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Episode 76 — Demon Fate

~ Part 1 ~

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Why was it not me? He had thought that sometime.

Karasuma Yos.h.i.tsune was born in the town Sakyo of Kyoto. His father was the third son of Karasuma household that opened a draper store in town, Karasuma himself also spent a life without much inconvenience since childhood. In 6th year of primary school, his family moved from Kyoto to their current residence. His parents had the principle of laissez-faire, so he too, could live a free boyhood.
It was a boyhood with lots of things he wanted to do. But it’s very difficult to say that they were always fulfilled.

Why was it not me? He had thought that sometime.

For example, meet a celebrity and receive their signature, win a drawing contest, from the kinds of story people would make an fuss out of, to mundane stories like the kid who spun the capsule-toy vending machine after him got the item he was aiming at. It would be endless if he started counting, to feel dissatisfying was something very frequent for Karasuma.

The kendo he had always kept up when he lived in Kyoto, there was an excessively absurdly strong pupil at the place he moved to, so he quit.
After entering middle school, he joined the newspaper club. But that too, he quit when he heard that the senpai he liked got a boyfriend.

After entering high school, he thought it was more or less better.
In first year, with reason that they were in the same middle school, he got along well with Ozashiki Dousuke. That guy was a quiet boy, but he was the only son of the local high cla.s.s ryokan. He built a friendly relationship with that guy and the chances to have relatively good experience also increased, it might have been because of that, that Karasuma could pin down his dissatisfaction. Only, he absolutely wouldn’t enter the same soccer club with that guy. Because Ozashiki was the ace of the soccer club.

During the time in Kyoto, Karasuma’s movement was light enough that people often said «Are you Ushikawamaru?». (Childhood name of Minamoto no Yos.h.i.tsune) In the gymnastic club that he entered for some reason, Karasuma immediately got the knack and could be relatively active. The gymnastic club of Jindai high school was puny.

In the end, he got skillful in hiding his ambitions, and he could be in an environment that could satisfy his self-esteem at the degree of not letting his dissatisfaction become an issue, that was big for Karasuma.

3 months ago, when the students of 2nd year cla.s.s 4 got transferred to this world, Karasuma at that time wasn’t exactly dissatisfied.
First, by becoming a crow tengu, he could fly in the sky. He could manipulate wind. These abilities could also be used effectively in the dungeon so Karasuma was relatively active as expected. There was many students whose combat ability was higher than himself, but he could still be satisfied with his ability.
The number of students who could fly wasn’t so low, the students who could manipulate wind was also relatively many. But the ones who could handle both of them at a high level were only Karasuma the crow tengu and Harui Yuka the harpy. And Karasuma could use both of them better than Harui.

But gradually, the situation changed.

Kaminari Totoha the thunderbird — by leaving the dungeon — became able to make full use of her giant body, Karasuma had to hand over the t.i.tle of the fastest flier in the cla.s.s that he secretly held.
Saruwatari Fuuta the hanuman gradually got a grasp of using his power, with that Karasuma had to hand over the seat of the strongest wind user in the cla.s.s as well.

That’s not all.

Why, was it not me? He thought that sometime.

«Yos.h.i.tsune, a heart like that is called a ‘demon fate’»

When he was a child, a man living in the mountain of the neighborhood, admonished him so.

He didn’t remember what kind of meaning that had. The subject stunk too much of sermon so he forgot.
The composure he had built up in this one year and a bit was being consumed like his saving being cut through little by little. Karasuma meant to always keep up his appearance. But in the past few days, he couldn’t afford to do that either.

If there was just people more excellent than himself, he could still endure that somehow.

But when he himself was placed in the lower cla.s.s in overall, Karasuma’s ambition would bare its fang at his self-esteem.

A few days had already pa.s.sed since then. Kyousuke and the other survival life continued.

Yukinos.h.i.ta and Ozashiki’s Phase 2 ability was surprisingly helpful. Yukinos.h.i.ta’s «Molecular Motion Inversion» could boil hot water instantly, with the effects of Ozashiki’s «Fortune Calling», securing food was no longer a problem.
Thanks to Hakuba newly joining them, they could act without having to care about somewhat injured, Inugami didn’t have any special ability, but she was true-born hunter, she could find preys that other members couldn’t easily find.

Also, continuing after Yukinos.h.i.ta and Ozashiki’s Phase 2 awakening, the others members also started showing signs of awakening here and there.

The one who obtained new power first was Kabeno Chihaya. In the battle with the adventurers the other day, Ozashiki used his body to protected her, with that chance, the duo’s distance rapidly got closer. She who tended to make a wall around her heart, acted a little softer, at the same time, the feelings of trying to protect Ozashiki urged her awakening to Phase 2.
Kabeno’s Phase 2 ability was «Bulwark Construction». Simply put, it was an ability to deploy a barrier. She could stretch a insubstantial barrier like a energy field, and though extinguishing through the pa.s.sage of time, she could also create a stone-made wall. This was very convenient, it was helping to endure the wind and rain, or securing their safety.

