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The black market had a moderate size. Jiang Liushi walked all the way, and found that the things inside, the black market, had a high value. In the outside circle of the black market, only some ordinary people would be selling some small daily necessities. In the inside circle of the black market, there were some advanced weapons, such as pistols, bullets, body armor and triangular army thorns.

Only paranormals would sell those things. Jiang Liushi asked and found that the price was indeed higher than Satellite Town. Moreover, he had only seen some pistols but there were no rifles at all.

"I would like to introduce myself. My name is Zhang Hua, Miss, may I ask what do you want to buy?" At that time, a voice like a spring breeze sounded. A man wearing a suit, walked to Jiang Zhuying’s side with warm smile. Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, why would that guy be wearing such clothes after doomsday?!

Jiang Zhuying did not want to deal with him, so she looked at Jiang Liushi, "Brother…"

"What do you have?" Jiang Liushi asked. What he wanted to buy were nuclei and weapons for Ying. Ying was like a warrior with enhanced strength, so a two-handed sword was the best choice for her. But it was difficult to get one.

The suit man looked at Jiang Liushi in surprise because he originally thought that Jiang Zhuying was the real leader of the team. However, it was not strange, as some teams would choose a smart person to lead them.

"Haha, we have a lot of things, such as tons of food, tons of mutant meat, guns, pistols, semi-automatic rifles, including automatic rifles, and even grenades. It would be a piece of cake to find three or five grenades for you. Of course, the price… "Zhang Hua smiled, revealing an inflatable expression. At the same time, he secretly looked at Zhang Hai’s gun. General teams of survivors had one or two rifles, which was standard.

Zhang Hua could judge a team’s strength simply from the number of paranormals and guns. In Zhang Hua's view, this team had one really strong paranormal--Jiang Zhuying, two strong men--Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, and a smart guy--Jiang Liushi and a frail looking beauty, whose purpose was ‘entertain’ at night, but this beauty was really excellent.

Zhang Hua quickly estimated the strength of the team according to what he was seeing. It was seemed that the team was a little weaker than other teams in the black market, so he naturally dared to talk with them.

He noticed that they only had one automatic rifle and a semi-automatic for five people. So he had guessed that they had visited to buy guns. Zhang Hua made some calculations based on wishful thinking.

"Oh, what is the price?" Jiang Liushi smiled and asked. He would not reveal so easily that they were there to sell guns, because there were too many profiteers who’d try to play small tricks on them.

The black market with a "black" in its name, how could it not be black? If one asked for a price, it would be absolutely not the real price. They would certainly lower the price.

After Jiang Liushi’s parents pa.s.sing away, he had to sell their house. He did not say that he wanted to sell the house first, but pretended to look at the house.

So the seller bragged about the house’s price. At that moment, Jiang Liushi told her, "Hi, I actually want to sell my house. Please give me a price according to what you just said." So…the seller tried to weep, but failed to shed a single tear.

"Well, if you are going to buy a Type 81 Automatic Rifle, you can buy it at this price, bullets are not included." Zhang Hua secretly stretched out three fingers.

Jiang Liushi had a look and sneered in his heart. After doomsday, the hard currency naturally was mutant meat, so three fingers meant three tons of mutant meat.

[Good lord, it really is black! The Type 81 Automatic Rifles sold by the military only needed eight hundred kilograms of mutant meat, with two magazines and one hundred and twenty rounds of ammunition.]

"Buddy, this price is absolutely very real." Seeing Jiang Liushi not satisfied with the price, Zhang Hai quickly explained, "You can just go around and see for yourself, the rifles can only be found in the domestic market. The number of rifles is very small, so you should decide immediately."

"Actually, these teams built up this black market. The black market’s tax is controlled by these teams, especially the 7 G.o.ds team are in charge of it!"

"Take the 7 G.o.ds team for example. There are four excellent paranormals and three slightly weaker paranormals in this team. I would like to tell you a fact, the 7 G.o.ds team’s strength is too powerful, you can’t even imagine. Also because of this, they have the strength to sell rifles."

"This is an automatic rifle. In a real battle, every bullet’s penetrative power is stronger than a desert eagle! Usually, n.o.body is willing to sell."

Zhang Hua was a boaster, but except from the price, everything else he said was actually true. Seeing Zhang Hua trying to rip them off and boasting, Jiang Zhuying laughed and thought that her brother was really clever!

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