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Chapter 907: Divine Marriage Blessing

Speaking like that, he was making some sense then?

Leng Zhiyuan did not bother with him. He was all to blame.

Zhou Yao pinched her small face lovingly. She lowered her gaze. He was tall and was looking at her from top down. From his angle, he could see her cute little nose.

He could not help himself and bent down to kiss her nose as he said, “Wifey, you are so beautiful!”

Leng Zhiyuan continued to ignore him, but she felt a little sweet inside her heart. Every woman would be happy to hear sweet nothings, and she was no exception.

She could tell that he would punish her and give her a reward afterwards. This was his usual style.

At this moment, a black shadow came over her, and he kissed her.

Leng Zhiyuan used both of her small hands to tug the bath robe around his waist. He was heavy and hurried as he kissed her, and the strong masculine aura invaded her senses and made her entire body feel like it was on fire. She let herself down as she was smitten by his kiss.

“Don’t do it here. We… Let’s go to our bed…”

“We will go later. Let’s do it here first! Wifey, don’t say anything. Hug me tight!” he said hoa.r.s.ely.

Leng Zhiyuan knew that there was no stopping him tonight, but she closed her eyes sweetly, and she stretched both of her small hands into his robe. She lovingly caressed the scars that were still left on his body.


She raised her head up and firmly kissed his face as she said, “Hubby!”

She gave him a pa.s.sionate response.

It was obvious that Zhou Yao could not shoulder this. All of the blood in his body rushed towards one spot, and his large palm came over to her shoulders directly. He pulled the spaghetti strap further down.

Leng Zhiyuan closed her eyes as she thought: What was the point of wearing this nightgown. He had a glance and wanted to remove it. Wasn’t this all a waste?

The next morning

Zhou Yao slowly opened his eyes. He was still sleeping on the large, soft bed. The man’s bronze skin proved to be a huge contrast with the snow white silk sheets. The woman left a few scratches on his shoulders, back, and some other spots. His black robe was thrown on the carpet, and the fiery red nightgown was destroyed. It was torn into a few pieces and dumped onto the carpet. The entire room was in a complete mess.

If others came inside, they would immediately be able to understand what had gone on the night before.

Zhou Yao had a look outside the window. The sun was shining bright outside the room. It was probably around ten in the morning, and he’d never woken up so late before.

He stretched his long arm out to hook the woman’s body and wanted to take her into his arms. They’d stayed up late the previous night, and she was tired. Last night, he hated that he could not die on her.

But his arms were empty. There was no one beside his side anymore.


He leaped up from the bed immediately, and the silk blankets slid down all the way to his perfect Adonis belt. There was a part sticking out, and it was huge that it was impossible to ignore.

“Wifey!” He leaped up from the bed as he removed the covers and looked for Leng Zhiyuan.

Where was she?

The blissful feeling from yesterday disappeared entirely. He knew that when today came, it meant that they were going to bid farewell to each other soon. They had to go back at sunset.

Did she leave before him?

“Wifey! Wifey!”

Zhou Yao was anxious as he had a look around. Suddenly, he paused in his tracks because he saw Leng Zhiyuan in the kitchen.

Leng Zhiyuan wore a bright skirt that was red and mustard yellow. She had a small white shirt over it, and her back profile looked slim and svelte.

She heard the man’s shouts, turned her head back quickly, and said, “Zhou Yao, you are awake… Ah!”

She was still holding the spatula in one hand and could only use one small hand to cover her eyes as she said, “Zhou Yao, what are you doing? Where are your clothes?”

He was not wearing any clothes at all.

Wasn’t he shy at all?

Zhou Yao was not shy. He parted his long legs as he stepped forward to hug Leng Zhiyuan’s small waist. He looked at her, and his heart that had been frantic became calm.

He had a look inside the wok as he gently asked her, “Sunny side ups? You are making breakfast?”

“Ooh, yeah. Although I am not too good at cooking, I can learn. I have already fried so many sunny side ups. How are they? These two are pretty right. Let’s have some milk, eggs, and bread for breakfast. Do you want some steak?” As she spoke, Leng Zhiyuan used her elbow to push him and said, “Quick, go back to the room to put on some clothes!”

“What are you afraid of? No one’s looking.” He hugged her tight.

It was only then that Leng Zhiyuan knew how bold he was, especially since that part was hard and hot behind her waist. He tortured her till the early hours of the morning, and she did not expect him to be so awake.

“I don’t care. Go and put on some clothes!” She stomped on her feet.

Zhou Yao looked at her small reddened face. She was just like a red Fuji apple and made others want to bite her. “Okay, I will go and put on my clothes.”

Leng Zhiyuan: This is more like it!

But in the next second, her world was turned upside down. She was being carried on the man’s shoulders. The man was laughing as he said, “Let’s eat breakfast later. I am not hungry. Accompany me to sleep for a while longer.”

Why was he always so domineering and so forceful?

Leng Zhiyuan quickly hit him a couple times as she said, “The spatula! The spatula!”

He took the spatula that she’d just been holding, and he took large strides to walk towards the bedroom.

“Oy, Zhou Yao, let’s eat breakfast quickly before we go out. Who would wake up late in the hotel when on honeymoon? It is already ten in the morning!”

“They are not us! Sleeping till eleven before waking up, I will bring you to…hike the mountains after.”

Leng Zhiyuan was thrown into the large soft bed, and he came pressing down again. She gurlged in laughter as she ducked away, and said, “Zhou Yao, stop fooling around. My body still hurts so much…”

“Really? Where does it hurt? Let me have a look.” His hand went onto her body, and they were fooling around with one another.

They finally got up at eleven. Zhou Yao went to wash up in the bathroom. Leng Zhiyuan went to sear two pieces of steak before warming some milk up in the microwave.

She hadn’t cooked much before; she would usually turn the kitchen into a complete mess. As for her improvement that she was showing today, Zhou Yao naturally was impressed and complimented her. Leng Zhiyuan was satisfied and accepted his compliments.

After they finished eating, both of them stepped out of the door, and headed towards the mountain.

They bought the entrance tickets and started to climb the mountain.

After they reached the midway point, Zhou Yao asked her, “Are you thirsty? I will go and buy some water for you.”

“Oh, sure. I am pretty thirsty.”

Zhou Yao went to get some water.

Leng Zhiyuan looked at his back profile before lowering her head down to look at the time. It was already two in the afternoon.

They were about to bid farewell to one another.

Leng Zhiyuan instantly felt very sad. Time would not stop because of anyone, and the short time of happiness would naturally have its farewell.

At this moment, she turned her head over to the side and saw a temple off in the distance.

There were many tourists in the temple, and many people were walking out from the temple.

Leng Zhiyuan had never lit joss sticks before. Some things that existed if you believed in them. If you didn’t, they wouldn’t exist. Leng Zhiyuan never believed in these things, but she looked on for a few moments, and still walked over to the temple.

She was curious as she had a look around. Suddenly, a young nun asked, “Devotee, are you here to ask for a blessing?”

Asking for a blessing?

“Yeah.” Leng Zhiyuan nodded her head.

“Devotee, what kind of blessing are you wishing for then?”

Leng Zhiyuan pondered for a moment, and answered, “Marriage blessing.”

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