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Chapter 392: Shards of Memories

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Why were there so many remnant souls all of a sudden? All the way here, they had only seen about one or two remnant souls. The situation looked like… the remnant souls were being summoned by the grievous energy?!

More and more remnant souls began to appear below them – the number just about doubled. What's more, the newer ones looked more and more frightening. The ghostly cries were so high-pitched that all of their eardrums felt like they were going to burst at any moment.

Yun Heng's body swayed. He could not handle the sights and sounds before him. Lonemoon immediately conjured a seal to block out the noise.

“Many thanks Exalted Master.” Yun Heng looked slightly better. He watched as the number of remnant souls kept increasing. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I'm going to set up the array and send them to Samsara.”

“Wait!” Lonemoon stopped him just as he was about to conjure the seal. “There are too many of them, you won't be able to deal with them on your own.” Moreover, Lonemoon no longer needed him as an advertis.e.m.e.nt.

Lonemoon pushed Yun Heng to the back of the sword. With two hands, he formed a huge Rebirth Seal beneath their feet, which at once covered the ground where a significant number of remnant souls were standing. All around, the Yin Qi began to dissipate. All the hideous ghosts began to recover their original looks. However, they did not disappear. Instead, a fresh flow of Yin Qi caused all of them to look hideous again.

“Eh?” Lonemoon paused. “What's going on?” The array was working fine!

Yi Qing, on the other hand, was thinking deeply. Could it be…

He activated his a.s.sistant authority to scan their surroundings. His eyes widened. “The River of Forgetfulness… is gone.”

“What!” Lonemoon exclaimed. He instinctively activated his own a.s.sistant authority, but the scene before him remained the same. Everything remained pitch black. Indeed, there was no sign of the River of Forgetfulness.

“Could it be that the River of Forgetfulness has a blind spot?” How could it not be present here?!

“I think so…” Shen Ying suddenly raised her hand. “Perhaps you should activate your wide-angle lens.”


The two of them stared blankly back at her. A moment later, they understood. Activating their divine perception, they scanned the surroundings. Their expressions immediately changed.

Holy s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t!


What the h.e.l.l?!

They saw that within a radius of 500 kilometers, there were golden rivers flowing everywhere. However, it was not one main river that flowed through this region. Instead, the river seemed to have been cut up into little pieces of unequal lengths, and then dispersed all over the place. Some ran through the ground, some were floating in mid-air, some were standing up tall like pillars and some were so twisted that they looked like vines.

How was that the River of Forgetfulness? It was in little pieces like a puzzle. A puzzle that was missing many pieces, at that.

“What… What exactly happened here?” Lonemoon's face was a mask of confusion. He had never seen such a messy River of Forgetfulness. Was Shortie on strike?

With the River of Forgetfulness in such a messy state, n.o.body knew how to even begin trying to clean it up.

“Maybe there'll be an answer over there!” Yi Qing pointed to the front where there seemed to be a blinking golden light..

Lonemoon tried to look closely and found that it was the source of all the little golden pieces. it was probably the place from which the River of Forgetfulness flowed into this little world. In other words, it was what Yun Heng had referred to as the north-most region.

“Chef, lead the way. We'll take a look!” Lonemoon instructed.

Yi Qing nodded and summoned his sword intent. They heard a cry of a dragon. The sword Qi immediately turned into a white dragon before their eyes, which broke through the array, flew through the thick grievous energy and the crowd of remnant souls, and created a clear path for the group to walk.

The few of them flew after the dragon, toward the north-most region. They flew extremely fast, so that they arrived at the place where the River of Forgetfulness looked the richest within seconds.

The moment they landed, they scanned their surroundings. Apart from the fact that the Yin Qi felt much thicker here, there seemed to be nothing unusual.

“Shen Ying.” Lonemoon nudged the person beside him. “Do you feel like anything's amiss?” For some reason, Lonemoon felt weird.

“Oh, I think this place is….” She stopped mid-sentence. There was a strange expression in her eyes. A moment later, he tilted her head and said, “I don't know.”

“…” What the h.e.l.l was “is I don't know” supposed to mean? You freaking know!

“Father Niu, I believe you!” She judged him.

“Get lost!” Lonemoon glared at her. After thinking for a second, he pulled up a screen. He recalled the few-hundred-page-thick instruction manual, then began to slowly operate the screen.

A few minutes later, rows of data appeared on the screen. He retrieved his notebook and compared the numbers to the ones already in his notebook before. Suddenly, his expression darkened and he frowned.

“Why is this place's data in a mess?”

“What's the matter?” Yi Qing asked.

“This place is different from everywhere else. Its data seems… flipped around!” That was if he had not noted down the wrong numbers earlier.

Yi Qing stared blankly at him, as if not understanding what Lonemoon meant by “flipped around”. He closed his eyes and released his divine perception to sense the auras around. A few seconds later, he widened his eyes in shock. “There are all kinds of auras mixed around here, including spirit Qi!” By right, spirit Qi could not be mixed with other Qis like Yin Qi and ghost Qi. In a place with such rich Yin Qi, one would expect there to be no spirit Qi present at all. Yet, there was also immortal Qi mixed in the air around here!

“Exalted Masters, what are you talking about?” Yun Heng stepped forward and asked, looking positively confused.The entire way here, he had been unlucky, Now as he took that step forward, he tripped and fell.

He was just about to land face first into the ground. Shen Ying had been far away. Suddenly, she appeared by his side and reached out to keep him steady.

“Lightbulb, stop touching things.” They'll break.

“Huh?” Before Yun Heng could react, they heard several cracks underneath his feet, as if something has just broken.

There was a white beam of light which lit up beside him where he would have fallen. It broke through the darkness and caused the surroundings to become brighter and brighter. The light embraced all four of them.

Shen Ying sighed softly. Aiya…

The gray fog cleared up into light. Faintly, they saw a figure that resembled a blessed and holy ground.

“An Illusory realm!” Lonemoon immediately recognized that sorcery. He conjured a seal to try to get rid of the illusion.

“Wait!” Yi Qing called out. He looked around and said, “There are no killing machines in this illusion. It doesn't look like it's trying to trap us. Instead…” It looked like it was trying to tell them something.

Lonemoon relaxed his hand and pondered for a moment. Activating several bursts of his own spirit Qi, he walked around the group, gesturing for each of them to reach out and hold on to the spirit Qi. He did not want anyone to get lost – especially not that directionless dimwit. He made two more rounds, just for safety.

A few seconds later, the bright light began to clear up. The few of them paused to take a look at the surroundings. Everything was much clearer now. But before they could see what was in front of them, their eyes narrowed all at once.

Holy s.h.i.t!

(⊙ o ⊙)

This was a place with extremely rich spirit Qi. There were spirit herbs and spirit plants everywhere. There were even spirit peaks floating in mid-air. However, in the middle of the entire scene, there was one huge black hole. It looked like someone had torn a hole in the sky. Everything around them began to turn in circles around the hole, finally being sucked into it.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing's hearts sank. At the same time, they called out.

“A crack in the plane!”

“It's also a typhoon,” Shen Ying added lazily.


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