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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 305 Part 2 – The Result Of Black And White Is The Real You

After finally understanding the crux of the situation, Ling Mo wanted to slap himself hard on the face two times.

Since he didn't have much understanding of the virus, he didn't think much about it and because of this he had a limited concept of Shana's current situation. He had always thought Shana had gotten a “double personality” because of the virus.

But what he didn't realize until now was that there was no “double personality” at all! It was just the personalities of the human Shana and zombie Shana coexisting in the same body!

This problem wasn't obvious before because she hadn't reached the zombie leader level yet. Her brain was still under the influence of a virus gel during that time.

But the moment her power reached up to the that level, this problem was immediately revealed because the virus gel in her brain evolved into a virus hive and her brain became liberated from it's influence.

Shana had walked in an irregular path of the virus mutation process. Although it seemed to be a good thing for Shana at the time, but now she was basically trapped due to it.

There would always be problems for not going the normal way!

In any case, Ling Mo needed to solve this problem as soon as possible.

“Actually, I don't wish to make it hard for you Brother Ling. I think I know what Brother Ling would probably say. You would probably say that it doesn't matter which Shana I am, that you would like me either way, so let them both figure out what they want. I just wanted to tell you that at this moment, I love you very much. No matter what I will become afterwards, that me will definitely love you. Previously I was scared before, but now I finally understand that no matter what kind of me is in control, they both have the same feelings towards you…Also, I'm sorry in advance for causing you some trouble.”

Shana was staring at Ling Mo's eyes when suddenly her body seemed to have gotten weak and her voice also became weak.

This scene made Ling Mo suddenly widen his eyes. He could feel that Shana's mental fluctuations had suddenly become very fierce. The two spiritual b.a.l.l.s seemed to have burst out into a raging war and began to clash at each other frantically!

“STOP! You're going to kill yourself this way! Ahhh…”

Ling Mo grabbed on to Shana's shoulders, but at the same time, he felt that his spiritual tentacles were being forcibly pulled deeper into Shana's consciousness.

She separated some spiritual energy to protect Ling Mo and also stop him from interfering inside her consciousness. Ling Mo could only watch as the two spiritual light b.a.l.l.s clashed wildly against each other.


Seeing that Shana slowly closed her eyes, Ling Mo almost went crazy!

He noticed that in the palm of Shana's open hand, a line of blood flowed down, and there was already a puddle of blood on the ground.

Ling Mo now understood why Shana had apologized in advance for finding him trouble. She had already thought ahead and decided to do this when there was a situation where Ling Mo couldn't interfere!

And Ling Mo's proposal to go out alone was undoubtedly the best opportunity for her! So there was not need for her to wait until later that night…


Dozens of zombies were immediately attracted over and there were many mutant zombies within the group.

But Ling Mo didn't have time to play with them!


Ling Mo's spiritual tentacles burst out suddenly, like dozens of arrows, and pierced into the zombies.

Under his current emotional state, 100% of Ling Mo's attack power was displayed, it hit everything around him, even those puppets that Ling Mo had controlled before.

As he carried Shana and ran towards a building near him, he struggled to pull his spiritual tentacles from Shana's consciousness.

He couldn't just sit around and wait until Shana completed that final step!

“Shana, you dumb silly girl, do you still not understand me well enough?!”

After rushing into a house with one breath, the zombie that was inside the house was knocked flying by Ling Mo's spiritual tentacle. He then used a hemostatic agent to stop the bleeding on Shana's palm, while at the same time, shared his position to Hei Si who then pa.s.sed the message on to Li Ya Lin and Ye Lian.

“I can't wait for them any longer, Shana, I won't allow any of your personalities to disappear, they are both part of you! Regardless of being white and black, when they're combined, they form a complete Shana!”

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