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Chapter 1026: Pretty, Name Your Price

Her girlfriends quickly laughed and said, “Xiaotao, don’t be so modest. How can you say that you’re stealing their spotlight? You’re teaching them!”

Teaching them was a small matter, of course, but Ye Xiaotao didn’t want to go. There was no particular reason, and she just didn’t feel like it.

“Xiaotao, what’s wrong? I noticed that you’ve been acting weird lately. In the past, when we’re out, you were always very active, but now you’re all cowering back.”

“That’s right, Xiaotao. Are you… scared?”


The word “scared” did not exist in Ye Xiaotao’s dictionary.

She knew that her friends were trying to goad her, but it didn’t matter. She clapped her hands and stood up. “Alright then, it seems like I haven’t shown off my skills in a long time!”

“Wow, Xiaotao is brave. Xiaotao is awesome!” Her friends cheered.

Leng Hao saw everything that happened among the girls. He watched as Xiaotao walked onto the stage gracefully, to the center of everyone’s attention…

The four dancers were dancing vigorously when the delicate figure suddenly joined them. The dancers looked back and saw that Ye Xiaotao had already started dancing gracefully.

Leng Hao’s eyes followed the graceful figure. The moment she appeared on stage, she stunned all the men. With the crowd’s cheer, she began to move her small hands and feet. Her tiny waist began to sway seductively, and the white dress only covered her thighs. When she lifted her leg, Leng Hao could see the white lace legging she wore.

She wore the legging in case of wardrobe malfunction. But when Leng Hao saw how the white lace wrapped around her smooth and tight thighs, his breathing quickened.

When the four dancers were dancing, the men in the bar were making a ruckus. But when Ye Xiaotao danced, those men became quiet. They watched her as if she was a G.o.ddess with dropped jaws. Some of them even drooled.

Leng Hao’s gaze became gloomier and gloomier. He stared at the girl on the stage with mixed feelings. Her fair little hands grabbed onto the steel pole and wrapped her right leg around the pole. Her smooth black hair fluttered behind her seductively. She was dancing on the pole.

Just how wild was this girl? It seemed so easy for her to make such forbiddenly seductive moves.

She had a pure and innocent little face, and even her big electric eyes were as clear as a newborn baby. However, at this moment, she was like a little vixen that was seducing all living beings.

She was a combination of purity and l.u.s.t.

Thinking of this, Leng Hao’s expression became colder.

“Young master Leng, Young master Leng…” Master Lin called Leng Hao twice, but Leng Hao had his eyes fixed on the stage and gave no response. Master Lin thought Leng Hao was acting strange, so he also turned and looked at the stage.

Master Lin was shocked when he saw what he saw. The girl on the stage looked so soft, tender, and charming. She was simply a stunner.

The girls beside him were all mediocre compared to the girl on stage.

Master Lin touched his chin, and his eyes shone with excitement.

Ye Xiaotao had finished dancing. It had been a long time since she had danced. She was sweating a little, and the sweat on her fair skin was like dewdrops on rose petals.

The four dancers were completely stunned. They stood on the side in a daze. Ye Xiaotao looked at the men who were still drooling with a smile. Then, she left the stage.

Seeing that she was about to leave, the drooling men quickly came back to their senses. Everyone shouted, “Pretty, don’t go. Your dancing was so… beautiful. Even though you didn’t take off any of your clothes, we were all aroused.”

“Haha, that’s right, pretty. How old are you? You don’t seem to be of age yet. Why were you dancing? Are you short of money? How about this, come with me and be my baby. You’ll live worry-free.”

“Pretty, come on, name your price. I can’t hold back when I look at you. Little darling, come on, let me take care of you.”

Ye Xiaotao dismissed the men’s uncivilized words with a frown. When she was in the capital, everyone knew that she was the daughter of the Ye family. No one dared to catcall her like this. Though now she had moved to T city and stayed on campus most of the time, many of the seniors in school would be stunned when they saw her and walk into telephone poles, no one dared to treat her like so.

Ye Xiaotao made her way to her friends and said, “We’ve had enough fun. Let’s go back.”

Her friends didn’t like these lecherous men either. “Okay, let’s go.”

The group started making their exit. At this time, the men completely lost control. Someone took the lead and rushed forward. “Pretty, don’t go. Name your price. How about five million? Spend the night with me.”

“Get lost! Pretty, I’ll give you 10 million. Let’s go to the hotel room. You can show me a real striptease.”

“No, I’ll give you 20 million!”

“I’ll give you 50 million!”

Men from behind continued to rush forward. It was disorderly. The security guards of the bar immediately rushed in to maintain order. When the girls saw that things weren’t going right, they quickly pulled Ye Xiaotao and ran away. “Sh*t, Xiaotao, I didn’t expect these men to go crazy for you.”

“Yeah, Xiaotao, let’s run quickly!”

Ye Xiaotao was pulled out.

Leng Hao watched as the girl rushed out, then glanced at the men whose eyes were red with desire. He snorted in his heart, picked up a c.o.c.ktail on the table, and gulped it down.

He had really underestimated that girl. She could make people fall head over heels for her. Those men were about to start a fight for her.

Putting down the wine gla.s.s, Leng Hao saw from the corner of his eyes that Master Lin had called a bodyguard over. He whispered a few words to the bodyguard, and the bodyguard nodded and quickly left.

Leng Hao knew that Master Lin had also taken a liking to Ye Xiaotao. “Humph,” he sneered. He wanted to see how that ostentatious girl could save herself!

Ye Xiaotao and her friends ran out. Her friends were still in shock, and they all held their chests and panted. “I can’t take it anymore. I was scared to death just now.”

“Fortunately, we ran fast. If those men really swarmed over, we would be crushed like ants.”

Ye Xiaotao wasn’t afraid at all. She looked at her friends and said in a charming voice, “It was you guys who asked me to go up and dance. You can’t blame me for this.”

“I know, I know. Who would have thought that our Miss Ye’s charm would be so great?”

“What are you talking about? Hasn’t my charm always been great? I’m the most beautiful girl in the universe!” Ye Xiaotao fooled around with her friends.

At this time, five or six bodyguards in black walked over. Two bodyguards in black directly grabbed Ye Xiaotao’s slender arm. “h.e.l.lo, Miss. Our boss wants to see you.”

This sudden change made Ye Xiaotao freeze. Then, she quickly shook off the two bodyguards. “Who is your boss? Do you think I’ll do whatever he says? Who does he think he is?”

The bodyguards in black didn’t say anything. They just dragged Ye Xiaotao away.

No one had ever been so rude to Ye Xiaotao except for that stinking rock, Leng Hao. She widened her eyes and shouted, “Let go of me! How dare you s.n.a.t.c.h a beauty on the street in broad daylight!”

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