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Chapter 702: The Box Office Record of Dream of a Long Life 2

Gu Weiwei was still on the plane heading back home, when the news of her becoming the Best Newcomer and the new Movie Queen spread like wildfire.

A few hours ago, the internet was buzzing with reports about the legendary Movie Queen Ling Yan attending the Lugano Film Festival. Everyone had thought that she was going to be the Movie Queen this year too.

No one had expected that Mu Weiwei would become the Movie Queen at the award ceremony and that Ling Yan would personally give her the award.

Mu Weiwei’s fans were overjoyed and went to the cinema to watch the movie again to express their congratulations.

Ling Yan’s fans could not believe that Ling Yan, the legendary Movie Queen of Dream of a Long Life that no one had ever surpa.s.sed, had lost to Mu Weiwei at the Lugano Film Festival.

Some extreme fans even complained to the judges of the Lugano Film Festival, seeking justice for their idol.

But soon, the representative of the judging panel of the Lugano Film Festival, Bach, swiftly countered them, when the journalists asked him questions.

“I don’t deny that Miss. Ling Yan performed very well in Dream of a Long Life. I also thought that Dream of a Long Life 2 this year would impress me, but I was greatly disappointed. Just because she once won an award for a movie doesn’t mean that we have to give her all the prizes.”

“Instead of complaining to the judges, why not encourage your idol to bring you better work?”

When Bach was young, he had also been the director of numerous legendary works. In recent years he had stopped directing movies and had become the judge for the International Film Festival. He had always been fair and strict.

Instead of receiving their justice for Ling Yan, Ling Yan’s fans had ended up humiliating her.

Gu Weiwei finally arrived, after flying for more than ten hours and met up with Fu Shiyi and the other actors, who were still promoting the movie.

The moment she arrived at the hotel room, the light was suddenly turned on.

A group of people were holding a bunch of flowers and cake, waiting to celebrate.

Gu Weiwei burst into laughter at the sight of the colorful room. “You guys are too much!”

“Of course we have to be, you slapped the face of the legendary Movie Queen and brought us two trophies.” Fu Shiyi said.

When he saw her receiving the trophy for Best Actress from Ling Yan on the live-stream, he loved the crafty Bach even more.

That thrilling moment was so beautiful.

“Also, the box office of Sleepless has soared to 600 million yuan, breaking the highest box office record of Dream of a Long Life 2.” Song Yu said.

Normally, when the movie was in the cinemas the box office would be the highest on the first day, and then it would continue to gradually drop.

Not only did they win two awards but their box office also rose tremendously because of her.

He had acted in many movies and won a few major awards, but none of them had made such a high box office.

Qiu Ling said with a smile, as she held the cake, “How can we not celebrate when there are so many pleasant surprises?”

She had brought them to experience one miracle after another, such as they had never expected, so how could they not celebrate her?

Helpless, Gu Weiwei had no choice but to celebrate with them. They ate supper and cake and drank a small gla.s.s of champagne before leaving.

When everyone else had left, Fu Shiyi said to her, with a bag in his hand, “Oh, my brother asked someone to deliver this to you. He said that it is a congratulations for you winning the award.”

He and Fu Shiqin could only receive their brother’s present once, on their birthday, but his brother was so diligent in giving presents to his girlfriend.

When he was on a business trip, he always gave presents to Mu Weiwei and also whenever she did anything worth celebrating.

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