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Chapter 885: Meal Gathering

Everyone came over to the lawn. The helpers erected the cream coloured tent and brought over the chairs and tables. There were fruits and snacks placed out on the long dining table.

“Older Sister Leng, everyone is present today. All of you should stand together. I will help you all draw a family portrait.” Ye Xiaotao proposed the idea.

Old Master Zhou nodded his head immediately and said, “Okay. I just remembered that our family does not have a family portrait yet. We are all people who do not like to take photographs. Come, let’s stand together.”

Old Master Zhou sat down in the main seat, and Master Zhou and Madam Zhou were standing by the side. Zhou Yao held Leng Zhiyuan’s shoulders as they stood on the other side.

Ye Xiaotao took the drawing board and pen over, and she started to draw.

Leng Hao stood aside as he had a look and asked her, “Are you able to do it?”

“Won’t you know after you have a look?” Ye Xiaotao raised her small head to wink at Leng Hao confidently.

Leng Hao snorted out loud and was extremely unconvinced.

After twenty minutes, Ye Xiaotao put her pen away and said, “Okay Older Sister Leng, I am done drawing now.”

She turned the drawing board over to let everyone see the family portrait that she’d drawn.

Old Master Zhou had a look and clapped his hands as he smiled and said. “You drew so well, and it is so accurate.”

Leng Zhiyuan could not help but nod her head as she looked over at Ye Xiaotao and said, “Xiao Tao, did you learn how to draw?”

Ye Xiaotao’s small sweet face was lively and full as she brightly said, “That’s right, I learned how to draw. Actually, I know how to do many things. In all different aspects, my Daddy has arranged for teachers to teach me since I was young, but I liked drawing the best, and in the future, I want to open my own art gallery.”

Ye Xiaotao was really the daughter of a wealthy family. She was the precious daughter of the Ye family, and naturally, she was given the best education since a young age. She was also smart and learned all of these things very well.

At this moment, Zhou Yao took a step forward. He had both hands in his pocket as he had a glance at Leng Hao, and he said, “Isn’t it easy to open an art gallery? Ask your husband to invest in it. Your husband has money to do so.”

Leng Hao stood up straight. He had a look at the drawing that Ye Xiaotao drew before he looked over at Ye Xiaotao’s face. It was not impossible for him to invest in it. He did not lack the money to do so, but she had to show her att.i.tude.

Ye Xiaotao did not even look at Leng Hao at all. She put the pen away and pouted her pink lips as she said, “I don’t need him to invest in it. Talking about money, my Daddy is rich. In the future, I will use my own abilities to open an art gallery.”

Leng Hao’s face froze, and his gaze became sharp immediately. Hmph, she did not know how to recognize a good opportunity!

“Hubby.” At this moment, Ye Xiaotao turned her small head over to the side as she called him sweetly.

Leng Hao immediately crashed into her bright, sparkling eyes, and she was cheeky as she looked at him.

What was she up to right now?

His expressions were not very good as he said, “What’s the matter?”

“This family portrait also has you. Didn’t you see it?”

This was the Zhou family’s family portrait, so Leng Hao did not stand together with them, how would this family portrait have him?”

Old Master Zhou, Master Zhou, and Madam Zhou were all taken aback, and they said, “Young Lady Xiao Tao, where is he? Why did I not see him?”

Ye Xiaotao stretched her fair fingers out to point at the green fields in the drawing. There was a rock on the field, and she said, “Look, isn’t he right there?”

Old Master Zhou, Master Zhou, and Madam Zhou broke out into laughter immediately. “Pfft.”

Leng Hao quickly glared at Ye Xiaotao.

Ye Xiaotao spat her pink tongue out at him, before she turned around to hold Leng Zhiyuan’s elbow as she said, “Older Sister Leng, let’s go and play.”

She dragged Leng Zhiyuan away.

Leng Hao looked at Ye Xiaotao’s back profile. He had both of his hands behind his back, and had a serious expression on his face. At this moment, Zhou Yao stepped forward to pat his shoulders as he smiled and said, “There is an additional…ball of happiness at home now. Older Brother should be very happy every day, right?”

