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Chapter 393: The Story of the Illusory Realm

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“What!” Lonemoon's chest tightened. So this was a plane storm. He had heard people talking about it before – plane storms were much scarier than cracks in the plane. If one did not handle it in time, they would get bigger and bigger, until the entire plane became affected by it. “What are we waiting for then? Fix it up!”

“Father Niu, this is an illusory realm,” Yi Qing reminded him.

Lonemoon stopped himself. s.h.i.t, he nearly forgot.

Wait a moment!

If all of this was an illusion…

“How can people create illusions of plane storms?”

Things that happened in the illusory realm were pre-set by the people who set up the array with the intention of attracting others. However, only the three of them and Meng Po knew about planes. How could this person set up illusions that contained such realistic plane storms?

Unless that person had seen one before!


“This plane storm isn't real – it's something that has happened here before!”

Yi Qing thought of this too. His heart sank as he turned to look at the black hole with a somber expression. A plane storm appeared in such a small world like this – how did they settle it?

Before he could give it further thought, an anxious voice came from behind them. “Uncle-Master!”

Two figures appeared, one in front of the other, and flew over toward them. They did not seem to be able to see the group of four standing there. In fact, they brushed right past them. Their cultivation levels did not look low. The duo stopped in front of the group, just a couple metres away.

“Uncle-Master, it's too dangerous here. We should go back and inform Sect Master and the rest first,” said the man on the left as he kept his eyes on the black hole. He sounded very anxious as he spoke.

“There's no more time!” The other man shook his head. “If we don't block this hole it will get bigger and bigger. The entire world will be sucked into it.”


“Disciple-Nephew Cui, quick send a transmission to the sect. Tell them to get the people living within a hundred mile radius of this place away! I'm going to try and block it!” Once he finished speaking, he turned toward the storm and flew over.

“Uncle-Master!” The man clenched his fists by his sides. Yet, he had no other solution. All he could do was grit his teeth and follow his Uncle-Master's instructions.

The other man stopped a few metres away from the storm and tried to stabilize himself. Raising both hands, he began to conjure a seal. In a flash, a huge array appeared, flying toward the plane storm. The array was obviously meant to seal up the hole, which was swallowing everything around it.

But it was a plane storm afterall. How could this one man be able to deal with it? In just a second, the array collapsed in front of the black hole. The man tried several other arrays, but to no avail. The hole in the sky got bigger and bigger.

Although he knew that this was just a replay of something that happened in the past, Lonemoon could not help but feel curious. How exactly did this man deal with the plane storm?

Indeed, after the man tried and failed ten other different techniques, he clenched his fists by his side and stood upright for a couple of seconds. Suddenly, he made up his mind. He gritted his teeth, drew his spirit sword and stabbed himself right through the chest.

Holy s.h.i.t!

Lonemoon nearly fell backward with shock. This was not the time to give up on himself, was it?

The next thing they knew, blood was spurting out from the man's chest like a broken tap. As if they had been activated, the blood gathered and condensed to form an array, which grew bigger and bigger until the last drop of blood dropped from the man's chest and he fell over. A translucent figure drifted out of the man's body, poised in the same array-conjuring manner as the man was just a few seconds ago.

This was… Double-Cultivator Soul Technique!

(⊙ o ⊙)

How awesome!

The array had been activated. The sky became entirely red. The white figure looked phenomenal against the red backdrop. Even the pitch-black hole in the plane became red.

Lonemoon's eyes were bulging out of his skull. He looked on in disbelief at the man who had just stabbed himself in the chest.

He was trying to…

“Offer his spirit!”

This was a bit overboard, wasn't it? He was offering up his own soul as a sacrifice just to close up that hole in the sky. Still, that was a plane storm. Even if he did this, it would not necessarily…

“Look at the River of Forgetfulness!” Yi Qing exclaimed.

Lonemoon turned to look at the ground. The River of Forgetfulness in the illusory realm had been normal, but now, under the activation of the array, the calm waters began to stir. Layers and layers of golden flowers began to form on the water surface. At last, as if they were being pulled by strings, countless golden droplets of light gathered toward the array.

A minute later, the red of the Soul-Sacrificing Array became golden. The array flew straight toward the hole.

“He's using the River of Forgetfulness to seal that hole up!” Lonemoon finally understood what the man was doing. However, only Meng Po had the power to control the River of Forgetfulness. It was no wonder he felt the need to sacrifice his own soul. But even so, it might not…

The blood array that turned golden had already fully covered the hole, but it did not completely block it. The force that was sucking everything into the hole was becoming even stronger, so that the array began to look warped.

The man's soul was getting more and more translucent. He did not look like he could hold on for much longer. Gritting his teeth, he flicked his wrists, and the ground trembled. The River of Forgetfulness below him broke into different segments and rose into the sky, toward the array.

Finally, the blackhole of the plane storm reduced in size. The pitch-black hole minimized toward its center.

But the man had already reached the limits of his body. His figure was fast disappearing. If this carried on, the array would be gone before the hole was completely dealt with

At this crucial moment, a panicked cry came from below. “Help!”

Perhaps it was because the entire ground shook earlier. A man in green robes suddenly entered the area where the plane storm was. He was hugging a tree, trying to pull himself back out of the dangerous region.

A look of pain flashed across the face of the man who was barely holding it together. As if having made up his mind, he shot a burst of spirit Qi out of his body and pulled the other man over.

“Eh?” The man who got pulled up paused and looked at him. “Thank you, you've saved-”

“I'm sorry!” Before he could finish his sentence, the first man closed his eyes, not daring to look. A burst of spirit Qi shot straight through the other man's heart

He did not even have time to defend himself. His soul was pushed right out of his body.

The first man flicked his wrist so that the other man's soul glowed. The glowing soul entered the first man's translucent body. The two souls became one. The first man's soul looked less translucent.

He conjured another seal and the array once again glowed strongly golden. The hole was now reducing in size even more quickly. Within half a minute, the plane storm that threatened to swallow the entire earth earlier had disappeared.

The soul of the man who set the array up was now almost gone. With a soft clink, his own soul took on the same glow as the earlier man's did. Then, his soul split into two halves, each of which floated into the River of Forgetfulness.

Yi Qing: “…”

.Lonemoon, “…”

Yun Heng: “…”

They watched a brutal… rescue of the world?

The few people who had been watching the entire scene kept silent for a long while. All kinds of different emotions filled their hearts. Then, the scene before their eyes changed once again.

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