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Chapter 97: Reselling
"Boss and Jiang brother, let’s distribute the resources," Zhang Hai smiled and said.
In fact, the distribution could wait until they went back, but Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were too impatient to wait. It was just same as the ordinary people made a fortune.
Jiang Zhuying smiled and turned to look at her brother, "This depends on my brother. We have to listen to my brother. Oh, I can imagine our losses...Oh."
Before her voice had died away, Jiang Liushi had shot a glance at her. She mischievously smiled like a little brat and did not dare to act cute.
Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt happy. In fact, this state of Jiang Zhuying was very cute. They looked at Jiang Zhuying with quite different eyes…
In addition, to Jiang Zhuying's argument, they totally agreed. Being his strength, or the contribution in that battle, Jiang Liushi should decide the distribution this time.
"Wait," Jiang Liushi jumped on the car. He gave that Type 81 Automatic Rifle back to Zhang Hai, and then gave him a new one. Zhang Hai felt quite happy. This gun was really very well maintained.

Jiang Liushi said, "These guns and grenades should be distributed equally. Each person should get three hundred bullets. As for mutant meat, you and Sun Kun will take three hundred kilograms each. Vegetables are useless to me, so Xiao Ying you can take all of them. I had taken a nucleus, so the rest mutant meat will belong to you too… But I want some other weapons."
"If you have any objections, you can state them," Jiang Liushi said.
"No! Jiang brother is very fair." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were very satisfied; they felt like that they had struck the jackpot. Although they were dedicated to work, their abilities were limited. In that battle, they had just played a small role, only killing a few ordinary people.
They shed tears of grat.i.tude for Jiang Liushi’s benevolence.
"In fact, you can get more mutant meat, and those weapons…" Jiang Zhuying said.
"Well, those weapons are useful to me," Jiang Liushi said. Although weapons were cheaper than bullets, other survivors in order to survive had to exchange them from Satellite Town. So the exchange price wouldn’t be low. Especially for those powerful rifles and machine guns, all the survivors needed them.
"I would like to sell those weapons at a price lower than the price of military, we won’t lack of buyers, right?" Jiang Liushi asked.
"That’s plausible as a lot of people are in need of them. Jiang brother intends to exchange them for mutant meat or what?" Zhang Hai asked.
"Nuclei," Jiang Liushi answered. Many options of his MCV were inseparable from the nuclei; especially his biological laboratory needed a lot.
The best way to get nuclei fast was by directly exchanging weapons and other materials.
Those things sold well all over the country because they were first-cla.s.s hard currency. But Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were surprised because Jiang Liushi was really persistent for nuclei.
In fact, all other survivors would like to exchange nuclei for ammunition or mutant meat, but only Jiang Liushi was the exact opposite.
"Then we will look for buyers as soon as possible, we should have some results very quickly," Sun Kun said. As long as they went to Satellite Town, they could immediately finish the purchase. It was not a difficult thing.
"Good!" Jiang Liushi nodded his head.
The army had built a camp there, and it provided some convenient things for Jiang Liushi, which would make his MCV evolve more quickly. "Well, let’s go," said Jiang Liushi.
"Om---!" Three cars were launched together driving away from Blood Wolf's base.
In that house, those girls all came to the window, carefully looking out, watching the cars move further and further…

The team stopped at a quiet place in the industrial park as they had to rest here for a night. Although there were no zombies in the industrial park, they still could hear their roars from outside.
The truck stopped at the outermost to block the door, and the off-road vehicle parked a little further place with machine guns pointing to the door.
As for the MCV, Jiang Liushi drove it to a deeper s.p.a.ce. At last, only Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying were in the MCV.
Jiang Zhuying was sitting in the MCV, and she was watching TV with great interest. Jiang Liushi had downloaded a lot of films and TV shows in advance, and he specifically had downloaded a lot of anime for his sister.
No one from those survivors could even imagine that Jiang Zhuying was actually a hardcore anime fan…
"Brother, you really the best brother ever. I love you!" Jiang Zhuying was too excited and she almost rolled in bed. In doomsday, being able to enjoy things, really let people feel both magical and excited.
The current scene let Jiang Zhuying feel like they had gone back to the past days.
At that time, the two siblings were staying together doing their own thing. It was plain and comfortable.
"Watch some more, I’ll need your help later. You can use that computer," Jiang Liushi said.
"You need my help? Well, I’d like to do that first," Jiang Zhuying immediately turned off the TV and said.
"No. You can keep watching," Jiang Liushi said.
"No… I’d like help you first, and then lying in bed, I can watch until I naturally fall asleep," Jiang Zhuying said with a longing look. This relaxed life was really too rare, how could it be interrupted? She would like to enjoy as much as she could…
Jiang Liushi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, "You are interesting."

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