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Yes, it’s mor~ning!

So fast? We have enjoyed a harmonious dinner and chatted a lot.

My worries during the bath weren’t half-a.s.sed, but I think I’m fine now.

So, I’m currently preparing for the trip to the royal palace.

Anise’s mood is great today, she’s tightening my corset fully.

Breakfast? Breakfast is already finished.

Only meat and vegetables! That was my request, so I naturally ate it all.

Now then, how about I tell the merry Anise not to tighten the corset so much?

「Anise, you can loosen the corset today」

The moment I said that, the smile on Anise’s face disappeared.

「However, Elise-sama! Since you are going to the palace, I think it would be better if you looked more slender!」

Wha! How much did you plan on tightening it! Gee, stop constricting me to death, I am defective goods of a young lady whose engagement was annulled after all!

「No, loosen it! My engagement was annulled, there’s no meaning in looking slender」

Anise looks like crying! But I ignore her, tightening the corset is her specialty after all! I think my waist would look even more amazing with a tightened corset since I don’t have any excess fat, but there’s no reason at all to look slender today.

Besides, I have a feeling that it would be better to let it loose today.

「I understand. Elise-sama’s waist is slender even if the corset is loosened, so you won’t lose to other young ladies」

You are saying tooo much~

Well, no…… the tightly tied corset would only make my b.r.e.a.s.t.s that grew up uselessly large look even bigger.

I don’t know about other families, but ours have mirrors.

This also seems to be the result of me doing it.

This world already has gla.s.s.

Rather than convenient, it’s an opportunistic world.

Is it a world of an Otome Game just as I thought?…… Dejected.

Will I be condemned in the palace?

……………… s.h.i.t……………… if that stupid prince says something worthless, I will beat him up with all my might…………

I will beat Heroine-chan too so she can accompany him in death………

I feel like I can do it!

Alright! I will beat the two to death if I get condemned! Those who try to stop me will be sent on the journey as well!

Kill before being killed!

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