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Chapter 450: Sensible Fatty

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Hui Ze's voice of reason told him that, in the current situation, they ought to leave quickly. After all this area wasn't far from the entrance of the Sacred Nether Forest, the guards may discover them at anytime, and due to the chaos that he had created earlier, there ought to be the least guards here. On top of that, it was getting late, if they wait till the sky completely darkens, they would easily meet high level demon beasts, so it was best to leave right now.

But his thoughts were just thoughts, the actual situation was…

He looked down at the bowl in his hands, why had he somehow sat down and was having dinner! Though the food smelled delicious and there were many dishes laid out on the table and he'd been starving for a long while, but.. .what's with the fact that he completely couldn't s.n.a.t.c.h any dishes for himself?

The moment the dishes were placed on the table, he only saw chopsticks flashing before him and before he could react, the plate was already empty. There was still the aroma of the dish floating in the air, he'd sat at a side for half an hour and did not manage to pick up a slice of meat all, the gravy remaining were also taken away by the person who cooked to wash the dishes.

He glanced at the white rice in his hand again, what happened to treating him to dinner? Was she really only treating him to 'rice' 1 ?

Yet the two other people happily s.n.a.t.c.hing the food beside him were still very seriously making civil remarks.

“Do eat, do eat, it's very delicious.”

“Everything has been served, why are you still standing on ceremony, eat your fill! d.a.m.n, Shen Ying you're so shameless, it's already in my bowl and you still took it!”

Hui Ze: “…” Well I would love to eat too!


Why is he suddenly feeling that it's not too big a deal if he'd been captured earlier on?

Two hours later.

The sky was completely dark now, the few people who had eaten and drank their fill finally had the time to take a look at a certain ball of living organism.

“Imperial Sacred Sect?” Lonemoon turned the fan in his hand while he looked Hui Ze up and down. “Is this sect very formidable?”

“Fellow Daoist you must be joking.” Hui Ze explained, “Imperial Sacred Sect is the head of all immortal sects in the world, all the other various immortal sects look up to them, of course they are formidable!”

“Are you also part of the Imperial Sacred Sect?”

“I'm… not considered to be.” He paused and glanced at each one of them before continuing, “I'm merely an outer sect disciple in charge of miscellaneous affairs in the Imperial Sacred Sect, and I'm also someone with a Maimed Spirit Root, I can't draw any Qi into my body at all, so… I can't be counted as an official member of the Imperial Sacred Sect.”

Lonemoon narrowed his eyes, as he continued to question, “Oh, then why are you in a hurry to leave?”

“Um…” His eyes fluttered for a moment before he gritted his teeth and said, “To be honest, I offended a Golden Core manager in the sect, I'd accidentally ruined one of his artifacts. This manager had always been bad-tempered, I was afraid… so I escaped to this forbidden territory in the Sacred Nether Forest.” He seemed to recall something and looked at the two, saying tentatively, “Fellow Daoists, as the saying goes, to meet is to be fated, can I ask that you all bring me out of here?”

Lonemoon swept a glance at him, then replied after a moment, “That we can…”

Hui Ze's eyes lit up, but heard a change in the other party's reply.

“Pay us money and it'll be a yes.”

“…” What happened to being fated?

Hui Ze's mouth twitched, then he looked around him as if having thought of something and turned back to pull out a bag from the pile of items that he was holding earlier, handing it over. “I have a few pieces of spirit stones here, I wonder if it'll do?”

In the next second, with a clatter, seven to eight pieces of superior-grade spirit stones were emptied from the bag.

Lonemoon's eyes narrowed into a slit, his cold expression instantly became a friendly and amiable one, patting Hui Ze's shoulder, he said, “Brother Fatty you're right, to meet is to be fated, isn't it just giving you a ride? No problem at all, Brother Fatty!” Mm, this is a sensible fatty.

“Err… my name is Hui Ze.”

