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Chapter 990: Empty Coffin

Mother Zhou did not expect Zhou Yao to be so agitated. She did not know what she had said wrong. “I… I said that Sileng likes Ms. Bai…”

“Not this sentence, the next one! What did you say Bai Qi said to Sileng in the hospital?”

“Ms. Bai told Sileng that mommy is here and mommy will always be with you… Zhou Yao, what’s wrong?”

Zhou Yao felt like he couldn’t even breathe. He glanced sideways at the two figures outside the French window. His gaze was deep and shocked. Why hadn’t he thought of this?

why would a “teacher” whom he had only met by chance care so much for his son? He had suspected it before, but he was too conceited. He had always thought that this woman was trying to seduce him!

But now, he suddenly realized that it was not the case. Her eyes and figure were even so similar to Zhiyuan’s. Since last night, her courage had grown even more.

Why hadn’t he thought about it carefully?

But, wait a minute…

Zhiyuan was already dead. He had watched her close her eyes with his own eyes. Which part had gone wrong?

Zhou Yao forcefully closed his eyes. There was only one possibility. He had fainted four years ago. When he woke up, he had not seen her burial with his own eyes. He had not seen her corpse!

Zhou Yao suddenly opened his eyes and walked away.

“Hey, Zhou Yao, where are you going? You haven’t finished your breakfast yet?” Mother Zhou called from behind.

Zhou Yao took the car keys and walked to the lawn. At this moment, Zhou Sileng was in Bai Qi’s arms. When he saw his father, his eyes immediately lit up. “Daddy, you’re awake?”

Zhou Yao glanced at Zhou Sileng and then fixed his gaze on Bai Qi.

Bai Qi could already feel his burning gazes on her face. She let go of Zhou Sileng and stood up. She raised her head and looked directly at Zhou Yao.

“Where’s your man?” Zhou Yao parted his thin lips and asked directly.

Bai Qi looked at his tense and livid face and didn’t say anything.

Zhou Yao looked deeply into her beautiful gray eyes and repeated in a low voice, “Last night, you said that you only slept with one man, and you will sleep with him only. Where’s that man?”

Zhou Sileng did not notice the subtle atmosphere between the two of them. He only heard a novel use of a word, “Bai Qi, what do you mean by “sleep with”?”

Bai Qi frowned. In front of Sileng, he didn’t mind his speech at all!

“He’s dead!” She spat out.

Zhou Yao’s breath sank, and his narrow eyes had already stirred up a storm. He snorted coldly, “It better be so!”

He turned around and left. He got into his luxury car. The black luxury car quickly shuttled away like a rocket.

“Daddy, drive a little slower!” Zhou Sileng stomped his feet anxiously. This is the hundredth time that he had seen his daddy drive the car like a rocket. It’s was very dangerous.

He sighed, and then the little adult nagged, “My daddy is like a child. Sometimes, I just want to ignore him, but he’s all alone now. If I don’t care about him, who would care about him? Oh right, Bai Qi, you haven’t answered my question. What do you mean by ‘sleep with’?”

Bai Qi glanced at the car and then lowered her eyes to look at little Sileng. She explained in a muddle-headed manner, “It means to fall asleep next to someone, literally.”

“Oh, is that so?” Zhou Sileng scratched his head, half believing and half doubting.

Zhou’s family mansion.

The maid heard the urgent knocking on the door and quickly ran to open it. When she saw Zhou Yao standing outside the door, the maid was both surprised and delighted. “Young master, what brings you back?”

Zhou Yao didn’t look at the maid. He didn’t change his shoes and walked straight into the living room.

“Young master, master and old master are not at home. Sit down for a while. I will call them. They will be very happy to know that you are back…”

“No need, I will not look for them!” Zhou Yao replied. Then he walked through the ancestral hall and pushed open the back door of the mansion. He went straight to the cemetery behind.

The maid followed behind Zhou Yao. She did not know what he was trying to do. The man’s footsteps were fast and wide. She had to jog to keep up with him.

Zhou Yao arrived at the cemetery. He walked to the tombstone with a shovel. As he walked, he rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt. When he arrived in front of Leng Zhiyuan’s tombstone, he slowly reached out and touched Leng Zhiyuan’s smiling face on the tombstone.

The servant stopped. She thought that Zhou Yao was here to mourn the young madam. Everyone knew that the young master was infatuated with her.

However, in the next second, Zhou Yao withdrew his hand. The shovel in his hand was raised high and then fell heavily. Bang! The cement tombstone cracked. Then, Zhou Yao kicked it with one of his long legs, and the tombstone fell.

Zhou Yao bent down and began to dig the soil under the tombstone.

“Young master!” The servant screamed and was immediately shocked. Young master… What was he doing?

Was young master crazy?

The servant turned around and ran. She ran into the living room and called Old Master Zhou in panic.

The call was quickly picked up. “h.e.l.lo…” Old Master Zhou’s steady voice came through.

The servant was trembling all over and couldn’t even speak clearly. “h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo, Old Master, you…you should come back quickly. Young… young master just… came back…”

“Zhou Yao is back?” Old Master Zhou was delighted. “Okay, I’ll be back right away.”

The servant was about to say more, but Old Master Zhou had already hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, Both Old Master Zhou and Father Zhou had returned. After four years of not seeing each other, both of them had aged quite a bit, but they were still in good spirits. Old Master Zhou leaned on his walking stick and looked around, “Where is Zhou Yao? Didn’t you say that he was back? Did he bring my good great-grandson back for me to see? I haven’t seen Sileng since he went to kindergarten…”

“Old master,” the servant quickly ran forward. “You… you should go and take a look…”

“What’s wrong?”Old Master Zhou looked at the servant’s strange expression.

Father Zhou also noticed that something was wrong. He glanced at the living room and did not see Zhou Yao. He quickly asked with suspicion, “What happened? Where is Zhou Yao?”

“Young master… Young master is in the cemetery…”

Old Master Zhou and Father Zhou’s expressions changed greatly. They both knew about what happened that year. Father Zhou supported Old Master Zhou’s arm and the two of them quickly rushed to the cemetery.

In the cemetery.

When Old Master Zhou and Father Zhou rushed over, it was already too late. Zhou Yao had already dug a deep pit. The coffin lid was opened and the empty coffin came to light.

Zhou Yao was looking down at the empty coffin.

Old Master Zhou and Father Zhou both knew that the matter had been exposed. They thought that they could keep it a secret for the rest of their lives.

“Zhou Yao, since you already know, then there’s no need for us to keep it a secret. Yes, something happened during the week you were unconscious. An area on the island was blown up, including… Zhiyuan’s room. The explosives blew a black hole on the island, and the ice-cold seawater surged up. The higher-ups and the foreign security bureau put pressure on us to evacuate quickly… At that time, an evacuation was the only way out, so we were unable to find Zhiyuan’s body and bring it back.”

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