gave others an unpredictable impression.

"Ying, receive them." Jiang Liushi handed the two nuclei directly to Ying. Jiang Liushi’s action was simply incomprehensible…

Ying took the two mutant nuclei and then directly went out. n.o.body knew what she was doing.

Ying reached the MCV’s door and then returned back without going into it. She could send all the things in her hand directly to the MCV’s storage s.p.a.ce because she was the a.s.sistant. She left and returned like a shadow.

The others were at a loss.

"Okay, let’s keep trading!" Jiang Liushi was relieved, the MCV was the most secure place in the world.

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