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Chapter 477 – Opponent’s Preparation

Editor: Zephyr04 Translator: Jhung

The first rain of spring came unexpectedly on the day after Ling Mo made arrangements.

The hazy sky was grayish-white and red turbid currents flowed down the road into the sewers. The blood in the air seemed to be slightly thicker than usual.

At the suburbs of X-City, a rusty but still eye-catching road sign hangs high above on a wide and desolate road:

“To F-City.”

“Captain Li, look.”

At this time, three figures were standing outside the hotel in the rain, and one of them, a man in grey clothes squatting on the ground, suddenly shouted.

He inserted his finger into a small hole in the ground, rubbed it, then put his finger on the tip of his nose and smelled it, “What is this? A bullet hole? It doesn’t smell like it…”


Li Hao frowned as he took a quick look, then suddenly closed his eyes.

After a while, he opened his eyes and said, “There’s residual spiritual energy, which is definitely caused by the man named Ling Mo. He can materialize spiritual power.”

“Even if it can materialize, this is way too….”

The man in gray moved his feet and looked at the row of holes on the ground, speechless for a while.

“This spiritual power is too overpowered….”

“When I first heard about this information, I didn’t expect the so-called materialization to be so strong. This person… does have the capital to be arrogant.”

Li Hao walked towards a pool of blood that was next to him. There were still a few pieces of torn clothes left, but the corpse had disappeared, so it wasn’t hard to imagine where the corpse went.

“Yin Jie’s screams before his death sounded really painful… What did he do to Yin Jie with his materialized spiritual power?”

Li Hao rubbed off some blood stains with his foot, and thought, “This is a blank s.p.a.ce in our information. And to what extent has his so-called ‘command’ ability towards mutant beasts reached?”

“Humph, so what if he’s strong? This time we’re…”

The man in gray snorted coldly and said.

“That’s enough. Haven’t you learned anything? If you keep underestimating the enemy, you’ll become the next Yin Jie.”

Li Hao glared at him and interrupted, “They won’t just wait stupidly in this hotel. That’s obvious. However, since coming here, in addition to verifying and perfecting the information we obtained, there aren’t any other gains. I can feel that they’re nearby in this area…” He looked around and sighed, “Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact location, but at least I know that they aren’t in this hotel or on this street.”

“It seems that this person isn’t stupid. I thought he might have waited here to try and ambush us when we showed up….”

The man in the raincoat, who had been standing quietly, suddenly spoke. A pair of pale lips and a sharp chin could be seen under the low rain cap. His voice sounded softly, making it difficult to tell whether it was a man or woman speaking. “On the surface, using an ambush is definitely a good way… to deal with us.”

“He doesn’t understand our strength at all and he’s not the type to do such things rashly. Besides, he also knows that some of us are good at tracking. Staying here is equivalent to setting himself up as a target.”

Li Hao shook his head and suddenly turned his head and said to the raincoat man, “Before we find him, you should be patient and be ready. This is one of those opponents we rarely see.”

“Okay.” The raincoat man nodded gently.

“Let’s go. We should get some information soon since we’re acting together with the air team.”

Li Hao put his hands in his trouser pockets, turned, and walked to the other side of the street. He muttered to himself in a low voice, “I hope you don’t let me down. At least survive as long as possible under our chase.”

The other two followed behind him one after another. As they pa.s.sed by the row of small holes, the raincoat man paused slightly.

Under the rain cap, his curious eyes stared at the holes for a while before he slowly walked away, “Materialized… Interesting…”

Two days later, in the sky above this city—

A “buzzing” sound came from a distance, and a helicopter swept past the road, hovering over the ruined buildings.


All the zombies wandering on the road raised their heads at the same time. Some zombies even rushed out of the buildings on the roadside.

They waved their arms towards the sky and roared.

At the door of the cabin, a young man wearing a peaked cap was looking out.

Looking at the zombies who were looking up at the helicopter, the man with the peaked cap grinned and whistled frivolously.

“Ughh… It’s so boring. We were supposed to be fighting. We have already spent two days in the sky already, I’m almost airsick….”

He turned his head, glancing at the man sitting in the inner cabin, and said, “Hey, from what I heard, that person can command mutant beasts. Is that true or false? What about zombies? Can he also command zombies as well?”

“Who knows…” The man was currently resting with his eyes closed. After hearing these words, he lifted the brim of his hat and gave a yawn before continuing:

“Spiritual-types were always very complicated. Maybe his ability has some kind of hallucinogenic effect? It’s not impossible if he uses hallucinations to mislead mutant beasts and guide them to act according to his ideas. As for zombies.. since he’s able to do it to mutant beasts, it should be possible for zombies too. However, there should be a lot of limitations, no? Otherwise, isn’t it the same as controlling? Based on our intel, the mutant beast isn’t completely listening to him, which is a good thing.”

“So he has the ability to command mutant beasts, how powerful can he be? At most, just treat him as having one or two more helpers.” The peaked cap[1] said disdainfully.

“I also said the same thing… Ahh~~Ahh”

The man let out a yawn again, “If we didn’t know this information, we would of course be at a disadvantage. But now that we know, we just need to prepare for it. Look at the zombies below, what can they possibly do to us? I think that his materialized spiritual power is the only real thing we need to watch out for. However… he-he, can his spiritual power reach the sky?”

“I wonder what it’s like to have materialized spiritual power. Would his head be filled with solidified ‘spiritual power’ instead of a brain? Hahaha….”

The peaked cap laughed exaggeratedly.

“Captain Li will be personally taking action this time. If we catch this person alive later, you can dig out his brain and study it.”

“That’s a good suggestion… d.a.m.n, Yin Jie and his team really suck. They only killed one person and it was a b.i.t.c.h.”

The peaked cap changed the subject and said with some disdain.

The man smiled sarcastically and said, “Trash will always be trash. They deserve to die.”

“Hey, do you think… they had their fun before they killed her? Didn’t Liu Bao Dong say the girls were pretty?” The peaked cap suddenly lowered his voice and asked with a smile.

“d.a.m.n, is that all you know about…” The man squinted at him.

“What else am I supposed to think about? I haven’t touched a woman in months. My little buddy is already starting to mold…”

The peaked cap suddenly sighed again and said, “We’ve been looking for them on this road for more than two days now and it’s almost the third day… If you were to ask me, they probably got scared. Perhaps they decided to hide somewhere and not come out.”

The man sat up straight, twisted his neck, and said casually, “What are you so anxious for? In any case, Captain Li said he’s certain this group is in this area. Besides, our task is to play the high-alt.i.tude hara.s.sment game. We search for them all day, giving them no chance to breathe. A psychic with a bad mental state is tantamount to suicide. This is called psychological warfare, understand? Moreover, the zombies down there will also cause them a lot of trouble.”

“If he decides to be a coward and act like a turtle, that’s fine. The ground team will find him sooner or later, and then kill him when his condition isn’t good. If he’s a real man, then he’ll take the initiative to jump out and challenge us. Although he’s very strong, we’re in the sky. What can he do to us once we create some distance? We just need to stall him for a while and wait for the ground team to arrive. He’s dead the moment both air and ground attack him together.”

“In short, this man named Ling Mo is doomed.”


The two of them laughed and then the peaked cap said lightly, “He can only blame himself for his bad luck. Who told him to keep offending us over and over again?”

[1] – Author was too lazy to give names to unimportant characters apparently, but saying ‘man with the peaked cap’ every time is stressful, so I’m just going to shorten it to peaked cap.

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