“Happy? As long as she does not create trouble for me to go and clean the mess up, I would have to thank the Heavens for that.”

Zhou Yao smiled.

Leng Zhiyuan and Ye Xiaotao were seated down on the swing, and Leng Zhiyuan said, “Xiao Tao, the last time that I was able to come back peacefully, it was all due to your third older brother’s help. These few days, Zhou Yao he… I do not have any time to thank your third older brother. When you see your third older brother. You must thank him for me. After I am done being busy, I will treat him to a meal to thank him properly.”

Ye Xiaotao nodded her head and said, “Sure Older Sister Leng. When I see my third older brother, I will convey your thanks to him. Oh, two days ago, I was still talking to third older brother, and third older brother was asking about you.”

“Yeah, I am good friends with your third older brother.”

“Not only are we good friends, our two families are…in laws…” Ye Xiaotao was extremely naïve as she spoke.

Leng Zhiyuan looked at her small, pure face. She did not want to make use of this silly girl on purpose. Whatever was going to happen in the future, she would try her best to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

“Xiao Tao, you are almost three months along now right?” Leng Zhiyuan stretched her hand out to touch Ye Xiaotao’s stomach as she said, “Why is your stomach still so flat? You are not showing at all.”

“I don’t think so, I am not getting any symptoms with this pregnancy. I am still eating and sleeping as usual, and I just have morning sickness in the morning sometimes.” As she spoke, Ye Xiaotao raised her eyebrows up, and it was probably because she was recalling those unpleasant experiences as she said, “But Older Sister Leng, I feel that my waist has gotten so fat. In the past, my waist was very slim.”

“Xiao Tao, you are still very slim now.”

“I am not slim anymore. I want to give birth to this child quickly, then regain my singlehood again.” Ye Xiaotao raised her fists as she screamed out, and the moment she turned her head over to the side, she saw a skipping rope, she became excited immediately and said, “Older Sister Leng, let’s go and skip rope.”

Skip rope?

“Xiao Tao, I don’t know how to…”

“I will teach you. Older Sister Leng, it is extremely simple. You will definitely be able to learn it…”

Ye Xiaotao asked two helpers to grab the jump rope before they started to spin the rope. She leaped up to jump once as she said, “Older Sister Leng, jump like this.”

“Xiao Tao, you are pregnant; you cannot jump.”

“Then Older Sister Leng, come and do this.” Ye Xiaotao pushed Leng Zhiyuan over.

Leng Zhiyuan followed the rope as she jumped once, twice, thrice.. Ye Xiaotao was by the side as she applauded and said, “Older Sister Leng, you are so smart. You know how to skip rope now, right?”

Leng Zhiyuan was at a loss as she raised her slim eyebrows. She normally did high intensity training, and she did not play a small girl’s game like jump rope before, but now that she was jumping…she felt that it was pretty good.

She huffed out a breath of air and continued to jump rope.

Zhou Yao had both hands in his pocket as he stood by the side to look on. At this moment, the bright sunshine shone down on Leng Zhiyuan. Her attractive features were all alive with the ray of sunshine, and she looked gentle and beautiful.

He curled the corners of his lips up, and he wanted to keep this image of her in his soul forever.

She noticed his gaze and turned her gaze over to look at him. She had a smile on her face.

At this moment, Leng Hao also walked over. He had a frown on his face as he looked at Ye Xiaotao and said, “What good thing did you do again?”

Ye Xiaotao replied wittly, “Have a look by yourself.” She stretched her hand to push Leng Hao into the skipping rope.

“Older Brother, quickly jump!” Leng Zhiyuan called out loud.

Upon seeing that the skipping rope was coming over, Leng Hao was quick with his reflexes as he jumped once, but the man was not used to doing such actions, and it made him seem stiff and funny.

He jumped out of the rope’s way, and his entire face was black as he said, “Ye Xiaotao!”

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