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Chapter 704: Gu Weiwei Is Still Alive?

“Back… take me back to the hotel.” Ling Yan was still in a daze after she said those words.

The agent did not ask anything more as to why she was in such a state, but worriedly asked, as they arrived outside her hotel room, “You really don’t need to go to the hospital?”

“No need.” Ling Yan entered the room and closed the door.

Then she started to search for things related to ghosts and spirits.

A heart transplant could be a coincidence, and brain death could be a coincidence. But when that woman was killed, she looked exactly the same as when Gu Weiwei died. That was definitely not a coincidence.

Also, she suddenly thought of something.

When Cayman Dorrans came to the Gu Family and tried to kill her to take Gu Weiwei away, Gu Siting strongly objected to him taking Gu Weiwei away.

Gu Siting said that someone told him that after a person died, they would have a soul. If they were in a special place and the Nine-Eyed Pearl was placed on Gu Weiwei, the soul of a dead person could stay in this world.

She had never believed in the supernatural. Even after hearing what Gu Siting said the other day, she still did not believe that Gu Weiwei, who was already dead, would return.

But when she saw the scene in the movie, she was truly frightened.

Could it be that Gu Weiwei’s soul was still alive?

If that was the case, then Mu Weiwei must have something to do with her.

Otherwise there would not have been so many coincidences related to Gu Weiwei.

She had imitated Gu Weiwei’s voice in the recording incident, so she was brought to the Gu Family to play the role of Gu Weiwei and managed to fool Gu Siting. Then she made this movie that showed the truth behind Gu Weiwei’s death…

But when she thought of what happened to Mu Weiwei, she found it suspicious.

If everything was true, then Gu Siting would soon know where Gu Weiwei was.

By that time, she and her mother would not be able to conceal the fact that they had killed Gu Weiwei.

She slumped onto the sofa, feeling a bit confused.

She could not let them know, not Gu Siting, nor Cayman Dorrans.

If they knew that Gu Weiwei did not die from the a.s.sa.s.sination, but by her hands, they would dig out her heart and kill her.

She was just feeling lost when Ji Fang called her, after seeing all kinds of news reports.

The moment the call went through, she asked, “Yanyan, what is going on? How did you lose to Mu Weiwei?”

Not only did she lose to Mu Weiwei, she even presented the award to her.

“Mom, Gu Weiwei… Gu Weiwei seems to be alive…” Ling Yan said with a trembling voice.

Ji Fang said, “What is wrong with you? Why are you suddenly saying such things? Isn’t Gu Weiwei already dead in the cellar of the Gu Family?”

How could she say that a dead woman was back?

“It is not her body but her ghost. Her ghost is coming back to haunt us.” Ling Yan said as she looked around, fearing that something paranormal would happen.

“Yanyan, what is wrong with you? Don’t scare me!” Ji Fang felt that something was wrong. Her daughter was an atheist and so she would not say such a thing.

Ling Yan said, as her hands shook, “Last time, when Cayman Dorrans almost killed me to take Gu Weiwei away, Gu Siting said that the Nine-Eyed Pearl would keep Mu Weiwei’s ghost in this world. That is not a baseless rumor, Gu Weiwei is still alive…”

Although she did not know where she was, she could feel that she was still watching her every move.

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