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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 341 Part 2 – Yu Wenxuan's Story

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

"Hehehe, I used to love reading romance novels the most. The love that's described in those stories were always very touching and felt real. Unlike the current society, where it's always impetuous and related to money or power. For me, I would've been content with a simple life, even if it was for a lifetime."

"However, these stories are utter bulls.h.i.t. They were created to trick naive girls like you."

"I hate it! I know you don't believe me, but one day, you'll see that I'm sincere. Just wait and see!"

"In the end, you really became the female lead of a romance story…but you didn't get that happy ending."

Yu Wen Xuan took a deep breath and slowly straightened his body, "I promised you, that I would never be timid again, I would never be afraid… Although this was something I promised myself, I have no other methods to atone for your death. Don't worry though, I won't die that easily. I don't have to face to see you yet…."

"When I decided to walk this path, I was no longer a coward. Can you… see? Now I have the ability to protect others and even my cousin…."

"Look, Mohawk [1] head is over there."

Wu Peng Fei saw Yu Wen Xuan's back from afar and said excitedly.

"This nickname is actually very consistent with his image and temperament…" Ling Mo nodded in agreement.

"Then the name 'pervert' would fit perfectly for you…"

Ronnie looked up at Ling Mo and muttered.

Yu Wen Xuan seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. When they got closer to the SUV, he suddenly jumped down from the car and said, "Hey!"

"Looking at you from behind, I almost thought you were a melancholic prince, but when you turned around…. your face totally destroyed that thought…"

Seeing Yu Wen Xuan's creepy smile, Ling Mo suddenly broke out into cold sweat.

When he was sitting alone in the desolate street, for some reason, Ling Mo sensed a hint of sadness coming from him.

But now it seems that it was nothing more than an illusion….

"This is my lover; she is called BMW." Yu Wen Xuan sounded serious when he introduced the military SUV next to him while patting it.

"Is it really okay for you to introduce her like this? You might want to think about it more clearly as all of us will be riding her later."

Wu Peng Fei kindly reminded him.

Yu Wen Xuan was stunned, and then immediately laughed, "Pretend I didn't say anything then! Let me re-introduce you guys to my gay friend; he is called Lost Soap [2]."

"It's just a f.u.c.king car. What was the point of you naming it and introducing it to us… And you, idiot! Who told you to remind him of that and making it even weirder!"

Ling Mo unhappily glared at Wu Peng Fei.

"I might as well tell you this now, my dear brother-in-law, you'll need to come with me to city. This mission is too difficult for me to do alone. You're a spiritual type psychic, right? You should be able to help me."

Said Yu Wen Xuan, as he opened the door and sat in the driver's seat, "Fortunately, this car can fit seven people. We can talk about the details later when we're on the road, since it's about an hour drive. Oh, I almost forgot, do any of you have long-range weapons? It'll be very fun on the road."

After Ling Mo and the others got into the car, he suddenly turned around and looked at Ronnie, who was curiously reaching out to touch the sunroof, "It seems that you share some fate with my machine gunner!"

"Machine gunner?" Ronnie was confused.

"Yep! He was a newcomer from City. The day we came from City, he stood out at the sunroof and shot at all the zombies along the way." Yu Wen Xuan's eyes narrowed as he smiled.

Ronnie's eyes suddenly brightened, and couldn't help but stretch her hand and slowly rubbed the edges of the sunroof.

"He sounds pretty awesome. Wow, there are even traces of recoil over here! Oh? There's a black spot. Is this gunpowder?"

"That?" Yu Wen Xuan shook his head very casually and then said, "Nope, that's just blood that was splattered after his head flew off. Haha, I didn't clean it well enough!"

Ronnie, who was putting the tip of her finger to her nose, was stunned as her face became pale.

Ling Mo, who was sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat, finally saw that the chat was about to stop, so he quickly asked, "Hey, what kind of help do you need from me?"

Yu Wen Xuan started the car and said, "It's pretty simple, just give me a run down about your ability, and I'll figure out how we could cooperate with each other. But for now, I advise you to fasten your seat belt…."


The SUV suddenly shot out like an arrow. Ling Mo wasn't ready and had already made direct contact with the front window.

Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie slammed directly onto the back of the front seats. However, Ye Lian and the other two girls let out an excited cry, "WOW!"

[1] - Here's an idea of what his hair looks like: https://i2.kknews.cc/SIG=347r2mu/s780003ooq16o8944p1.jpg

[2] - basically a gay joke for don't drop the soap.

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