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In Huaxia, weapons such as rifles, submachine guns, could only be found in the military and armed police stations. In a general police station, one could only find a few pistols, body armor and the like.

After doomsday, pistols were easy to get, but as for rifles, it was much more difficult to get; especially places far away from the military. In doomsday, what would cost more? It wasn’t food, but transportation of goods.

"How far is the black market away from here?" Jiang Liushi was clearly intrigued. It was not worth selling weapons in Satellite Town, plus they would probably offend the military, as trading weapons was their business.

On the other hand, the black market was much more promising, they could profit a lot from doing business there. Although it was far away, Jiang Liushi believed that his MCV was enough to get them safely to the black market.

"It’s about eight to nine kilometers. However, some sections of the road are blocked by abandoned vehicles. I am a native of Jinling people, so I know where that black market is located, in the outskirts of Lan County!" Zhang Hai simply said.

Jiang Liushi nodded his head and said, "Well, this matter should not be delayed. We must move at once! "

"Sounds like a plan!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were eager to leave. They could hardly sit still and itched to move around. They rubbed their fists and wiped their palms, like delinquents from anime eager for a fight.

A lot of people carry the spirit of adventure in them making it impossible for them to stay at a place for a long time. Although it was cruel, doomsday could ignite the thirst for adventure, fighting with their lives on the line; that’s what made them feel truly alive.

Zhang Hai jumped on the freezer, and turned on the ignition. Sun Kun was driving a Hummer, looted from Blood Wolf’s gang, and as for Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi, of course, they were comfortably sitting in the MCV.

Jiang Zhuying was completely infatuated with the MCV’s comforts, which young girl wouldn’t like taking baths every day in a moving hotel? All she had to do was help charging the MCV, when it was needed, and in return she could stay in bed and watch anime.

Jiang Liushi, even though he kept his emotions to himself, was actually very grateful for his sister’s company.

Lan County’s direction was opposite to Satellite Town, from their base to Lan County, the route was mostly suburban and rural.

Before doomsday nine kilometers could be covered in less than an hour, but now, even three to four hours were not enough. In case anything occurred it would even take them a whole day to reach their destination.

As they were driving through the suburbs a scene of desolation appeared. Abandoned card, chunks of debris, burned houses and rotting corpses could be seen all over the place.

There were no signs of life… Zombies were very sensitive to the smell of blood, especially if it was coming from a living organism. The rotting corpses were naturally zombie ones, a human being would be devoured, alive or dead, in a matter of a few minutes, not even their bones would be left.

"Jiang brother, in front of the dead group, there are probably twenty to thirty zombies," Zhang Hai's voice came from the front car.

"Kill them!" Jiang Liushi replied with a cold expression.

"Got it!" Zhang Hai stepped on the gas, so the high-powered freezer roared up, its thick steel plate was ready to destroy the zombies ahead!

"Bang bang bang!" Heavy m.u.f.fled sounds came. More than a dozen zombies were hit by Zhang Hai. The zombies that weren’t hit were knocked down by Jiang Liushi. Sun Kun was following behind in his SUV.

Jiang Liushi was holding the steering wheel with one hand, and holding the Type 81 Automatic Rifle with the other hand out of the window. Actually, he was guarding against any mutant beast that might pop out of nowhere. Small-scale zombie groups could not threaten his MCV, but everything would change if they encountered a mutant beast. Moreover, Jiang Liushi still didn’t know what type of mutant beast could appear.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi was slightly startled, the Sta.r.s.eed had transmitted, [The MCV’s a.s.sistant has reached 75% completion, so the host can choose its form.]

Oh? Jiang Liushi was shocked. What did that mean? Choose its form?

After killing Blood Wolf, the MCV’s evolution had reached the second stage, which granted him an a.s.sistant for his MCV.

Jiang Liushi had never considered it before. However, as he was full of questions, a selection column occurred.

The first choice was ‘Specialization"

Jiang Liushi carefully looked at the information the Sta.r.s.eed had provided.

The a.s.sistant had twice physical power than ordinary people, its reaction speed and accuracy were ordinary. Based on what he read, he could choose an ability on which the a.s.sistant would specialize, such as to give it more strength, faster speed, focusing on its defense, make it more accurate in shooting and so on. As the a.s.sistant’s main priority was to help and protect him, enhancing its accuracy would be useless.

Jiang Liushi didn’t hurry with his choice, so he looked down.

The second choice was to choose a gender. Gender? Form speculating, Jiang Liushi came to the conclusion that the a.s.sistant would be identical to a living person. He hadn’t considered that before, but it was rather interesting.

Jiang Liushi continued reading about the gender selection, which didn’t affect the a.s.sistant’s ability.

The third choice was about the a.s.sistant's appearance, which would be given by the host himself at random. The host could take any friend as a standard to make the a.s.sistant, and the host could also think it over his or her own mind, but the details would be added through the intelligent supplement offered by MCV.

This… Jiang Liushi was stunned for a long while… According to it, the images of superman, Wolverine and the Hulk were all available?

With Wolverine on his side, it would be so cool, but… n.o.body would make rush decisions!

Wolverine's appearance was cool, but if the a.s.sistant didn’t have Wolverine's ability, it would be useless.

Whatever appearance he chose for the a.s.sistant to have, its abilities wouldn’t change.

[It is better…] Jiang Liushi coughed. There were some strange thoughts flooding through his mind…

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