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Jiang Liushi coldly looked down on Zhang Hua, and then he responded by asking, "When did I ever say I was interested in buying guns? I only asked about the price, and… no matter what I said, what makes you think that you have any qualifications to ask me?" Jiang Liushi was quite domineering and Zhang Hua did not dare uttering a single word, so he lifelessly sat in a corner of the table. He didn’t even have the courage to look at Jiang Liushi.

After that, it hit them! Jiang Liushi was there to sell weapons on a large scale, not buying them.

"Little bloke, don’t get dizzy with success." Originally, Yuan boss was drooling to get his hands on those weapons, but there was already a conflict between his emotions and reason. As a result, he didn’t believe that Jiang Liushi’s team was stronger than the 7 G.o.ds’ team. "What proof do you have that the goods are genuine? I do not believe you have so much!"

The Type 95 Automatic Rifle, in fact, didn’t have a wonderfully silky texture. That’s because its body was made from plastic, and only the skeleton was metallic, so it looked like a toy gun. In fact, many modern guns, regardless being domestic or foreign, all had plastic gun bodies, which was light but didn’t affect the power. Even the German G36 or Austria's AUG, the outer frame was made from plastic.

"Oh, if you have doubts, I can try it on you," Jiang Liushi said, pulling out a Type 95 Automatic Rifle from the black bag. Jiang Liushi removed the safety, pointing the muzzle at Yuan boss’ forehead. Yuan boss’ lackeys immediately stood up and took out their guns.

"Stop!" White boss scolded them in a loud voice. He wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy his trade fair. "Put down your guns!" White boss ordered.

He looked at Jiang Liushi and his eyes were shining with greed. There were so many weapons in front of him, it’s a lot of wealth! He had opened the black market just for the purpose of gathering wealth. And now, so much wealth was in front of him. The idea of killing and robbing were hard to suppress. After doomsday, it was quite common for the strong to bully the weak. He was quite measuring Jiang Liushi and the strength of his team… Why would Jiang Liushi, an ordinary person, be so confident? Were they bluffing or was there something else?

Maybe, Jiang Liushi had some special ability, but even if it was true, that wouldn’t make a difference. In White boss’ eyes, except Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying, the others were just pleasing to the eye but of no use. White boss was making scenarios about Jiang Liushi’s team and his own clashing and his confidence instantly skyrocketed. However, it was unrealistic for them to fight in the black market as they would lose their credibility, and the black market’s. Who would know what would happen after they left the black market… White boss lost himself in his wishful thinking...

"Friends, please put down your guns," a young man said. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, he looked like a college student. He was the 7 G.o.ds’ third seat. Before the trade fair, he hadn’t spoken at all.

Jiang Liushi looked at that guy, but he still didn’t lower his weapon. He smiled and said, "The fat guy started the whole thing. Since he asked if the weapons we brought are fake, what would be better than having him have a ‘taste’ of our ‘fake’ weapons!?"

Yuan felt a tremendous pressure brought by the muzzle pointing at his forehead, but he was still not convinced and said, "They are made of plastic, so how can we make sure that they are real guns? I do not believe it." Yuan boss couldn’t accept the truth, but his tone was softer.

The 7 G.o.ds’ third seat contemptuously looked at the fat Yuan boss. Actually, before doomsday, was indeed a college student. He was quiet before, but now he was trying to calm everyone down. After he got his ability he was dissatisfied with reckless people like Yuan boss.

"Yuan boss, your thinking is too simple. You probably haven't heard of engineering plastics; it is a group of plastic materials that have better mechanical and/or thermal properties than the more widely used commodity plastics. They have many uses, such as replacing metal and they are pretty expensive. Engineering Plastics can be used to make a gun body, and hammers. It is a special selling point for most foreign guns". The college youth, calmly talked about his own knowledge of firearms.

"What? Plastic can also be used instead of metal?" Although Yuan boss was speechless with the information the youth had provided, he still believed him. However, he still couldn’t understand why they had so many weapons!

"There are many Type 95 in the family of weapons, including rifles and machine guns. They can be regarded as 95-style gun family. All the main parts are generally used, once there is a problem, its parts can be interchangeable. It is excellent!" The college student commented.

Before doomsday, in the Hua Xia army, the Type 81 was the standard, which was the most reliable ‘comrade’ for the soldiers. But the 95-style, with many advantages, slowly replaced the Type 81, becoming the army’s standard guns. At the same time, 95-style’s recoil was lesser, especially for accurate shooting. The young man apparently had some military knowledge.

Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with his introduction and said, "Instant payment, and instant delivery. I’m only for mutant crystal nuclei! Two tons of mutant meat for an automatic rifle, and an extra magazine. As for machine guns, they will be sold separately."

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