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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 342 Part 1 – Highway of Death

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


"AGAIN?! Do you know how to drive?! You keep hitting the brakes! Are you doing this on purpose?!"

"Ah, hahaha, please don't mind me."

Yu Wen Xuan's driving skills were terrible, yet the vehicle's speed was very fast!

The scenery on both sides of the road continuously swept by them, and the cold wind was blown into the car through the window.

At first, everyone couldn't help but grab onto whatever they could, but as the car drove faster and faster, they all felt a somewhat refreshing feeling.

Abandoned cars could be seen on both sides of the highway. When the Falcon Camp decided to take over this area, these vehicles on the highway were all pushed to the sides of the road, leaving only one big road for vehicles to pa.s.s.

Smears of dark dried up blood could be seen on most of the car wrecks. Some of the vehicles also had white bones being crushed under them.

"I don't know why, but I suddenly feel like this is a highway of death…."

Shana looked through the window and said.

Yu Wen Xuan nodded, "You're absolutely right, this is definitely the highway of death! When the apocalypse broke out, many people had wanted to escape from the city. As a result, due to the highway being blocked by traffic, many people died. Of course, many zombies also remained on the highway. When the highway was re-opened by the Falcon camp, they had lost a lot of manpower to clear it. Even now, this highway isn't completely safe. If it was a suburban highway, the situation might have been better. But unfortunately, the camp had no choice but to clear this highway. This was because after pa.s.sing through city, you could directly enter the mountains. This was the ideal escape route for many people."

"Couldn't you just completely kill all the zombies on the highway?" Ronnie asked doubtfully.

"That's a waste of time and ammunition. The route is just too long, there would be too many zombies to deal with, and the workload would be huge. How many people do you think we have in the camp? There's no more than 5,000 survivors with decent combat capabilities, and no more than 1,500 elite soldiers. Out of all of these people, only a thousand of them could actually gear up to fight. Anyways, since you guys are about to join our camp, it's okay for me to tell you about these things. As for my brother-in-law and my cousin, I honestly don't think I need to be wary of them."

Yu Wen Xuan said with a relaxed smile.

However, his words immediately made Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie look at each other. There were only about a thousand armed forces?

This was completely different from what they had imagined!

However, Ling Mo silently nodded. After half a year of development, this number was quite reasonable.

The number of elites that survived in the military camp probably didn't even exceed over 300 people in the beginning….

They were only able to save that many people due to responding to the crisis with calmness while making the correct decisions.

Other places, such as the barracks where Ling Mo had been, only had one psychic that survived….

Even if the camp population kept increasing, the amount of weapons and equipment they had were still limited.

Without the ability to produce them, they could only rely on collecting. However, City was just a prefecture-level city, as well as a tourist city. How many weapons could they have possibly found?

They could only turn to the city that was closest to them, which was X-City. It was rich in resources and weapons.

"Say, what's your superpower? If you don't want other people to know… Hey, short-haired girl, can you please cover your ears."

Yu Wen Xuan said unceremoniously.

Ronnie was stunned and her face turned red.

"Hmph! Who the h.e.l.l wants to hear about that pervert's business!"

After muttering, Ronnie covered her ears. In order to avoid suspicion, she even specifically moved her head to the window.

The sounds of whistling winds entered into her ears. With this, it would be impossible to hear, right?

Wu Peng Fei hesitated for a moment. He was just about to copy Ronnie and cover his ears when he heard Ling Mo say, "Brother, you don't need to."

"My powers … are purely spiritual based."

Ling Mo obviously wouldn't tell the complete truth, such as the nature of his power, or how his powers actually also allowed him to control things……

"In other words, you have the ability to detect a small area for a short duration of time, right? That means your combat ability is probably weak… Don't worry, I won't make you fight. All you need to do is help guide me when we get there."

Yu Wen Xuan thought for a while, then shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said.

to be continued…

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