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It’s the royal palace.
I’m following Otousama and Okaasama.
We are going for the audience.
I’m nervous……… not knowing what’s going to happen, I play with the fans in my hands.
Of course, I have one in each hand.
Kukuku…… stupid prince, quiver before me…… the moment you condemn me will be the start of h.e.l.l for you……

「Elise, being well-prepared is a good thing」

Okaasama! You understand me!
From her brief comment, I understood that Okaasama is my ally! I am deeply moved!

We have arrived in front of a gargantuan door.
It’s the throne room.

Advancing through the excessively large room, we arrived in front of a few steps leading to a podium where His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen were sitting.
Stupid prince and Heroine-chan are at the side of the steps as expected.
We saluted to the King and waited for his words.

「You did well coming. Make yourselves comfortable. We should have normally gone by the procedures, but Siegfried apparently had something he wanted to say no matter what. I am sorry about that」

With His Majesty’s words, we raised.
Uwaa, he looks troubled……

「Miss Elise, I have been troubled by the things Siegfried keeps saying. I believe in your innocence, but that child seems not to believe it」

From the looks of the things, His Majesty and Her Majesty are both on my side.
They must have summoned me because the stupid prince was making too much noise.
Oh well…… stupid prince, come at me!

「Keep flattering Father and Mother! No matter how much you bless the relationship of Marianne and I, the past won’t disappear!」

What are you saying?
I will hit you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d………

「Miss Elise, Siegfried has been telling me that you have hit and kicked Miss Marianne. I want to know how much of that is the truth. Have you used Healing magic on Miss Marianne? You can’t use Healing magic from what I heard. In that case, you wouldn’t be able to hide the signs of the a.s.sault. It was too doubtful I couldn’t allow myself to believe it」

Hoo~ hit and kick, huh…… the Heroine, Marianne said that, huh……… should I genuinely hit and kick you?
You might have wanted to make me the Villainess according to the script, but I won’t let you!
But first, I will crush your escape route!

「I understand. I think I would like to prove my innocence. However, I would like you to grant my wish」

「Say it」

His Majesty the King is exhausted (lol).

「Yes. Please, engage Miss Marianne to His Highness Siegfried by all means」

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