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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 342 Part 2 – Highway of Death

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

"That att.i.tude tells me you're not very confident in my abilities…"

Ling Mo sighed and questioned, "Didn't you go to the lab before? Why do you still need me to lead the way?"

"Haha, I've been to the building before, but I haven't really been inside the lab. Plus, there are also CCTVs and guards to monitor the area. It would be hard to avoid them without anyone to help me sense where they are. Of course there is another plan which you could help me."

There's another plan?

"Well if this other method isn't too troublesome…"

"Oh don't worry, it's not troublesome at all." Yu Wen Xuan turned his head and smiled at Ling Mo. "When you go in with me, we kill all the guards and while we're at it, we might as well destroy all the CCTVs."

"Nevermind, I'd rather stick with the first plan."

Ling Mo helplessly patted his forehead. That second option was no different than suiciding. The one thing that the Falcon Camp didn't lack, were psychics.

With that many psychics in the Falcon Camp, they might notice his movements the moment Ling Mo makes a move.

The reason why he went to the camp was to obtain benefits, not find people trying to kill him.

"Ahhahaha, actually, I think the second plan is more interesting." Yu Wen Xuan said regretfully, "But since brother-in-law isn't willing, then I'll just forget it."

"Didn't you just ask me to protect your cousin? Why are you trying to get me killed in a blink of an eye?!"

Ling Mo clenched his fist and asked.

Without Zhang Yu's help to mediate things, Ling Mo was barely controlling his urge to not beat Yu Wen Xuan.

Yu Wen Xuan revealed a smile that made you want to beat him, "Although I only have one cousin, my brother-in-law can still be replaced…… OW! Cousin, why are you hitting me?"

"Ling Mo is my only spouse."

Li Ya Ling said with a blank expression.

She opened her mouth and seemed to want to say something threatening, but stopped in the end. Although she had recovered her human memories, she still thinks like a zombie. Ling Mo had spent some time re-educating her not to say things subconsciously in front of others.

Li Ya Lin's eyes revealed a look of confusion for a while.

However, the smile on Yu Wen Xuan's face had vanished. He was silent for a while, then nodded seriously, "I was just joking. To protect you, I would of course also protect my brother-in-law…"

"I don't need you to protect me, just don't trick me." Ling Mo rolled his eyes and asked, "I saw many soldiers and survivors being sent over here. Did the security in City become more lenient?"

"Yep, you sure know how to pick your timing. If it was before, I really wouldn't be able to guarantee a success. But this time, with you working with me, the success rate is as high as 80%!"

Yu Wen Xuan excitedly honked at a few zombies whom then jumped out and charged towards the SUV.

One of the zombies had already rushed to the window of the car, but was quickly killed by Ye Lian under Ronnie's loud screams.

"Why is there a 20% chance of failure?" Ling Mo asked immediately.

Yu Wen Xuan's mouth exposed a crazy smile, "You'll know when we get there. In short, you shouldn't underestimate the Falcon camp."

Don't underestimate???

Ling Mo thought that he never once underestimated the Falcon Camp. The strength of the camp was definitely strong in order for them to develop to their current state.

The zombie's fighting force was still too strong compared to that of humans…

Even if the human was a psychic, he or she still wouldn't be able to live an easy life in this zombie world.

Not even Ling Mo had it easy. Him and his girlfriends were constantly facing threats.

Wu Peng Fei was confused with what he had heard, but he wasn't stupid. He wouldn't be tempted to know stuff that he shouldn't know.

Now that he has decided to join the camp, he believed that he should focus on thinking about how to work hard to contribute to the camp.

Otherwise, wouldn't he be too embarra.s.sed to face Ling Mo if he was still living the life of a dog after making such bold promises?

Seeing that Ronnie was still covering her ears, Ling Mo quickly gestured to Ye Lian.

She pulled Ronnie back, and the girl instantly shouted, "I didn't hear anything!"

"Even if you heard, it doesn't really matter." Ling Mo thought. She was just a dumb little girl with no power. She didn't dare offend Yu Wen Xuan, nor did she know Ling Mo's real power….

Instead, her a.s.s was constantly seen by Ling Mo, over and over again on multiple occasions….

Yu Wen Xuan drove crazily throughout the entire ride. Apart from some zombies rushing to their deaths and trying to frighten them along the way, there weren't too many problems.

A single car driving on the road was much more convenient than driving together in a team.

Wu Peng Fei took the opportunity to practice his shooting skills. However, there was barely any improvement.

On the contrary, Ye Lian and the other two girls were excited while watching him and decided to compete with one another. They aimed to see who could kill the most zombies, and fresh blood quickly spilled all over the SUV.

"I suddenly feel so pressured; I didn't expect for my cousin to be so violent……"

Yu Wen Xuan felt depressed and suddenly leaned forward. His head slammed onto the middle of the steering wheel and the car horn sounded immediately.

"HEY! Pull yourself together!"

"Brother-in-law, I didn't expect you to care about me so much, I am so touched…."

"BULLs.h.i.t! I was concerned for the people in this car, keep your eyes on the road!"

Ling Mo cursed loudly. During this whole trip, he had been training his spiritual force. He had to spread his tentacles and make sure that he was always prepared to save this SUV!

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