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Chapter 652: Live Face Slapping 4

Li Yongmin stood up from the audience and walked towards the stage.

Li Xing’er’s face changed, feeling that this was not a good sign.

But the program was still in the middle of the live-stream and the audience was watching. She had to get up and excitedly walk towards him.


Since they were young, they knew that this man was not their real father, so they had never called Li Yongmin father.

But in order to cover up that she was not Li Jiacheng’s illegitimate daughter, especially after she had just presented the family picture and said that Li Yongmin was her real father, she had to call him dad.

The host threw a look at Li Xing’er and saw the look on her face, thinking that she must have been very excited after not seeing her father for two years.

So she stood up and arranged for him to sit down.

Then she pointed at the picture on the big screen and asked, “Mr. Li, is that you in the picture?”

Li Yongmin looked at the picture and nodded.

“It is me.”

Li Xing’er looked at Li Yongmin and excitedly asked, “Dad, when did you come home? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Shouldn’t he be in the South?

Why was he here? Why was he here?!

“Do I have to tell you?” Li Yongmin asked.

Hearing his words, Li Xing’er instantly said, “Dad, I know that you still blame us and Mom for leaving you, but you are still my father and you always will be.”

Jolin sneered. Li Xing’er’s reaction was quite fast.

He had asked him to come up to the stage and he had not even said anything, yet she was already affectionately calling him father. Those who did not know better would think that this really was her father.

However, facing such a filial daughter, Li Yongmin only looked embarra.s.sed.

“Miss. Li, that is a very big misunderstanding.”

Li Xing’er gritted her teeth. Was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d trying to ruin her?

“Dad, how can you say that?”

She said as she avoided the camera and threw a look at Li Yongmin.

Since she was wearing the microphone, she could not discuss anything with Li Yongmin, so she could only shoot him a look, hoping that he would cooperate with her.

Her agent, who had thought that she was going to win, started to feel uneasy when Li Yongmin showed up.

Since they were at the live-streaming site, they could not tell Li Yongmin what to do in front of the audience.

But if this man spouted nonsense, they would be in big trouble.

“Miss. Li, is this really your father?” Jolin sneered.

Li Xing’er looked at Li Yongmin deeply and said as she gestured at him, “Of course, this is my real father. Although we have not met for almost two years, I am sure that I am not mistaken.”

Jolin looked at Li Yongmin and asked with a smile, “Mr. Li, is this Miss. Li your real daughter?”

Li Yongmin smiled and said, “Of course not, I have never had a daughter like her.”

The host was dumbfounded.

“Mr. Li, aren’t you the one in this picture?”

“The person in this picture is me, but that doesn’t mean that I am her real father.” Li Yongmin said.

Seeing the scene, Li Xing’er said to Li Yongmin, with tears in her eyes, “Dad, what is wrong with you? Why are you saying this?”

Wasn’t it just money?

When the show was over, she could pay him whatever he wanted.

But right now was not the time for him to speak nonsense.

Jolin knew that this woman was asking Li Yongmin to confess in her favour, so he snorted.

“Miss. Li, don’t worry, let your father finish his words first, alright?”

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