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Chapter 831: If I Really Looked For Someone Else Wouldn’t You Be Extra Jealous?

“You don’t…” She ducked even further away.

At this moment, Aunty’s voice rang out in the air. “Young lady, did your husband wake up already?”

Aunty walked inside.

Leng Zhiyuan pushed him away quickly, and this time, Zhou Yao also did not persist further. He curled his long left leg up and placed his right hand on it as he leaned his back on the wall. He watched her frantically tidying her clothes up.

Leng Zhiyuan glanced at him. She was so furious that her heart itched. He looked rogue and brazen as he looked at her teasingly, but it was her instead who seemed to have done something embarra.s.sing.


Aunty noticed that Zhou Yao was awake. She clapped her hands quickly, smiled, and said, “Sir, you are finally awake now?”

Zhou Yao had a look at Aunty, then he nodded his head politely and said, “Thank you, Aunty.”

“You don’t have to thank me. It is merely something that I could help out with. Sir, you do not know how worried your wife was when you were in a coma. She’d just awoken and said that she wanted to look for her husband, then she stayed by the side of your bed…”

Zhou Yao’s eyes lit up and quickly noticed a word. “Husband?”

His gaze was bright as he looked over at Leng Zhiyuan.

Leng Zhiyuan’s small face became red instantly, just like a big steamed prawn.

Aunty was still talking on her own. “That’s right, this young lady said that you were her husband. We can tell the love that you two have for each other with just one look…”

Leng Zhiyuan:…

She parted her legs and headed out of the room quickly. This Aunty really had to bring this up out of everything? This was so awkward. She could still hear the man inside laughing. How happy was he?

It was almost noon, and the Old uncle was still not back. They did not have ingredients to cook. Zhou Yao and Leng Zhiyuan both felt bad for freeloading in someone else’s house, so they asked, “Aunty, is there anything that we can help out with?”

Aunty had a look at the clock and said, “This is bad. It is almost time for lunch. Both of you are probably hungry already, right? There are no ingredients at home right now. What about this: the two of you can go over to the small stream by the river to catch a few fish, and we can grill fish for lunch.”


Leng Zhiyuan picked some tools to catch fish from a stack of fishing tools piled up at the door. She took a fishing net, a fishing rod, some fish bait… This was bad. There were so many things to take, and she could not take them all with her hands.

At this moment, Zhou Yao was laughing behind her as he said, “Mrs. Zhou, are you going fishing?”

Leng Zhiyuan turned her head back to glare at him as she said, “Why don’t you come and do it then?”

Zhou Yao stepped forward with his long legs. He took everything that she was holding before bending down to take a fish spear and a small plastic bucket. He stuffed it into her hands, and he held her small hand as he walked forward and said, “We just need this.”

Leng Zhiyuan looked at the fish spear in his hand. Would it work just with this?

They walked over to the side of the small stream. The water in the small stream was very clear, and when she looked over, she could see the small pebbles on the bottom of the stream, and there were many small fish swimming inside.

“Wow, there are so many fish here.” Leng Zhiyuan removed her shoes and socks and stepped into the small stream.

Zhou Yao looked at her small bare feet. He had a frown on his face as he asked, “Is the water in the stream cold?”

“It is not cold. It is a little warm.” Leng Zhiyuan did not even turn her head back as she replied. All of her attention was all attracted to the small fish by the side of her feet. She took the spear in her hand and focused in on one to strike.

But she did not succeed. The water from the stream splashed out and wet her face.

“Ah!” she happily shouted, then turned her head around to dodge.

At this moment, a warm, broad chest enveloped her. Zhou Yao stretched his right hand out to pull her into his embrace, then he raised his left arm up to block her face.

The stream water rained down, and Leng Zhiyuan’s face did not get a single drop of it. She opened her eyes to look. There was a big part of his sleeve on his left hand that was all wet, and he’d blocked all of the stream water.

She immediately felt sweet inside her heart.

“The stream water is very cool. Don’t be playful; you are going to catch a cold.” It was rare for him to be so serious as he spoke. He touched her face with his left hand as he checked whether there were any water droplets on her face.

She swatted his large palm away. She was displeased as she coyly said, “You are always so rough. Can you be more gentle? My face is all red now.”

“You are so tender?” He hugged her with one arm and used the other hand to take the fish spear from her hand. He stabbed the fish in the water as he murmured, “No wonder when I just went inside a little that time, you even ran over to the hospital to see the obstetrician. What did that patient record say, what rip…”

Leng Zhiyuan turned her head over to cover his mouth as she said, “Zhou Yao, you are not allowed to continue speaking!”

At that time, that was the first time that she met him in her life. It was at Young Master Lu’s place. They did not exchange words with one another at all but started to fight with one another on the lawn outside. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d pressed down on her and bullied her a little bit…

And after that, she really felt pain. It was very uncomfortable. She went over to the hospital for a check and created a stir. Her father took her medical records and wanted this man to take responsibility.

Thinking about it now, it was way too embarra.s.sing, but it was also…fate.

It was fate that she could not escape in life.

“What is that little amount of pain considered, Mrs. Zhou? I will let you know true pain tonight.” He curled his lips up into a mesmerizing smile.

How could Leng Zhiyuan not know what he was trying to say? His narrow eyes that he fixed on her face were both black and bright, and everything he wanted to do was written in his eyes.

He was not negotiating with her, but this was his decision.

“Dream on! Go and look for someone else!” She was unwilling.

Zhou Yao cupped her slim waist and kissed her cheek as he said, “If I really went over to look for someone else, wouldn’t you be so jealous? That man in black that was kicked in his zipper area, I do not want to be just like him.”

Leng Zhiyuan did not know what to say. She elbowed him, but it seemed that she was welcoming him over although she was denying him.

“This is for you.” At this moment, Zhou Yao handed the fish spear to her.

Leng Zhiyuan looked on as her eyes lit up. There were two small fish on the spear. He’d caught two fishes with one try. She turned her gaze back to look at him. She had a bright smile on her face as she said, “I didn’t expect you to be a pro.”

“That is a must. We go out on missions outside, and sometimes the conditions are rough. It is way too common for us to be catching fish,so I am really unable to imagine how you complete your missions outside.”

She was just like a fool, and she was still even a little fussy.

“We are unlike you all. My father would not allow me to go to those missions with tough conditions, and even if we have to go, he asks my older brother to go over. When we are out on missions, the resources must be adequate. I have to eat well, sleep well, and be served well. These are the most basic requirements.”

“Yeah.” Zhou Yao snorted out loud, then he bent down by the side of her ear to softly say, “The way that your father provided for you in the past, I will do the same in the future.”

This was probably the most proper sweet nothing that he’d said so far.

Women all liked to listen to sweet nothings, and in the past, she felt that all these women were really so foolish, but now, listening to him speak like this, she suddenly also felt happy. It turned out that she was no different from those foolish women.

“You are touched now?” He placed his firm jaw on her small shoulders as he nudged her.

Leng Zhiyuan shrunk her shoulders as she pushed him. She coughed softly and seriously said, “Quickly catch two more fish. Aunty is still waiting for us at home. We have to go back quickly.”

“What are you in a rush for? Catching fish is something that I can complete in a minute!” Zhou Yao stuffed the spear in her small hand before he stretched his right hand out to touch her small face, and her face was smooth and tender.

“Don’t mess around!” She turned her head around, wanting to escape his large palm.

“Who is messing around with you? Kiss me!” He forced her to turn her small face around.

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