Next to awake was Mitarai Azuki. Her awakening was surprisingly easy, when Inugami ate poisonous mushroom and was dying, before they could call Hakuba, Azuki had beautifully erased the toxin from Inugami’s stomach. That was the first impetus. For that reason, Azuki’s Phase 2 ability was «Toxin Washing».
One point more excellent than Hakuba’s cure ability was that it could wash away poison before eating as long as she could judge that it was something harmful. Since then, the choices on Kyousuke and the others’ dining table had greatly expanded. Only, mushrooms turned into Inugami’s trauma and she stopped eating them.

Presently, the awaken Phase 2 abilities were as below:

Utsurogi Kyousuke. Skeleton. «Characteristics Amplification».
Himemizu Rin. Slime. «Liquid Control».
Yukinos.h.i.ta Suzuka. Snow woman. «Molecular Motion Inversion».
Ozashiki Dousuke. Zashiki-warashi. «Fortune Calling».
Kabeno Chihaya. Nurikabe. «Bulwark Construction».
Mitarai Azuki. Azuki-arai. «Toxin Washing».

Removed Inugami who was a natural werewolf in the first place, the one who hadn’t woken up to Phase 2 ability yet were just Hakuba and Karasuma.


That Karasuma was strangely irritated. Hakuba who went to explore the area together with him, glanced at him, then asked.

“You’re in a very bad mood. What’s the matter?”
“…Hakuba, are you cool with this?”
“With what?”
“We’re the only ones who haven’t woken up to Phase 2.”

Ahh, as expected, it’s that? Consented Hakuba.

“I don’t really care about that though.”
“I care. Despite everyone rapidly learning useful abilities, why are we…”

This guy think about splendidly troublesome stuff. Thought Hakuba.

Karasuma Yos.h.i.tsune wasn’t really in Hakuba’s friend group.
Hakuba’s group centered on Washio and Shokuzura, it was the so-called followers group. It was a gathering of people who got along with Ryuzaki who was in the highest cla.s.s caste or Harao who was the son of the town celebrity, and profited from their leftovers. But then, the one most enthusiastic about that was Washio, Hakuba and Shokuzura were his friend, the aspect of going along with him was stronger.

In contrast, Karasuma didn’t really have the impression of belonging to any specific group. He got along with Ozashiki who lived in the neighborhood, but Washio didn’t know much more than that.

“(Well, this guy is a case for Utsurogi, huh)”

If Karasuma brooded too much, Hakuba would worry, but he felt that he better leave this kind of problems to Kyousuke. Playing group leader in his own unskillful way, Kyousuke was sensitive to the emotional problem of his comrades.
Hakuba didn’t feel that that guy could do anything too smart, but he also approved of the att.i.tude of earnestly facing the other party. It was something Hakuba couldn’t do so easily. He didn’t feel that that guy could do anything too smart though.

“Hakuba, you still have it good. Since you’re helpful as a healer.”
“Ahh, that’s right. That’s also really serious though. Karasuma, you, do you want to be helpful?”
“…That’s right.”

There was a slight delay before he answered.

Karasuma was a crow tengu. His getup looked like an itinerant Buddhist monk covered in black feathers. If their monster appearance reflected a part of their heart, what kind of circ.u.mstance would it be that make Karasuma a crow tengu? Hakuba didn’t quite understand that.

“Iyaa, I think it’s serious, but you too, Karasuma. Presently, you’re the only one who can fly among us.”

“You’re in the track and field club, I recall?”
“Gymnastic club. Track and field … I quit in 2 weeks.”
“Was you in the track and field club in middle school?”
“It’s the newspaper club.”

Kinda fickle, ain’t he?

Hakuba and Karasuma finished one round of exploring the area and started returning to base. Karasuma was displeased the whole time, but he suddenly said this:

“Hakuba, have you ever felt envious of someone?”
“Why that role wasn’t mine, something like that…”
“Not really.”

I did wonder why I became like this, just a tiny bit.

For example, about being reincarnated to a four-legged animal. In the cla.s.s, there were also students who reincarnated to monsters without limbs or monsters much deviated from human shape, but actually, when it comes to four-legged students who couldn’t use their hands, Hakuba and Washio were the only ones. Without any kind of telekinesis, they could only devour their meals like a dog, so they had to endure seriously scorning gazes of the surroundings. (I means, that example is probably bad, when I previously talked about that before Inugami, she made an utmost displeased face at me.)
Due to that circ.u.mstances, he had vented his anger on Kyousuke. He still felt a little awkward about that, so he wanted to proactively get involved with Kyousuke.

“If there’s something troubling you, may as well consult with Utsurogi.”

When Hakuba said so, Karasuma raised his face and looked in his direction.

“With Utsurogi…”
“Nn? Did I say something strange?”
“…No, nothing in particular.”

After spitting out his murmur, Karasuma raised his speed a little and went ahead, looking at that back, Hakuba quizzically inclined his head.

To be continued…

– – –

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