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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 155 – Knowing My Own Body

The conversation with the three female zombies made Ling Mo suddenly realize a very serious problem.

The danger wasn't just the environment, but it was also around him.

His zombie puppets were both his strength as well as a potential untimely bomb.

To solve this issue once and for all, there was only one way of doing it. He had to enhance his own strength as much as possible and at the same time improve Ye Lian and his other zombies evolution.

Since they acquire a certain level of intelligence after advancing to an advanced zombie, then after they improve again, they should have sufficient emotional cognition as well as judgement.

This also proved that his goals were all in the right place. The most important thing right now was to find the method in evolving advanced zombies as soon as possible.

The gels don't work as well as they used to, so what can we do to make them continue in evolving? This isn't enough now…..

After pa.s.sing through the Jade Belt Bridge, the reached a fair sized commercial square.

The center was even built a small bridge-like garden, surrounded by some bloodstains, leaving only some residual limbs that had already decayed and dried up.

Ling Mo glanced at the pool and found that there were still a few ornamental fish inside. It seems that they were not affected by the virus.

Probably driven by Shana's character of being a glutton, Ling Mo's first reaction was, "Can this be eaten?"

"Forget it, although they look like they aren't completely infected by the virus, who knows, maybe the water was diluted and the fish were only slightly infected?"

Ling Mo had a thought and controlled the experimental puppet zombie to come over to him, squat down and put it's blood-stained hand inside the water.

Before the puppet’s fingers even touched the surface of the water, the fish were immediately attracted.

To Ling Mo's surprise, they jumped from the bottom of the water and tried to attack the finger.

Ornamental fish shouldn't be so fierce. However, while they are leaping, Ling Mo also noticed that the scales of these fishes seemed to be falling off, and the exposed places were also vaguely rotten.

One of them dropped back to the water and died, Ling Mo controlled the zombie to get the fish and used it's nail to open it's belly.

As soon as the fish belly was opened, the insides were black, and an unpleasant smell came out, mixed with the faint aroma of the virus. Sure enough, it had begun to rot…

It seems that currently, even if the virus was diluted, the creatures that were too small still wouldn't be able to handle the virus, but the decaying rate would be much slower than the creature absorbing a lot of the virus in one go.

"But it's unknown on whether it is due to the size of the creature or the strength of it's vitality. Maybe a small animal with a stronger vitality might be able to handle the virus. As for bugs, it should probably be impossible for them to change…Either way, it's best to be careful still."

To survive in this world, mastering information was a must. Otherwise, one day, one will die from an unknown danger due to the lack of information.

This was why Ling Mo paid attention the to the notes that were given to him by Luo Heng, no matter how powerful you were, if you acted impulsively, not improving yourself, you wouldn't have a good ending.

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