“Alright, Brother Fatty Hui, it's about time, why don't we leave now! We'll still be able to make it back to the nearest immortal town.” With that said, he put away the tables and chairs, together with the spirit stones on it with a wave of his hand.

“Right… right now?” Hui Ze was startled and became slightly hesitant.

“What's wrong? Could it be that Brother Fatty hasn't have your fill? You want to eat more.” White rice will be charged separately too!

“Fellow Daoist you've misunderstood.” Hui Ze hurriedly explained, “It's already late, on top of that, with the chaos from the day, I'm afraid there would be lots of cultivators keeping guard outside the forest. This is also forbidden territory, if we were to be found… why not we wait till midnight, when they change shifts to leave?”

“There's no need, don't worry, they won't find us.” Lonemoon shook his head and refuted his suggested. No matter where this was, with their level of cultivation, no one would be able to find them easily… moreover he turned to glance at a certain cheat, with Shen Ying's presence, it would be difficult even if they wanted to be found. “This forest isn't very big, we can just fly out directly.”

Hui Ze was still a little worried after thinking for a moment, he immediately turned back and picked up the pile of items that were on the ground, drew out a stack of talismans and walked over. “Then why don't all of you paste this one, makes us safer.”

Lonemoon and Yi Qing had piles yellow slips of paper pushed to them at once.

“What's this?”

“AurConcealing Talismans! They can hide a person.”

Lonemoon looked at the talisman in his hand that was messily drawn, with no specific pattern to be seen. This is an AurConcealing Talisman? You kidding me?

“Who drew this talisman?” Such talismans that has no Spirit Qi flowing through them were probably drawn using one's foot?

“It… it was me.” Fatty scratched his head a little embarra.s.sed.

“You?” Lonemoon looked him up and down. “Aren't you unable to practice cultivation?” There was no sign of any Spirit Qi on him at all, he probably had never practiced cultivation.

“These were drawn while copying the other disciples, they can be used!” He said with a serious expression. “Though they're very weak, but you just have to put a few more for the same effect, really!”

“…” Was this why he had pasted so many all over himself that he looked like a mop?

“Brother Fatty's talismans are truly… unique!” Lonemoon's mouth twitched, for the sake of the boss. “Thank you then, Brother Fatty.” With that, he threw the fan in his hand out, it instantly expanded and floated before them. “Let's go!” Grabbing Fatty's collar he threw him on with some force.

Hui Ze had not reacted in time, losing balance, he almost rolled off the fan and could only hug his pile of items tightly and remain seated right in the center.

At his side, Yi Qing lowered his head and looked at the talismans in his hand, his eyes darkening.

“Father Niu…”

“I know.” Lonemoon turned back and gave him a glance, nodding nonchalantly. “It's fine, we'll talk after we get out of here.”

Lonemoon leapt on board, giving the two other people beside him a look, he then flew them in the direction of the marketplace where they'd been earlier.

Hui Ze was originally still slightly worried, though these two people where Miss Shen's companions and were cultivators, but one look showed that they had yet to reach the level of practicing Grain Liberation, at the most they were only in the foundation establishment stage, those outside were all Golden Core cultivators. If they were found, not one of them would be able to escape.

He could not help but be on tenterhooks, but what was amazing was that nothing happened the entire way. Don't mention disciples intercepting them, even a low level demon beast didn't appear. They left the Sacred Nether Forest peacefully, flying all the way to an immortal city. And openly entered the town, very much like sauntering in. The guards of the city gates who were originally tight on defense didn't even question them.

Hui Ze was slightly dazed, he'd made it out… just like this?

The few of them stopped in the middle of a street, Lonemoon turned towards Hui Ze with a bright smile. “We've fulfilled what Brother Fatty asked of us, we still have important matters to attend to, we shall part ways here.” With that said, without waiting for his reaction, he grabbed the two wastrels and left without the slightest hesitation.

Go quickly, go quickly, any longer and they might even have to pay for his lodging.

Hui Ze: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Shen Ying: “…”

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