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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 201 Part 1 – The Most Important Step

Ling Mo stared at Shana and said, "I'm going to start now."

At this time, his spirit tentacles have completely wrapped around Shana's spirit ball. After telling Shana he was going to begin, the spirit tentacle began to penetrate into the spirit ball.

It was as if he was entering a gel, everytime he went deeper, he could feel a strong resistance.

Shana didn't resist, she on the other hand had tried to relax.

Staring at each other with Ling Mo made her feel safe and secure.

After all, no matter whether you're a human or a zombie, n.o.body would like having their spirit invaded.

Ling Mo actually could have used another way, but it was more brutal, he could have used their spirit connection to issue several commands or even mix her spiritual ball forcefully.

But that would be too dangerous for Shana, Ling Mo would rather use his own power than risk the chances of harming Shana.


Shana frowned, her eyes had turned red, her fists were clenched, her body had also become stiff.

Her spirit ball had become stimulated by the spirit tentacles and had become moving fiercely.

This gave Shana a very excited feeling and since Ling Mo was connected to Shana, he had also felt the same excitement.

He suddenly felt a tingling sensation in his mind, it felt as if his spirit tentacles could be thrown out at anytime, or even worse be minced inside.


Ling Mo took a deep breath and controlled himself.

A ice-cold slender hand reached over and grabbed Ling Mo.

Ye Lian could feel also vaguely feel the state that Shana was in as well as Ling Mo's current struggle.

Her way of expressing her feelings had become even more human-like, giving a boost to Ling Mo's confidence.

Trying to stimulate Shana's spirit ball in order to activate the virus hive was just a theory that Ling Mo had, he wasn't really sure whether or not it would work.

In order for them to get stronger, speeding up their evolution was a must.

Presently it looks like the three girls have reached a high level, but this was clearly not enough…

Shana started to shake her head and said, "So uncomfortable…so many things…."

She could barely control herself from trying to resist Ling Mo's spirit tentacles, it seems that she couldn't hold on for much longer.

All kinds of memories had flashed through her while Ling Mo had invaded her spirit ball.

This feeling is not very comfortable…

Ling Mo gritted his teeth and said, "Hold on for a bit longer."

At this time, Shana's spiritual fluctuations seemed to reach the limit, and while her pupils suddenly shrank, Ling Mo immediately felt it!

From within her body, a formidable aura erupted out suddenly!

This aura was just like the one he had felt that came from the zombie leader Half-moon!

Shana's red eyes didn't change, but when he looked into her eyes, he felt as if he had entered a freezer, his bodies sweat instantly froze!

Ling Mo was very excited!

Sure enough the virus hive was completely stimulated, the virus that Shana carried had now reached an unprecedented height in an instant.

The higher the purity of the virus was, the more changes that would occur towards Shana, and the stronger she would become!

To zombies, the increase of purity within the virus meant evolution.

However, at this time, Shana finally could not hold on any longer and fiercely sent out a low roar.


The spirit tentacles were all thrown out, leaving only the roots of the connection with Ling Mo still in there.

Shana suddenly leaned on Ling Mo's chest and pushed him down on the bed.

Her hair hung down from both sides as she looked at Ling Mo with her red eyes.

When Ling Mo pulled himself back from the dizziness, he realized that Shana was on top of his body.

Ye Lian was also shocked, she didn't seem to know how to react in this kind of situation.

The stimulation Ling Mo gave her seemed to have been a bit too strong, and she had been forcefully suppressing it, but when it exploded, it seems to have made her lose her rationality.

Shana was sitting on Ling Mo's belly with her hands on his chest.

The huge strength that came from those arms made Ling Mo unable to move, the hands were similar to iron tongs, Ling Mo could even feel that slightly curved fingers could probably rip him apart.


Shana's words were kind of blurry and unclear. She was still trying to resist her urges, but the harder she struggled, the more the virus hive got stimulated.

Ling Mo immediately realized that maybe when a zombie had reached to an advanced zombie level, most of the them probably would turn out like Li Ya Ling, and start to think about who they were and what kind of memories they had of themselves.

But their natural zombie instincts would suppress these thoughts, only those who kept trying to think could fight this process.

That was why Li Ya Ling was able to evolve into a much higher level.

Ye Lian and Shana on the other hand had taken a completely different route since they were with Ling Mo. They basically kind of skipped that process.

Previously, they were evolving at a fast pace due to Ling Mo, but due to that fast pace, it had become an obstacle now.

This situation made a person not know whether to laugh or cry.

But you couldn't blame Ling Mo, with his limited knowledge as a human, he couldn't have known this would have been an obstacle for in the future.

If he hadn't gone to the inst.i.tute this time, he would never have found out about this.

"Pu Tong."

Shana fainted and fell on Ling Mo's chest.

Although she pa.s.sed out, it didn't mean her spirit wasn't active, in fact it was instead much more fiercer.

Her body was trembling slightly, and although she was frowning, it didn't seem that there was any problems with her since her body was still generating the virus from within.

Being also affected by the process, Ling Mo felt that his spiritual world was being overwhelmed.

He took Ye Lian's hand and said with a weak voice, "I'll help you evolve also once I recover."

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo with a clear understanding, then nodded.

"Don't….don't worry…I…won't….allow…anyone to come in….."

"You've become so smart, you don't even need me to explain anything anymore." Ling Mo smiled happily, but his voice became smaller and smaller, his eyelids also became heavier until he finally closed them.

To be continued…..

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