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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 212 Part 1 – Seek for Mate

On the desolate streets, scattered bones can be seen everywhere.

If Ling Mo previously didn't feel it during his visit at the vintage street, then walking on this street, Ling Mo would definitely have a deep understanding on how terrifying the evolution of the zombies were.

Judging based on the blood on the floor, it looks like it has been like this for two or three months already.

Although one corpse could be shared with about twenty zombies, you could tell how brutal the survival of the fittest was in the zombie world.

Ling Mo guessed that in the past six months, around a million zombies had died already in X City.

But there were still millions of zombies in the city, this city was originally a big city with a population of over 10 million.

The zombies that survived the culling would increase their strength and overall power, obviously it wouldn't look like much difference if it was just one individual, but when you see a whole group upgrade, it becomes terrifying.

Fortunately these zombies were still like beasts, they only knew how to kill, they still couldn't use their brain.

And the advantage of humans was their ability to think….

Of course, with Ling Mo's current strength he did not need to use his previous methods with the firecrackers or phone to lead zombies towards other places.

He had much simpler way.

There were just too many zombies on the streets, although the three girls were strong, but their final target was a zombie leader, it might be better in the long run to save some energy.

From far away, Ling Mo could already see Clothes City, the decoration for that place looked very luxurious, just looking from the billboards you could tell that the city had many luxury brands.

"Can't believe these two zombie leaders actually have some skills in finding a place to stay."

At this time, Ling Mo was hiding in a corner, and his invisible spirit tentacles slowly explored the area and took control of the nearest twenty zombies around him.

These zombies were all ordinary ones, so they couldn't resist him when he tried to control them.

Seeing that the zombies were walking obediently towards them, Yu Shi Ran's eyes became wide open.

She was currently being held by Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian, under her current condition it would be hard to break loose from a zombie leader and an advanced zombie that was close to becoming a zombie leader.

And in order for her not to recover to fast, Shana would randomly from time to time, slash her with her scythe.

Even as a zombie leader, she wasn't able to fully recover after being constantly hurt every now and then.

Ling Mo noticed that the more wounds that were inflicted on her, the slower her recovery rate was. Seems like the virus hive was not an endless generator of the virus and couldn't keep up with providing her enough of the virus. At the least based on her current condition, she would need to eat some virus gels in order to recover her energy.

If this was another little girl, Ling Mo wouldn't be so ruthless, but this little loli in front of him was terrible…

She almost had bitten off his little friend…..

While Ling Mo was controlling the zombies, he suddenly felt a bit curious about something and turned towards Yu Shi Ran and asked, "Why are you here?"

She coldly looked at Ling Mo and said, "Half-moon said she is waiting for a human, a human who had hurt her."


"So the wound she wanted to heal was caused by that guy?"

Yu Shi Ran nodded.

Ling Mo didn't expect that the wound he had given her had never fully healed, seems like the snake venom was really powerful.

Li Ya Ling had a small amount in the the beginning, after it merged with her, her const.i.tution also totally changed.

Half-moon had a huge amount at the time, the first reaction of the virus in her body was probably to reject the venom.

It probably turned into a game of tug of war inside her body, one wanted to invade the body through the wound, while the other kept resisting and tried to push the snake venom out.

The result would be naturally a loss for both sides.

However it was hard to imagine that Yu Shi Ran could have thought about using medicine to cure the venom. Could these antibiotics and sprays really work?

Forget it, can't really expect too much from a little girl….

Ling Mo frowned and asked, "How did you two end up together?"

To be continued…..

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