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Chapter 1025: The Bar

Two beautiful women pounced on him, and Leng Hao did not reject them. One of them quickly poured a gla.s.s of wine and brought it to Leng Hao’s mouth. “Young master Leng, come, let’s have a gla.s.s of wine first.”

Leng Hao did not show any expression. He drank the gla.s.s of wine in the beautiful woman’s hand.

Master Lin, who was opposite him, was smiling on the surface, but he secretly narrowed his eyes and secretly sized up Leng Hao. The man was wearing a black V-neck shirt and khaki-colored casual pants. This cla.s.sic British style made him like a fashionable male model. He looked cold and elegant.

However, master Lin knew that the young master of the Leng family was not as harmless as he looked. The Leng family was able to quickly rise and have a place in the Hong Kong Mafia world had something to do with this young master Leng. It was said that he had joined this world at the age of 12 and was stained with blood.

To put it bluntly, the heavens loved this young master Leng very much. He was clearly a man who had gone through a lot of bloodsheds, but he lived extremely exquisite. That three-dimensional figure of a mixed-blood had charmed many women. How he remained silent at the moment made him more like the crown prince of an aristocratic family.

As master Lin was sizing him up, Leng Hao had already pulled back his muscular arms from the beautiful woman’s arms. His long legs were bent, and he bent down slightly to pick up a cigar on the table.

He pulled out a cigar and put it in his mouth. Master Lin immediately stood up and walked over. He lit the cigar personally. “Young master Leng, allow me.”

The cigar was lit. Leng Hao frowned and took a puff. Then, he held the cigar between his fingers. He exhaled a puff of smoke and leaned back on the sofa.

“Young master Leng.” The beauty beside him called out coquettishly and quickly wrapped her arms around his muscular arms. The beauty deliberately used her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s to rub against Leng Hao’s muscular arms.

Leng Hao looked sideways at the beauty. He put one leg over the other. He lifted the woman’s chin with his fingers.

The beauty looked right into the man’s dark blue eyes. There was not a trace of a smile on his face. He was probably sizing up the woman, who was desperately trying to climb into his bed, with the gaze of a mature man.

“Young master Leng, don’t stare at me like that. I will be embarra.s.sed.” The beautiful woman pretended to be shy and quickly lowered her head.

Master Lin laughed loudly. “Haha, Young master Leng, look at how charming you are. You just casually waved your hand, and these women couldn’t wait to strip and spread their legs for you.”

“Ah, master Lin, what are you talking about?” The beautiful woman pouted at master Lin and then secretly sized up Leng Hao.

Leng Hao withdrew his hand and continued to smoke his cigar as if he was not the one who just held the woman’s chin.

The pretty girl was stunned. So…that was it?

The way he looked at her just now gave her hope.

The pretty girl was very disappointed.

Leng Hao took two puffs of his cigar. He had a lot of social engagements. Most of the social engagements in his line of work were in places like bars. He was already used to it.

However, he was not in a good mood today, so this social gathering made him feel very bored. The woman beside him kept rubbing her chest against him. He suddenly remembered how his pants were wet this morning. He hadn’t touched a woman in a long time.

In fact, he had only touched Ye Xiaotao. And before Ye Xiaotao, he had Bai Lingyun. He did not like to have s.e.x with strangers. So things like one-night stands, sugar babies, and prost.i.tutions… felt dirty to him!

Ye Xiaotao was an accident. That was why when she had left one thousand Hong Kong dollars and disappeared, he had turned the world upside down to look for her.

He wanted to kill her!

But now it was different. He thought about it. The incident this morning made him realize that he also had desires. And he was afraid that it would be bad for his health if he was pent up.

He was now single. Bai Lingyun had broken up with her, and the marriage with Ye Xiaotao was a fake. There was no need for him to save himself for anyone.

He glanced at the woman beside him. To be honest, she was very beautiful. But he had seen too many beautiful women. So this kind of woman could only be considered ordinary. Moreover, the woman’s voice was too pretentious. He had no interest in her at all.

At this moment, Leng Hao thought of the paper from last night, the one that was sandwiched between the girl’s legs…

He could not help but swallow. His body became a little hot.

d.a.m.n it, why did he think of her again?

Leng Hao was a little annoyed, but he was expressionless. He took a puff of his cigar and looked up casually at the bar. His eyes suddenly stopped at the bar counter.

A few girls were sitting by the bar counter. They were obviously female university students from a certain school. One of the girls was wearing a white dress with a dark blue collar around her neck. It looked like a uniform…

The girl’s back was facing him. Her back was slender and graceful. The seat at the bar counter was very high. Leng Hao could see her two slender legs swinging in the air.

Perhaps the girl did not know how much attention she had attracted, but Leng Hao saw how many men who were drinking constantly staring at her. They were staring at her slender legs.

Leng Hao’s eyes darkened. He could recognize this girl even if she turned into ashes. Wasn’t she… Ye Xiaotao?

What a coincidence.

Ye Xiaotao was out with her friends. She had been bored. She bit the straw with her pink mouth and took two sips of the orange juice. Mmm, it was delicious.

“Xiaotao, why are you drinking orange juice today? You usually drink c.o.c.ktails when you come to bars.”

“Yeah, Xiaotao. It’s not like you to come to bars and drink orange juice to spoil the fun.”

Ye Xiaotao chuckled. She blinked her charming eyes and looked up. “I’m tired of c.o.c.ktails. I want to drink orange juice today…”

Ye Xiaotao’s soliloquy in her heart was, “I’m suffering but I can’t tell anyone the truth.”

She was pregnant. Although this child came very suddenly, she didn’t want to hurt the baby, so she couldn’t drink.

However, she didn’t tell anyone that she was pregnant or even married.

She didn’t want to tell anyone either.

The others replied with an “oh” and didn’t ask anything anymore. At this time, a burst of heavy metal music sounded. Three or four women with heavy makeup appeared on the stage. They started to dance on the pole.

This time, the atmosphere in the bar exploded. The men who were drinking whistled and shouted, “Strip, strip, strip, take it all off!”

The girls looked towards the stage and shook their heads. “What kind of pole dance is this? It’s so ugly.”

“I know right? And looked at how excited those men got. It’s like they have never seen an authentic, top-notch pole dance before.”

As they spoke, one of the girls looked towards Ye Xiaotao, who was sipping her fruit juice. “Xiaotao, I can’t watch anymore. Why don’t you go up and teach them how to dance on the pole?”

The eyes of the other girls lit up. “That’s right, Xiaotao. You’re such a good dancer. We can guarantee that those men will drool if you go up and dance like that.”

Everyone started to talk amongst themselves. Ye Xiaotao looked at the stage and smiled sweetly. “That’s… rude, right? How can I steal their spotlight?”

She said in distress.

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