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"At present, the automatic rifles are the most wanted items in the market. Two tons of mutant beast for one automatic rifle is high-priced. But I would like to buy one. However, it is as difficult as climbing up to heaven." The glamorous young woman said, giving white boss a glare.

"Stop uttering nonsense and making trouble! You should stand up. Today, we are holding the second trade fair and I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere. At the same time, I can’t tolerate some guys making trouble in our territory." White boss said to Jiang Liushi with a swift and fierce tone, having a murderous look.

"Making trouble for nothing?" Jiang Liushi shook his head, "For me, time is too precious to waste! I do not care about all the minor details. Moreover, you just sat on your own welding table and steel chair, at which I turned my nose up. However, since I have sat down here, n.o.body can force me to stand up!" Jiang Liushi was utterly without any fear.

As Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, "Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war." Jiang Liushi knew it clearly and he did it. He knew that the 7 G.o.ds wouldn’t get into a free-for-all fight.

They had set up a black market, which proved that they were ambitious. And now in the trade fair there were gathered several strong teams. If they got into a free-for-all fight, it would only result in sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

"Little bloke, you are audacious in the extreme." The white boss’s eyes flashed a trace of gloomy color. Although he was infuriated, he knew that it was a difficult thing to get rid of Jiang Liushi. So he switched the conversation to another subject, "If there is no strength to match your courage, then you are a fool!" White boss put one of his hand on the table, and he was haughty towards Jiang.

"I’ve come to your black market, naturally for some transactions." Jiang Liushi said and tipped Zhang Hai with a wink, indicating Zhang Hai to go and bring their goods. Ying stood up and followed Zhang Hai, because Zhang Hai couldn’t open the MCV’s door without Ying’s help.

"Really interesting. I'd like to see what you have." Yuan boss was looking at Jiang Liushi with contempt, and then he looked at the others, "Nothing can dampen our spirits. Don’t worry about that f*cker. We can show our goods now. Firstly, I’d like to throw away a brick in order to get a gem." Yuan boss said, putting his cigar to the desk.

"For this trade fair, I had nothing to bring, but three tons of mutant meat from a whole pig. It at least can cut out two tons of pure mutant meat, coupled with the pig's mutant nucleus. It’s well worth shopping around before I bought!"

Hearing Yuan boss’s words, they all felt Yuan boss went in for extravagance. It was an extremely difficult thing to kill a mutant pig. But it was easy for Yuan boss. As a result, they admired Yuan boss from the bottom of their hearts as hunting was not an easy thing. For other ordinary teams, they would like to reserve most of the mutant meat for personal use, after all, the daily consumption of mutant meat was large.

Seeing other people's reaction, Yuan boss sat down with his face glowing with health. Holding his small ‘honey’ in his arms, he was very satisfied with the impact of his words. That little honey originally did not like him, but her eyes were shiny because of mutant meat.

A thin man behind Yuan boss, stood up, and snapped his fingers. His little brother behind him brought a triangular army-thorn, a night vision mirror and a large metal crossbow. The black crossbow, full of texture, with an above sight, was precise and beautiful. "How about my triangular army-thorn and crossbow? And they save bullets."

The thin man was very proud of his weapon. A crossbow was also considered a long-range attack weapon, with an arrow it could pierce a skull, but it was a one-time consumption goods. If it was replaced by ordinary arrows, it would be able to reused, but its power would be reduced.

So a crossbow could only be used occasionally, after all, it could not replace guns. However, the triangular army-thorn was very practical with powerful strength. The thin man had just cold weapons to sell. So many people turned to look White boss because they all knew only the 7 G.o.ds’ team would sell hot weapons.

Yuan boss said, "White boss, you have to fulfil your promise. You said you’d like to sell a machine gun, so I was eager for that."

"Oh, Yuan boss, you flatter me. I just have one machine gun, how can I sell it? It was enough for me to take a Type 81 Automatic Rifle. For this time, I’d like to sell two Type 81 Automatic Rifles, one semi-automatic rifle and six hundred bullets." White boss stepped on the beauty slave’s back, who was gently trembling but dare not to move. If she struggled, her fate would be miserable. Three rifles and six hundred rounds of ammunition were really generous! Many people were envious of him.

"Haha, White boss is really lavish. I thought that my preparations were enough, but they weren’t enough to buy White boss's guns."

"Yuan boss, how is it possible that only you can buy weapons?" The middle-aged bald man smiled and said, and he put his bag on the table.

After that, eight round grenades rolled out from his bag. "Grenades! Good things!" Even Yuan boss’s eyes lit up with his face faintly shaking. He was envious of those grenades. In Lan County, bullets were expensive, but grenades were luxury. The bald man put forward his grenades with a complacent look. He embraced his ‘honey’, while rubbing her chest, letting the other big brothers enjoy the show...

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