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Chapter 1027: Wife, I’m His Wife

The bodyguard in black didn’t say anything and proceeded to drag Ye Xiaotao away.

Ye Xiaotao wasn’t stupid. She really realized that she’s in danger. She immediately waved her thin legs in the air and threw herself onto the ground. She screamed, “Help! Help! Everyone, come and see! There are muggers!”

This attracted the attention of the pedestrians. Ye Xiaotao indeed looked like she was being kidnapped. When the pedestrians wanted to help, the bodyguard in black gave them a look.

The pa.s.sersby shrank their necks and didn’t dare to help.

Ye Xiaotao’s friends were frantic. “Xiaotao!” They wanted to rush forward, but the bodyguards stopped them. They were so anxious that they stomped their feet, “Xiaotao! Who are you? Where are you taking Xiaotao to? Quickly let Xiaotao go, or we’ll call the police…”

Her friends’ voices began fading in Ye Xiaotao’s ears because Ye Xiaotao had been taken far away and was brought to the corridor on the top floor of the bar.

Ye Xiaotao could tell from the environment that this was the presidential suite. It was probably for VIP customers with power and influence. However, what kind of service could there be here? It was nothing more than s.e.x.

How dirty!

“Let go of me!” Ye Xiaotao shouted.

The two bodyguards in black really let go of her. Ye Xiaotao quickly stood up and tidied up her dress. At this time, she heard the bodyguard call out respectfully, “Boss.”


Which boss?

Ye Xiaotao immediately turned back to look at the instigator. She saw Master Lin, a man in his fifties, with a wretched and fierce look on his face.

“Who are you? Do I know you? You’re the one who sent people to bring me here? Do you know that this is illegal?” Ye Xiaotao stared at Master Lin with her big, watery eyes and questioned.

Master Lin sized up Ye Xiaotao. His whole body was on fire. It was not that he had never played with pure and innocent female college students, but he had never played with a girl who was tender all over.

Master Lin rubbed his palms and could not help but reach out to touch Ye Xiaotao’s little face. “Little girl, calm down. We didn’t know each other before, but now we do. How about this? Let’s be friends.”

“Friends? F*ck you!” Ye Xiaotao immediately cursed with her hands on her hips. “Look at you. Who would want to be friends with you? Would a normal person f*ck a minor? Goodbye, oh no, I mean never again!”

Ye Xiaotao turned around and left.

However, a bodyguard quickly grabbed her slender arms and stopped her. The bodyguard pushed her with force towards Master Lin. Master Lin immediately spread his arms and hugged her, “Little girl, don’t be in a hurry to leave. Just play with me and I guarantee you won’t be at a disadvantage. Master Lin is rich and powerful, and s.e.x with him is fabulous. I guarantee that you’ll be in cloud nine soon.”

As he said that, Master Lin took a whiff of Ye Xiaotao’s fragrance. His muscles and bones were about to melt. “Why do you smell so good? Like a little girl who hasn’t weaned yet. Let Master Lin feel you. Is there meat at the right places?”

“Ah!” Ye Xiaotao screamed and quickly slapped Master Lin’s hand away. She was truly afraid now, “I’m warning you, you better not touch me. Do you know who I am? I’m the daughter of the Ye family in the capital. If you dare to touch even a hair on my head, my daddy will definitely not let you off.”

Master Lin knew about the Ye family in the capital. It’s a powerful family. However, he did not believe that the little girl in front of him was the daughter of the Ye family. He laughed out loud, “You’re the daughter of the Ye family? The daughter of the Ye family pole dances in a bar? Do you think I was born yesterday? It’s even better if you’re the daughter of the Ye family. I’ll sleep with you and marry into the Ye!”

Master Lin leaned over to kissed Ye Xiaotao’s face.

Ye Xiaotao took the opportunity to step on Master Lin’s foot. Master Lin was so h.o.r.n.y that he was caught off guard. After being stepped on by her, he immediately cried out in pain.

Ye Xiaotao quickly shook him off and ran.

Master Lin gave the bodyguard a look, and the bodyguard immediately went after Ye Xiaotao.

“Ah, help! Help! Someone wants to rape me!” Ye Xiaotao ran with all her strength. The bodyguards were getting closer and closer, and they were about to catch her.

What should she do?

That disgusting man obviously didn’t believe that she was the daughter of the Ye family. What should she do?

Ye Xiaotao crashed into someone as she was panicking. That man’s chest was so hard that Ye Xiaotao teared up in pain when her nose crashed into his chest.


However, she didn’t have time to care about the pain. The bodyguard in black had already caught up with her. She immediately stretched out her two small hands and grabbed the man’s cloth. “Uncle, save me. Someone wants to…”

Ye Xiaotao’s voice suddenly stopped, because in her line of sight was a magnified exquisite face.

It was… Leng Hao.

Compared to her sorry state, Leng Hao stood tall with his hands in his pockets. His expression was indifferent. The difference in height between the two of them caused him to look down at her. This glance was very condescending as if he was looking down at the ants at his feet.

Ye Xiaotao was very unhappy with his gaze, but her tensed nerves were completely relaxed. Great, she was saved. “Honey, why are you here?”

She laughed sweetly.

Master Lin’s expression changed when he heard “honey”. He stopped his bodyguard and stepped forward to ask, “Young master Leng, what… what’s going on? She’s your…”

Ye Xiaotao held Leng Hao’s muscular arm and then leaned into Leng Hao’s arms affectionately. She blinked her eyes and said proudly, “Wife, I’m his wife, Haha.”

“Umm…” Master Lin was speechless.

Ye Xiaotao secretly glared at Master Lin, meaning let’s see how you’re going to explain this?

At this moment, the muscular arm pulled away, and a cold and bone-chilling voice sounded in her ear, “Do we know each other?”

Ye Xiaotao froze. She raised her head to look at Leng Hao, who had already turned around and walked away.

She froze on the spot.

“Ha, haha…” Master Lin laughed loudly, “Little girl, one moment you say you’re the daughter of the Ye family, the next you say you’re young master Leng’s wife. It seems that you really like lying. I know that women like to jump on young master Leng, but as far as I know, young master Leng is only in love with the daughter of the Bai family. So you’d better stop daydreaming and go along with me obediently.”

Then, Master Lin ordered the bodyguard, “You, hurry up and bring her back.”

Ye Xiaotao looked at Leng Hao’s back and almost vomited blood. Wasn’t his joke going too far?

The bodyguard came after her again. Ye Xiaotao quickly caught up to Leng Hao. She reached out and grabbed his sleeve, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “Excuse me, please, you don’t know me? Leng Hao, you definitely did it on purpose. Isn’t this… too much?”

Leng Hao looked straight ahead and sped up.

Ye Xiaotao could only jog to catch up with him. She took a deep breath and then laughed embarra.s.sedly, “Hmm. Alright, Leng Hao, you win. It’s all my fault in the past. I shouldn’t have raped you. Sorry. Forgive a n.o.body like me. Leng Hao, please help me. I beg you. Help me out just once.”

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