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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 306 Part 1 – The Battle In The Spiritual World

Even though Ling Mo was a spiritual type psychic, he knew very little about this mysterious field.

But one thing was very clear, any spiritual type injuries would have serious consequences.

Shana had chosen to let the two spiritual b.a.l.l.s swallow each other inside her body. In her opinion, this was the only way.

All the things she said before made it obvious that she had planned to do this right after confessing all her feelings towards Ling Mo before taking the final step.

This was because even she didn't know what she would become after she woke up from this coma.

In the end, the reason why she was able to make such a decision was because she discovered the so-called common point between both personalities, the feeling they both had towards Ling Mo.

“Stupid girl! This is all your fault! After this situation is solved, I'm definitely punishing you for pulling this kind of stunt on me!”

After putting Shana on a bed, Ling Mo closed the door and pushed a wardrobe to block the door.

In this way, they can at least temporarily guarantee their safety while waiting for Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin to come.


Ling Mo climbed on to the bed next to Shana, grabbed her hand, and closed his eyes.

He concentrated on his spiritual power, leaving only the thoughts of his spiritual tentacles and Shana's two spiritual light b.a.l.l.s in his mind.

The two b.a.l.l.s of light seemed to be almost completely split apart and were fighting like two crazy beasts.

Ling Mo's tentacles were trapped in the center and unable to move at all.

The violent mental fluctuations even made Ling Mo feel a little uncomfortable and his head dizzy.

The so-called spiritual power actually contained a lot of aspects. One of these aspects was willpower.

Ling Mo usually relied on his willpower to survive. His strong willpower allowed his spiritual power to burst out instantly.

To be more precise, it was more like instantly hypnotizing yourself and making yourself believe that you were facing a life-threatening situation.

It wasn't very difficult to pull out all his spiritual power when he was in this state.

And at this moment, the willpower that appeared in Ling Mo was his determination to save Shana!

This willpower, without any hypnosis, naturally erupted.

Shana wouldn't die even if Ling Mo allowed her to sleep so much. Not to mention, when she woke up, she would also become a true zombie leader.

However, this wasn't what Ling Mo truly wanted! Whether it was Silly Shana or Dark Shana, he didn't wish to lose any of them forever.

Ling Mo felt as if his head had installed a water pump as his spiritual power burst out!

A steady stream of spiritual energy poured into his spiritual tentacles, and soon some images appeared again in front of his eyes.

Just like the previous battle with the Spider Empress, Ling Mo was reading Shana's memories while she was completely unconscious.

“I'm so tired, I don't want to practice any more, but the moment I put down this sword, they'll say that this is the reason why girls aren't as good as boys. Then they will start complaining about why I'm not a boy….I don't want to hear this, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!”

In the garden outside the villa, Shana waved the sword in her hand.

Her forehead was covered with sweat, her eyes were locked at the tip of the sword, and every time she slashed, it seemed as if she had cut open s.p.a.ce and divided the scene in front of her eyes into two.

“I really wish I could cut everything in half like this….Eh, what am I thinking? Does this count as me going crazy? It's so annoying having two voices in my head!”

“No…it might be because I'm always forcing myself to do things I don't want to and I created a voice in my head that is disgusted with everything.”

But it was at this moment, Ling Mo found that this scene suddenly became distorted.

The long sword in Shana's hand suddenly fell to the ground and she held her head as she screamed out.

Then a buzzing TV screen suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Eh? What the h.e.l.l? Why is there a TV suddenly appearing at this time?”

Ling Mo was stunned.

What did this mean?

However, this was a spiritual world based on Shana's chaotic memories. It's not surprising that this kind of scene would appear.

It was just like a dream, anything could happen or appear.


One hand suddenly came out of the TV screen making Ling Mo suddenly swallow saliva.

“Is…Is she having a nightmare?”

A girl with black long hair slowly appeared on the screen, and under the hair was a pair of flashing red eyes.

She slowly picked up her hair with her slender fingers…

“Hey, dumb Shana, are you that afraid of me? Do I look like Sadako? (TL: Sadako is from the Ring movie) Ghosts and zombies are two different things!”

Dark Shana rolled her eyes and struggled a bit as she climbed out of the TV.

to be continued…

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