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Chapter 451: The Search for Fatty

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Because of a certain lost personnel, Lonemoon wasted a whole day. Therefore, he and Chef had to use the time at night to sense the condition of this small world, but there was no outcome. They still couldn't see what was the problem here. It seemed to be just the closure of the realm gate, like Yu Cang said. Lonemoon kept feeling that the matter wasn't so simple, and they may have neglected something. So early the next morning, he started asking around about the condition of this small world.

Only then did he know that this small world was called Divine Arrival World, and its Spirit Qi was very rich, thicker even than the earlier Three Azure Realms which had Immortal veins. Therefore, most of the people of this small world had spirit roots, and there were very few mortals. It could be considered a place of popularized cultivation. There were countless sects and clans. Among them, Divine Imperial Sect was the most prominent.

Lonemoon also understood that this Divine Imperial Sect was more like a cultivation clique, than a sect. In their sect were many sub branches, and beside the woods in which they picked up Shen Ying just now was the largest of the six sub branches. Its master was also the head of Qi Clan, a top-tier cultivation clan.

He was at first curious as to why the head of a cultivation clan would become a sub branch of Divine Imperial Sect. Later, he understood that Divine Imperial Sect was initially formed with a combined effort of the Six Great Clans, and the so-called sub branches were in fact the locations of those clans themselves. It was said that these six clans were top-tier cultivation clans of Divine Arrival World to begin with, and as they joined their powers, it naturally became the strongest clan of all.

Lonemoon was actually somewhat surprised that the clans would have such sense. As compared to sects, clans were generally more conservative and self-contained. To begin with, the resources in a small world was limited, however thick their spirit qi. Wherever there was society, there were conflicts. And the existence of clans was a manifestation of self-interest in itself. The cooperation of people with the same bloodline and family name were naturally better than fighting on alone. Which means, they were initially family businesses with a long heritage. It was hard for such businesses to reform in the first place, but this small world actually did it, and not for one, but six clans.

He also knew that while Divine Imperial Sect was formed by the clans, they treated their disciples equally, and took in new disciples every year. The taking in of new disciples depended solely on merit and not background. Such long-term planning made Lonemoon rather respectful.

Besides, perhaps due to the small number of mortals, the relationship between Daoist and Fiendish cultivators were rather harmonic. There were no immensely sinister fiendish cultivators who used live people for cultivation, and they naturally didn't oppose each other.

Lonemoon spent a whole day gathering information in the immortal city, but got nothing that was useful, and nothing that was strange. By right, with any small world that had a problem, they should have realized its abnormality immediately upon arrival, like the previous mushroom world, in which his body was robbed the moment he came down. And the deviant ghosts of Song Ren's world. And even the invasion alerts of the earlier Three Azure Realms.

“Chef, how is it on your side?” He sat down at the teahouse at which they agreed to meet, and gave Yi Qing, who was pouring tea for a certain person, a look.

“Nothing.” Yi Qing shook his head. “Master and I went around but found nothing unusual.”

That was strange. What on earth was the reason that Heavenly Dao locked the realm gate at this side?

“This place is no different from the other small world, but…” Yi Qing seemed to think of something. Just when she was about to speak, some noise came from downstairs, like something had happened. Vaguely, a few cries could be heard.

The two exchanged a look. In the next instant, they saw the shopkeeper walk in with a few cultivators. All the cultivators wore the same uniform, and flame patterns were sewn on the cuffs of their sleeves. Lonemoon took a look and realized all of them were of considerable cultivation, with the lowest being Golden Core. The middle-aged man in the middle was even a cultivator halfway at Soul Formation. He was somewhat surprised. Was the teaching of this world of such a high standard?

They seemed to be looking for something. They looked around the second floor. In the next instant, he felt a strand of Divine Perception glancing over. He subconsciously wanted to block it, but held back that urge, gave Chef beside him a look, and let that Divine Perception sweep away. Indeed, it didn't stay and turned straight towards the guests of other tables.

That person searched through the whole inn, seemingly finding no abnormalities, his face became darker.

“Uncle-Master?” A Golden Core disciple ventured to call.

That person shook his head and turned to leave. His look glanced at Lonemoon and Yi Qing. Seemingly remembering something, he frowned and walked over. With his Divine Perception which glanced over just now, there were naturally some suppression. All the cultivators at the place showed expressions of horror or excitement, but merely remained silent because they recognized them as from the Divine Imperial Sect. Therefore, Lonemoon's group which looked casual stood out somewhat.

“These two Fellow Daoists look unfamiliar.” He stopped by the table of the three. “May I know what clan and what sect you are from?” He glanced at the two once more, but realized that there were not a bit of spirit qi on their bodies. Immediately, he was shocked. “You are mortals?”

“Fellow Daoist must be joking.” Lonemoon's face darkened, as he pretended to be offended. “Though we are itinerant cultivators with no clans or sects, we have spent many years working hard on cultivation. How can we be mortals?”

“Itinerant cultivators?” He was stunned briefly. He let go of his Divine Perception to check their cultivation once more, and indeed they were just two Foundation Establishment cultivators. He looked down at the empty plates whose contents were all finished and frowned slightly with dislike. He must have made a mistake just now. Already at Foundation Establishment but yet to achieve Grain Liberation, their spirit root and understanding must be really inferior. No wonder they could only be itinerant cultivators. They must have ignored his Divine Perception just now because they didn't realize it at all.

With that, he stayed no more. He directly turned, went downstairs and left, leading his group of disciples. Lonemoon turned to take a look out of the window, seeing that they walked right into a shop opposite them, and continued looking for something.

“There are many more high-level cultivators in the city today.” Yi Qing finally spoke, continuing what he said just now. “There are not only Nascent Soul cultivators, but even three Soul Formation cultivators.”

Lonemoon was stunned momentarily. Remembering something, he turned to Shen Ying at the side who was rubbing her stomach while drinking tea. He sighed and said, “Shen Ying, it seems that the Fatty you picked up yesterday is in big trouble!”

“Huh?” Shen Ying gave him a look, her head tilted. “What Fatty?”

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. You were treating him yesterday and today you've already forgotten it. “Nothing. Go on drinking!”


He looked once more at the shop across the street and couldn't help but say, casually, “I don't know how a mortal with no cultivation nor anything special can create such great troubles.” Even Nascent Soul and Soul Formation cultivators were involved.

Yi Qing was stunned momentarily. he frowned and said, “Talking of special… I'm thinking about one thing.” His hand turned and a stack of familiar-looking yellow paper appeared in his hand immediately. It was the AurConcealing Talismans that Fatty forcefully stuffed into his hands yesterday.

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