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Chapter 703: Sleepless

In contrast to Gu Weiwei’s joyful celebration, Ling Yan’s crew of Dream of a Long Life 2 were very distressed.

Ling Yan was so annoyed that she did not eat anything when she returned to the hotel, after the ceremony.

When she returned to A Land, she found that the netizens were doubting her acting and that Sleepless had broken the box office record of Dream of a Long Life 2.

She had no idea how she was worse than Mu Weiwei. When she returned to A Land, she asked her agent to arrange a viewing of Sleepless in the middle of the night, so that she could watch it by herself.

She wanted to see what kind of movie Mu Weiwei had made to have so greatly ruined her reputation.

After she finished the promotional work, the agent booked the entire cinema for the second half of the night.

Ling Yan disguised herself and entered the cinema with her agent.

Since she did not want to be recognized, her agent had arranged for her to be the only one.

When she saw the murder scene in the movie, she felt a chill rising from the bottom of her heart.

Although the murder in the movie was a car accident, the organ transplant was done because of brain death.

Was this really just a coincidence?

Heart transplant – a coincidence, murder – a coincidence, and brain death – also a coincidence?

Mu Weiwei, who on earth are you?

It was obvious that the movie was about her and Gu Weiwei, but no one else knew about it apart from her mother and Ji Fang.

Even the Dorrans Family had failed to find anything after months of investigation.

Mu Weiwei… if it was a coincidence, it was too much.

That actress looked exactly the same as when Gu Weiwei died by her hands.

“Ling Yan, what is wrong?” The agent heard her trembling breathing and worriedly asked.

Ling Yan took a long time to calm herself down.

“I am fine, I am fine, let’s go home.”

She said as she stood up, her legs turning weak.

Luckily, her agent caught her in time so she did not fall.

Finally, the agent helped her into the car and gave her a bottle of water.

“I can’t deny that Mu Weiwei directed a good movie, but you don’t have to be so stressed.”

Ling Yan did not take her agent’s words seriously at all. Instead, she kept thinking about the murder scene in the cinema and mumbled, “No, she can’t have known, she can’t know.”

Hearing her words, the agent asked, “What does she know?”

Ling Yan came back to herself, but her hands were still trembling.

The murder scene in the movie was just a small part of the movie, but to her, it was like seeing Gu Weiwei coming back to life.

She felt afraid, even though she knew that her heart had been transplanted into her body and that Gu Weiwei’s body was still lying in the cold coffin, in the bas.e.m.e.nt of the Gu Family’s mansion.

But Mu Weiwei’s movie made her feel that Gu Weiwei was back.

It was not her physically who had returned, but her ghost who was hovering around her and could kill her at any moment.

“Ling Yan, what is wrong? Why do you look so pale?” The agent asked in confusion.

Halfway through the movie, she had wanted to leave, as if she had seen a ghost. She had been in the car for so long and yet… she still seemed to have lost her soul.

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